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102 Famous Artist and Artistic Names for Your Baby

These artistic baby names are creative, colorful, and inspired by famous artists throughout history.
102 Artistic Names
Updated: April 20, 2022
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Your someday-pint-sized Picasso or mini Monet deserves a name that’s fit for a true creative genius. Artist names and artistic baby names are the perfect options for the imaginative parent who enjoys long walks through the gallery halls, wants to pay homage to the masters who hang their works on museum walls, or simply gets their inspiration from the great painters, sculptors, or photographs of the past!

Even though artsy names can focus on the Monets, Manets, and other significant creative forces, they are also more than just picks from your old college art history textbook. Yes, you can choose a straightforward approach. Go for the historical take on these names and use the artist themselves as a starting point — or choose an artsy option that comes from the artwork itself, art movement, or a pretty palette.

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Artistic Names for Boys

Picasso, Monet, and Vincent Van Gogh are just three famous male artists you might remember from Art History 101. Whether you want your little love to follow in Pablo Picasso’s cubist footsteps or you just like the name, these baby boy names are sweet, stylish, and fit for creative kiddos. If you’re not sure where to start your search, check out these awesomely artsy names for baby boys.

Artistic Boy Names

  1. Abbott - Just one of the names of James Abbott McNeil Whistler.
  2. Alberto - Alberto Giacometti was a human figure sculptor.
  3. Andy - This pick comes from the pop artist Andy Warhol.
  4. Ansel - Use the first name of the 20th-century art photographer Ansel Adams.
  5. Auguste - From France, Auguste Rodin was a premier sculptor.
  6. Benjamin - 18th-century painter Benjamin West is the inspiration for this name.
  7. Blake - The last name of William Blake.
  8. Claude - The old-fashioned moniker is also the first name of Monet.
  9. David - Michelangelo’s famed sculpture.
  10. Diego - From the painter Diego Rivera.
  11. Edgar - Edgar Degas was an impressionist painter.
  12. Edward - From the painter Edward Hopper.
  13. Gustav - Gustav Klimt was an Austrian symbolist painter.
  14. Harris - Charles “Teenie” Harris was a 20th-century photographer.
  15. Henri - Henri Matisse was known for his colorful works.
  16. Homer - The last name of Winslow Homer.
  17. Hudson - The Hudson River School paintings include American 19th-century landscapes.
  18. Hunter - Think “hunter” green.
  19. Jackson - The American artist Jackson Pollock made a splash with paint splatter paintings.
  20. Jasper - Jasper Johns was a 20th-century American painter, sculptor, and printmaker.
  21. Jean-Michel - Jean-Michel Basquiat was a popular painter, and friend of Warhol, in the 1980s.
  22. Jet - Think “jet” black.
  23. Julian - From the contemporary artist Julian Schnabel.
  24. Leonardo - Not for the actor DiCaprio, but for the artist da Vinci.
  25. Lucian - Lucian Freud was a notable British painter of the 20th century.
  26. Marcel - A name inspired by painter/sculptor Marcel Duchamp.
  27. Michael - A shortened and more modern version of Michelangelo.
  28. Myron - Go Greek with inspiration from the historic ancient sculptor.
  29. Pablo - The first name of the famous Pablo Picasso.
  30. Paul - Celebrate either Gaugin or Cezanne.
  31. Piet - Go beyond Pete, and choose Mondrian’s moniker.
  32. Raphael - The Italian painter.
  33. Ray - Born Emmanuel Radnitzky, this artist is known as Man Ray.
  34. Red - A bold boy’s name based on the primary color.
  35. Remi - Shorten Rembrandt to get this artsy option.
  36. Roth - The 21st-century painter Mark Rothko.
  37. Ruben - Shorten Peter Paul Rubens’ last name.
  38. Turner - Joseph-Mallord William Turner was a landscape painter in the 19th century.
  39. Salvador - The artist Salvador Dali popularized surrealism.
  40. Sol - Sol LeWitt was a minimalist artist.
  41. Vincent - Van Gogh is known for his “Starry Night” and other bold paintings.
  42. Winslow - The first name of Winslow Homer.

Artist Names for Baby Girls

Artistic Girl Names

Like the boys, these famous artist names for girls also celebrate notable historical figures — and so much more! From Ancient Greece and Rome to modern masters that have painted or sculpted their way into galleries and museums across the globe, these picks are perfect for your someday-artsy daughter.

  1. Amber - Name your baby after this warm color.
  2. Amethyst - The quartz is used in art and is a brilliant purple color.
  3. Artemisia - Artemisia Gentileschi was an Italian Baroque painter.
  4. Athena - The Greek goddess was a popular inspiration for ancient sculptures.
  5. Annie - The famed photographer Annie Leibovitz.
  6. Augusta - Change Auguste to Augusta, from Pierre-Auguste Renoir.
  7. Blue - Set your kiddo apart with this colorful name.
  8. Coral - An orange-pink hue.
  9. Claudia - An extension of Claude Monet.
  10. Ebony - This color is almost black, with a hint of brown too.
  11. Frida - Frida Kahlo painted now-famous self-portraits.
  12. Georgia - For the modern artist Georgia O’Keeffe.
  13. Gia - Use the first three letters of the sculptor Giacometti’s last name.
  14. Hazel - A greenish-brown color.
  15. Imogen - The photographer Imogen Cunnigham.
  16. Joan - Even though Joan Miro was a man, this name is a perfect pick for a girl too.
  17. Louise - Louise Bourgeois was a French-American sculptor.
  18. Magritte - The last name of Belgian surrealist artist Rene Magritte.
  19. Mary - Mary Cassatt was an American Impressionist painter in the 19th century.
  20. Matisse - Last name of the popular French artist
  21. Mauve - Think of the purplish hue as a name alternative to Maude.
  22. Mona - As in the Mona Lisa.
  23. Monet - The last name of the famous Impressionist.
  24. Olive - For the greenish hue.
  25. Poppy - A bright, bold color for a bright, bold girl.
  26. Ruby - A gemstone and a standout red hue.
  27. Scarlet - Another red tone name.
  28. Serra - A twist on the large-scale sculptor Richard Serra.
  29. Stella - From the male artist Frank Stella.
  30. Surri - Turn surrealism into an artsy girls’ name.
  31. Violet - This purple hue is a classic baby name.
  32. Winnie - Turn Winslow Homer into a shorter version for a girl.

Gender-Neutral Artist Names

These sweet selections are artistic baby names that are completely gender-neutral. Check out our creative gender-neutral names that are a beautiful choice for both boys and girls. These picks are playful artist names for anyone!

  1. Alex - Inspired by mobile-maker Alexander Calder.
  2. Andie - A variation of Andy Warhol’s first name.
  3. Azure - This color is a cyan-like bluish hue.
  4. Bar - Create a new name from the Baroque style.
  5. Calder - Why stop at Alex? Use the sculptor’s last name too.
  6. Cezanne - For the Impressionist Paul Cezanne.
  7. Cy - Cy Twombly, the contemporary painter, sculptor, and photographer.
  8. Cyan - If Azure isn’t your preferred pick, this is another hue that’s blue.
  9. Eddie - Edouard Manet, along with Monet, was an Impressionist.
  10. Ellis - Ted Ellis is well-known as the painter who created “Obama, the 44th President.”
  11. Fran - Fran or Frankie, for the Spanish painter Francisco De Goya.
  12. Gene - Short for Eugene, as in the 19th-century painter Eugene Delacroix.
  13. Georgie - A version of Georges, for the pointillist artist George Seurat.
  14. Jamie - James (Jamie) Wyeth is an American realist painter.
  15. Jean - Use the first name of Warhol contemporary Jean-Michel Basquiat.
  16. Jo - Johannes Vermeer is well known for his “Girl With a Pearl Earring.”
  17. Jules - Jules Breton, Jules Bastien-Lepage, and Jules Dupre are a few of the famous artists called Jules.
  18. Keeffe - Go for a different approach to the female artist Georgia O'Keeffe's name.
  19. Kelly - Ellsworth Kelly created hard-edged geometric-style paintings.
  20. Max - Max Ernst was a Dada and surrealist artist.
  21. Paris - A hotbed for famous artists and art movements in France.
  22. Remi - From the Dutch painter Rembrandt.
  23. Rene - For the French surrealist Rene Magritte.
  24. Ric/Ricci - Sebastiano Ricci was a Baroque Italian painter.
  25. Sal - An abbreviated version of the surrealist Salvador Dali’s name.
  26. Sandi - A perky pick based on Sandro Botticelli.
  27. Van - Jan Van Eyck was a Flemish painter in the 1400s.
  28. Vinci - This gender-neutral option comes from Leonardo da Vinci’s last name.

Are you searching for even more artsy, adventurous, or other types of name inspiration? Head over to our Baby Name Center for ideas galore!

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