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75 Rainbow Baby Names With Sentimental Meanings

This list of rainbow baby names is so inspiring because each name has a special meaning like hope, joy, miracle, success, or fortune.
75 Rainbow Baby Names
Updated: March 6, 2024
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The phrase “rainbow baby” comes from the idea of a rainbow appearing in the sky after a storm, or after a dark and turbulent time. A "rainbow baby" is defined as a baby born after the miscarriage, stillbirth, or death of an infant from natural causes.

Particularly for many parents who have gone through a pregnancy loss earlier, anxiety surrounding rainbow babies can be intense. Angels and rainbows take a new meaning after the loss of a pregnancy. Perhaps, these babies are seen as rainbows in the cloud of their family who had to deal with the loss of their sibling to miscarriage or stillbirth.

So, here is our list of 75 rainbow names for your baby! These names may not directly mean rainbow but many other aspects that a colorful rainbow denotes like joy, life, miracles, hope, victory, success, fortune, etc.

Rainbow Baby Names for Girls

Rainbow babies are extra special and so deeply loved even before they are born. Here are our favorite rainbow baby names for miraculous little girls!

  1. Adora - Latin origin meaning "adored."
  2. Ailsa - Scottish origin meaning "victory."
  3. Allegra - Italian origin meaning "joyous."
  4. Amitola - Native American for “rainbow.”
  5. Amy - Old French origin meaning “beloved.”
  6. Angela - Latin origin meaning “angelic.”
  7. Asha - This name has a two-fold meaning. “Hope” in Sanskrit and “life” in Swahili
  8. Aveline - French origin meaning “desired.”
  9. Beatrix - Latin/Dutch origin meaning "she who brings happiness; blessed.”
  10. Carys - Welsh origin meaning "love."
  11. Celeste - Latin origin meaning "heavenly."
  12. Celia - Latin origin meaning “heavenly.”
  13. Danna - It’s a modern variation for Donna or Daniella. Danish origin meaning "gift."
  14. Eliana - Hebrew, Greek, Latin origin meaning “my God has answered.”
  15. Evangeline - Greek origin meaning “bearer of good news.”
  16. Felicia - Spanish, Latin origin meaning “lucky.”
  17. Felicity - Latin origin meaning “good fortune.”
  18. Florence - English feminine name meaning “flourishing.”
  19. Godiva - English origin meaning “God’s gift.”
  20. Gwyneth - Welsh girl’s name meaning “blessed.”
  21. Hannah - Hebrew origin meaning “grace.”
  22. Hope - English origin.
  23. Iris - Greek origin meaning “rainbow.”
  24. Imani - Arabic origin meaning “faith.”
  25. Ivana - Slavic origin meaning “God is gracious.”
  26. Jenica - Romanian origin meaning “God’s gracious gift.”
  27. Joana - Latin origin meaning “God is gracious.”
  28. Leora - Hebrew/Greek origin meaning “light.”
  29. Liora - Hebrew/Greek origin meaning “light.”
  30. Miriam - Hebrew origin meaning “drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved.”
  31. Nadia - Russian origin meaning “hope.”
  32. Odelia - Hebrew origin meaning “I will praise the Lord.”
  33. Pandora - Greek origin meaning “all gifted.”
  34. Raphaela - Italian origin meaning “God has healed.”
  35. Shae - It is a variant of Shea that means “stately.”
  36. Shauna - Hebrew origin meaning “God is gracious.”
  37. Sian - Welsh variation of Jane meaning “God’s gracious gift.”
  38. Tikvah - Hebrew girl’s name meaning “hope.”
  39. Vera - Russian origin meaning “faith”. Also a Latin word for “true.”
  40. Victoria - Latin origin meaning “victorious.”
  41. Vita - Latin origin meaning “life.”

Rainbow Baby Names for Boys

Welcoming a rainbow baby into the world is a heartfelt moment of joy, hope, and healing after a storm. Choosing a name for your new bundle of joy can be a significant part of this new chapter.

  1. Anthony - Roman family name meaning “priceless.”
  2. Arman - A Persian name meaning “wish” or “hope.”
  3. Asher - Hebrew origin meaning “fortunate, blessed, happy one.”
  4. Barack - Swahili origin name meaning “blessing.”
  5. Beau - Pronounced like ‘bow’ like a rainbow. It’s a French origin name meaning “handsome.”
  6. Benedict - Latin origin meaning “blessed.”
  7. Bennett - Derived from Benedict, this one also means “blessed.”
  8. Cadeau - Old French origin meaning “strong fighter.”
  9. Cedric - Celtic origin meaning “bounty.”
  10. Diarra - West African origin meaning “gift.”
  11. Donatello - Italian origin meaning “to give.”
  12. Donatien - Latin origin meaning “given by God.”
  13. Enfys - It’s a lovely Welsh name for rainbow.
  14. Ezra - Hebrew origin meaning “help.”
  15. Felix - Latin origin meaning “happy, fortunate.”
  16. Gerard - German origin name meaning “brave.”
  17. Grant - As in to be ‘grant’-ed another life.
  18. Hari - Of Sanskrit origin, this is a Hindu name meaning “one who takes away (evil).”
  19. Ian - Scottish origin meaning “the Lord is gracious.”
  20. Isadore - Greek origin meaning “gift of Isis.”
  21. Isaiah - Hebrew origin meaning “salvation of the Lord.”
  22. Ivan - Russian origin meaning “God is gracious.”
  23. Kalyb - Hebrew origin meaning “devotion to God”. Variation of Caleb.
  24. Luca - Derived from the Latin name Lucas, this one means “bringer of light.”
  25. Micah - Hebrew origin meaning “who is like the Lord.”
  26. Milo - German origin meaning “soldier.”
  27. Nathaniel - Hebrew origin meaning “the gift of God.”
  28. Samuel - Hebrew origin meaning “told by God.”
  29. Von - German origin meaning “son of.”

Gender-Neutral Rainbow Baby Names

In the spirit of inclusivity and the beautiful diversity of life, our list of gender-neutral rainbow baby names is perfect for parents seeking a name that transcends traditional gender boundaries. 

  1. Atlas - A Greek mythological name meaning “enduring.”
  2. Jesse - This stems from the Hebrew name Yishai which means "gift." It can be made unisex by spelling it differently, Jessie.
  3. Joie - The name means “joy” with a French flair.
  4. Mirai - This Basque name meaning “miracle” is appropriate for your miracle baby.
  5. Shay - This name is a transcription of the Hebrew word “shai” meaning “gift.”

What Is Another Name for a Rainbow Baby?

A rainbow baby is also commonly referred to as a sunshine or miracle baby. It represents the hope and light that comes after a storm, similar to how a rainbow appears after a period of rain. The term "rainbow baby" has gained popularity in recent years with the rise of social media and online support groups for families who have experienced pregnancy loss. 

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