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Updated June 4, 2024

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Boy name origins & meanings

What does Isaiah mean and stand for?


  • Hebrew: Salvation of the Lord

Gender: Male

Syllables: 3

Pronunciation: The name Isaiah is pronounced eye-ZAY-uh

The name Isaiah is derived from the Hebrew word Yesha’yahu, containing the elements yasha' (“to save”) and yah (the Hebrew god), meaning "Salvation of the Lord." It is a popular name in religious texts, most notably the Bible, where Isaiah is a major prophet who authored the Book of Isaiah. This name has maintained its timeless appeal through its deep historic and religious significance.

How Popular Is The Name Isaiah

Famous people who gave their babies this name

Isaiah in Pop Culture

Do you know these fictional characters that share this first name?

  • Isaiah Bradley from Captain America: Truth - A character who takes up the mantle of Captain America during World War II after being subjected to experiments.
  • Isaiah "Zay" Babineaux from Girl Meets World - A charismatic and loyal friend introduced in the later seasons of the show.
  • Isaiah Quintabe from IQ - A brilliant young private investigator solving crimes in his community.
  • Isaiah Thomas from Isaiah Thomas Book Series - A teenage detective who unravels mysteries in an inspiring children's series.
  • Isaiah from The Giver - A minor character in Lois Lowry's dystopian novel known for being part of the community.

Popularity of the Name Isaiah

According to Social Security Administration data, Isaiah has maintained solid popularity in the United States, consistently ranking within the top 50 baby names during 2023. The name Isaiah is of Hebrew origin, meaning "Salvation of the Lord," and has deep roots in religious texts, being the name of one of the major prophets in the Old Testament.

Notable people named Isaiah include Isaiah Thomas, the celebrated NBA player, and Isaiah Berlin, a distinguished philosopher and historian of ideas. In literature and media, Isaiah Quintabe is the protagonist of the IQ detective series by Joe Ide, and the name also appears in various other works, including the TV series The Originals.

Where Is the Name Isaiah Popular?

This name is most popular across certain states in the U.S., including those highlighted on the map below.

Nicknames for Isaiah

These shortened names can make great nicknames for your baby.

  • Aye
  • Iz
  • Izzy
  • Zah
  • Zay
  • Zaya

Isaiah Pairs Well With These Middle Names

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