75 Classic Boy Names

Updated: April 22, 2022
Whatever your reason for wanting a traditional name for your baby boy, this list is jam-packed with 75 of the clasic boy names that will stand the test of time.
75 Classic Boy Names
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Trendy baby names come and go. These name trends are often influenced by celebrities, pop culture, and current events. Many of these popular names are unique names that show up with a bang then fizzle away, but some baby boy and girl names stand the test of time.

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If you are looking for classic or old-fashioned names, then look no further. We have curated a list of 75 vintage and old-fashioned names that are still trending baby boy names today. Perhaps you like the traditional sound of a name like Johnathan, which has been around for centuries. Maybe William is a family name you wish to carry on; either way, names like these stand the test of time.

Many of these names are truly classic boy names with Greek and Hebrew origins and date back to biblical days and the height of the Greek and Roman empires. Whatever your reason for wanting a traditional name for your baby boy, this list is jam-packed with 75 of the best old-school monikers guaranteed to help you find the perfect name for your baby boy.

Classic Boy Names

  1. Aaron - Hebrew, lofty, exalted, high mountain
  2. Adam - Hebrew, the ground, earth, the first man, old testament name
  3. Alexander - Greek, Defender of the people
  4. Andrew - Greek, strong, and manly
  5. Anthony - Roman/English, highly praiseworthy, derived from Greek word anthos, which means flower
  6. Archie - German, truly brave. Name of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's baby boy.
  7. Arthur - Celtic, bear, the traditional king of lore from the knights of the round table
  8. Benjamin - Hebrew, son of my right hand. Nicknames Ben, Benji, Benny
  9. Caleb - Hebrew, faithful, devotion, whole-hearted, brave
  10. Calvin - French/English, bald, hairless, little bald one
  11. Clark - English, scribe, cleric, scholar, clerk
  12. Charles - French, free man
  13. Christopher - English, he who holds Christ in his heart
  14. Daniel - Hebrew, God is my judge, biblical name
  15. David - Hebrew, beloved, a very popular Hebrew name
  16. Dean - Greek, monk or dignity in charge of ten others, also an English name meaning valley
  17. Douglas - English, dark water, the 17th century this was also a popular girl name
  18. Edward - English, wealthy guardian
  19. Elijah - Hebrew, Yahweh is God, old testament name, a prophet who rode in a chariot of fire
  20. Ethan - Hebrew, firmness, long-lived
  21. Francis - Latin, a French man
  22. Frederick - English/German, peaceful ruler. German spelling Friedrich
  23. Geoffrey - Anglo Saxon, pledge of peace, alternative spelling Jeffrey
  24. George - Greek, farmer, name of the first U.S. President
  25. Grayson - English, son of the gray-haired one, used to be a last name but now common for first and middle names
  26. Henry - German, estate ruler, home, rich
  27. Hugh - Old French/Old German, soul, mind, intellect
  28. Ian - Scottish, the Lord is gracious
  29. Isaac - Hebrew, laughter, he will laugh
  30. Jacob - Hebrew, supplanter, according to nameberry it has held the number one Biblical name spot since 2013
  31. Jackson - English/Scottish, son of Jack
  32. James - Latin/Hebrew, supplanter, replacer, may God protect
  33. Johnathan - Hebrew, Yahweh has given, traditional spelling Yonathan
  34. Joseph - Hebrew, increase, addition, may Jehovah give
  35. Julius - Latin, youthful, downy-bearded
  36. Lawrence - Latin/English - of the laurel leaves
  37. Leo - German/Latin, lion
  38. Levi - Hebrew, joined in harmony
  39. Liam - Irish/Gaelic form of William, determined protector
  40. Lionel - Latin, lion
  41. Louis - French, renowned warrior
  42. Lucas - Greek, a man from Lucania, light-giving, illumination
  43. Luke - Latin/Greek, light
  44. Matthew - English, derived from Hebrew name Matityahu, gift of Yahweh
  45. Martin - Greek, Roman god Mars the god of war, warlike, warrior
  46. Max - Latin, greatest
  47. Michael - Hebrew, a gift from God, who is like God
  48. Nathan - Hebrew, he has given, he will give, version of Nathaniel
  49. Nicholas - Greek, the victory of the people
  50. Noah - Babylonian, rest, repose
  51. Oliver - English, a descendant of the ancestor, despite what people think it has nothing to do with an olive tree
  52. Oscar - Irish/Old English, God spear, champion, deer-lover, warrior
  53. Owen - Welsh, noble born
  54. Patrick - Old English, a nobleman
  55. Paul - Latin, small or humble
  56. Peter - Greek, stone, rock
  57. Phillip - Greek, horse lover
  58. Raymond - English/French, counsel, advice, protector
  59. Richard - Old French, strong, braver, hearty, strong ruler
  60. Robert - English, bright fame
  61. Russel - Anglo-Norman, red-haired, red-skinned, reddish
  62. Samuel - Hebrew, God heard
  63. Sebastian - Latin, revered, venerable
  64. Simon - Hebrew, the listener
  65. Stephen - Greek, garland, crown
  66. Timothy - English, one who honors God
  67. Tobias - Hebrew/Greek, God is good
  68. Theodore - Ancient Greek, God-given
  69. Thomas - Aramaic, twin
  70. Wallace - Scottish, stranger, foreigner, Welshman
  71. Walter - Germanic, army ruler
  72. Warren - French/English, park-keeper
  73. William - Old German, determined protector
  74. Victor - Roman, conquerer
  75. Vincent - Latin, prevailing

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