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75 Color Baby Names (& Their Meanings)

Why not inject a splash of color into your baby's name with this colorful set of 75 options for your little one?
Color Inspired Names
Updated: January 16, 2023

Few things in our lives are more inspiring and meaningful than colors. Specific colors evoke memories and thoughts of favorite holidays and traditions. We all have our favorites and seeing them can bring us joy. Some even say our favorite color says a lot about our personality; people who love red are passionate, while those who love purple are private and down to earth.

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Whether or not you take any stock in what your choice of colors says about you, color names are pretty popular. In fact, according to the Social Security Administration, 5075 girls were named Violet in 2020, and over the past twenty years, it has moved from the 734th most popular girl’s name to the 37th!

While a name like Jay-Z and Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy, will probably not catch on despite the celebrity influence, there are plenty of other hue inspired names to consider for your baby boy or baby girl. To help guide you through the rainbow, we’ve compiled a list of 75 boy names, girl names, and unisex names, all inspired by the spectrum.

Baby Boy Names

  1. Aaranay - Hindi. Wild forest. Greenery.
  2. Alba - Scottish. Bright white. It is the Gaelic name for ancient Scotland.
  3. Ash - Hebrew. Derived from the name Asher. Ash means happy or fortunate. It invokes thoughts of dark gray.
  4. Barry - Gaelic. Fair-haired. Pale.
  5. Blaine - Gaelic. Yellow.
  6. Braden - Irish. Salmon.
  7. Brick - Irish/German. Swamp, wood, bridge, a dweller from a hilly place. This boy’s name has many meanings, but as a color, it makes us think of red or brown.
  8. Bruno - German. Brown.
  9. Coal - Old English. Black. An alternative spelling is Cole.
  10. Cobalt - German. Cobalt is a steely-blue mineral.
  11. Erwin - English/Scottish. Fresh and green water.
  12. Finn - Irish. Fair or blond.
  13. Flannery - Irish. Red-haired.
  14. Grayson - English. Son of the gray-haired one.
  15. Landis - French. People from the green plain.
  16. Morado - Spanish/Portuguese. Deep violet.
  17. Moss - English. Dweller by the peat bog. Moss is a grayish-green color.
  18. Onyx - Aboriginal. Black gemstone.
  19. Roux- Latin. Reddish-brown.
  20. Rory - Irish. Red king.
  21. Rusty - English. Red hair or rust-colored hair.
  22. Silver - English. A metal element. Shiny gray-white metal.
  23. Sol - Spanish. Sun. Bright yellow or fiery.
  24. Sterling - English. Little star. Often used in conjunction with silver.
  25. Wynn - Welsh. Fair, pale, blond.

Baby Girl Names

  1. Amber - Arabic and Celtic. Fierce, fiery, orange.
  2. Amethyst - Greek. Purplish quartz.
  3. Azure - Spanish. Sky or blue.
  4. Beryl - Greek. Sea-green jewel.
  5. Bianca - Latin. White or pure.
  6. Cerise - French. Cherry.
  7. Cherry - Old French. The red fruit-bearing tree.
  8. Clementine - Latin. Mild and merciful. The name brings to mind the color orange for the sweet citrus fruit.
  9. Coral - Latin. Semi-precious sea growth which is usually in shades of pink and red. The name has fluctuated but remained in the top 2,000 names for girls in the U.S. for 100-years.
  10. Diamond - English. Of high value. Brilliant.
  11. Ebony - English. Deeply black wood.
  12. Emerald - English. Precious green gemstone.
  13. Fuchsia - Latin/English. Named for the botanist Leonard Fuchs for a flowering tree in the Caribbean. A reddish-purple color.
  14. Ginger - Latin. Spring like-flourishing. A plant with a red root. Spicy or fiery.
  15. Hazel - Old English. Light brown. From the hazel tree.
  16. Hope - English. Positive expectation. This name made our list because of the infamous brilliant blue Hope Diamond.
  17. Ivory - English. Pure. White.
  18. Lavender - English. Purple flower. It also refers to light or pale purple color.
  19. Lapis - Persian. A blue stone.
  20. Lilac - Latin. A flower and a bluish-purple color.
  21. Mauve - English. A pale purple color for the mallow flower. Mauve is not a popular first name but could be a very cool and old-fashioned middle name!
  22. Marigold - English. A yellow flower.
  23. Mazarin - French. Dark blue.
  24. Olive - Latin/English. From the olive tree. Olive is associated with a light green color. It is one of only four girl’s names that start with O on the top 1,000 names list in the U.S. Alternatively, you could use Olivia.
  25. Pearl - Latin. White gemstone from the sea. Pearl is the birthstone for June.
  26. Poppy - Latin. Red flower.
  27. Rose - Latin. Flower. As a color, rose refers to pale pink.
  28. Ruby - Latin. Red. Ruby is the birthstone for July. A brilliant, red gemstone.
  29. Sage - Latin. Wise. As a color, sage refers to a gray-green color.
  30. Saffron - Persian/Arabic. Gold leaves. It refers to a spice with a yellow color that was very luxurious and widely used in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking.
  31. Scarlett - English. Red. The infamous heroine, Scarlett O’Hara from Gone With the Wind comes to mind, and the award-winning actress Scarlett Johansson. An alternative spelling is Scarlet.
  32. Sienna`- Italian. Reddish-orange.
  33. Teal - English. Greenish-blue color.
  34. Viridian - Spanish. The bluish-green of the sea.
  35. Xanthe - Greek. Golden-yellow color.

Gender-Neutral Names

  1. Auburn - English. Reddish-brown.
  2. Blu - English origin. The color blue.
  3. Cedar - Latin. A type of tree with a reddish wood hue.
  4. Cerulean - Latin. Dark blue.
  5. Cyan - Greek. Light blue-green color.
  6. Fern - Old English. A leafy, green plant.
  7. Indigo - Greek. The word initially meant Indian dye because of the plant used to make the color it is now used to refer to a blueish-purple. Traditionally used as a girl’s name, this one can be just as cool for a boy.
  8. Jade - Spanish. A precious stone typically green in color.
  9. Jett - English/Greek. Black gemstone. For boys, it could be a shortened version of Jethro.
  10. Kelly - Irish. A name meaning strife or war, but it evokes images of Kelly green.
  11. Raven - German. Blackbird. Wisdom.
  12. Russet- Old French. Reddish-brown.
  13. Sky - Norse. Cloud. From the heavens. An alternative spelling is Skye.
  14. Sunny - American. Bright and cheerful.
  15. Tegan - Welsh. Fair, blond. Alternative spellings are Teegan, Tegen, Tegon.

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