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75 Classic Boy Names

Whatever your reason for wanting a traditional name for your baby boy, this list is jam-packed with 75 of the clasic boy names that will stand the test of time.
75 Classic Boy Names
Updated: January 24, 2024
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Trendy baby names come and go. These name trends are often influenced by celebrities, pop culture, and current events. Many of these popular names are unique names that show up with a bang then fizzle away, but some baby boy and girl names stand the test of time.

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If you are looking for classic or old-fashioned names, then look no further. We have curated a list of 75 vintage and old-fashioned names that are still trending baby boy names today. Perhaps you like the traditional sound of a name like Johnathan, which has been around for centuries. Maybe William is a family name you wish to carry on; either way, names like these stand the test of time, including traditional boy names.

Many of these names are truly classic boy names with Greek and Hebrew origins and date back to biblical days and the height of the Greek and Roman empires. Whatever your reason for wanting a traditional name for your baby boy, this list is jam-packed with 75 of the best old-school monikers guaranteed to help you find the perfect name for your baby boy.

Classic Baby Boy Names

Let's check out some of the most classic and traditional names for your baby boy!

  1. Aaron - Hebrew, lofty, exalted, high mountain.
  2. Adam - Hebrew, the ground, earth, the first man, Old Testament name.
  3. Alexander - Greek, Defender of the people.
  4. Andrew - Greek, strong, and manly.
  5. Anthony - Roman/English, highly praiseworthy, derived from Greek word anthos, which means flower.
  6. Archie - German, truly brave. Name of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's baby boy.
  7. Arthur - Celtic, bear, the traditional king of lore from the Knights of the Round Table.
  8. Benjamin - Hebrew, son of my right hand. Nicknames include Ben, Benji, and Benny.
  9. Caleb - Hebrew, faithful, devotion, whole-hearted, brave.
  10. Calvin - French/English, bald, hairless, little bald one.
  11. Clark - English, scribe, cleric, scholar, clerk.
  12. Charles - French, free man.
  13. Christopher - English, he who holds Christ in his heart.
  14. Daniel - Hebrew, God is my judge, biblical name.
  15. David - Hebrew, beloved, a very popular Hebrew name.
  16. Dean - Greek, monk or dignity in charge of ten others, also an English name meaning valley.
  17. Douglas - English, dark water, the 17th century this was also a popular girl name.
  18. Edward - English, wealthy guardian.
  19. Elijah - Hebrew, Yahweh is God, Old Testament name, a prophet who rode in a chariot of fire.
  20. Ethan - Hebrew, firmness, long-lived.
  21. Francis - Latin, a French man.
  22. Frederick - English/German, peaceful ruler. German spelling Friedrich.
  23. Geoffrey - Anglo Saxon, pledge of peace, alternative spelling Jeffrey.
  24. George - Greek, farmer, name of the first U.S. President.
  25. Grayson - English, son of the gray-haired one, used to be a last name but is now common for first and middle names.
  26. Henry - German, estate ruler, home, rich.
  27. Hugh - Old French/Old German, soul, mind, intellect.
  28. Ian - Scottish, the Lord is gracious.
  29. Isaac - Hebrew, laughter, he will laugh.
  30. Jacob - Hebrew, supplanter, according to Nameberry, it has held the number one Biblical name spot since 2013.
  31. Jackson - English/Scottish, son of Jack.
  32. James - Latin/Hebrew, supplanter, replacer, may God protect.
  33. Johnathan - Hebrew, Yahweh has given, the traditional spelling is Yonathan.
  34. Joseph - Hebrew, increase, addition, may Jehovah give.
  35. Julius - Latin, youthful, downy-bearded.
  36. Lawrence - Latin/English - of the laurel leaves.
  37. Leo - German/Latin, lion.
  38. Levi - Hebrew, joined in harmony.
  39. Liam - Irish/Gaelic form of William, determined protector.
  40. Lionel - Latin, lion.
  41. Louis - French, renowned warrior.
  42. Lucas - Greek, a man from Lucania, light-giving, illumination.
  43. Luke - Latin/Greek, light.
  44. Matthew - English, derived from Hebrew name Matityahu, gift of Yahweh.
  45. Martin - Greek, Roman god Mars the god of war, warlike, warrior.
  46. Max - Latin, greatest.
  47. Michael - Hebrew, a gift from God, who is like God.
  48. Nathan - Hebrew, he has given, he will give, version of Nathaniel.
  49. Nicholas - Greek, the victory of the people.
  50. Noah - Babylonian, rest, repose.
  51. Oliver - English, a descendant of the ancestor, despite what people think it has nothing to do with an olive tree.
  52. Oscar - Irish/Old English, God spear, champion, deer-lover, warrior.
  53. Owen - Welsh, noble born.
  54. Patrick - Old English, a nobleman.
  55. Paul - Latin, small or humble.
  56. Peter - Greek, stone, rock.
  57. Phillip - Greek, horse lover.
  58. Raymond - English/French, counsel, advice, protector.
  59. Richard - Old French, strong, braver, hearty, strong ruler.
  60. Robert - English, bright fame.
  61. Russel - Anglo-Norman, red-haired, red-skinned, reddish.
  62. Samuel - Hebrew, God heard.
  63. Sebastian - Latin, revered, venerable.
  64. Simon - Hebrew, the listener.
  65. Stephen - Greek, garland, crown.
  66. Timothy - English, one who honors God.
  67. Tobias - Hebrew/Greek, God is good.
  68. Theodore - Ancient Greek, God-given.
  69. Thomas - Aramaic, twin.
  70. Wallace - Scottish, stranger, foreigner, Welshman.
  71. Walter - Germanic, army ruler.
  72. Warren - French/English, park-keeper.
  73. William - Old German, determined protector.
  74. Victor - Roman, conquerer.
  75. Vincent - Latin, prevailing.

What Is the Most Classic Boy Name?

Classic boy names often have a timeless charm and elegance. Here are 10 classic boy names that have stood the test of time:

  • Charles - Charles is a Germanic name meaning "free man."
  • Edward - Edward is an Old English name meaning "wealthy guardian."
  • George - With Greek origins, George means "farmer". It's another name often used by royals.
  • Henry - A royal favorite, Henry is of Germanic origin and means "ruler of the home."
  • James - This name has biblical origins and is derived from Jacob. It's been a popular choice for centuries.
  • John - Another biblical name, John means "God is gracious."
  • Joseph - Another name with Biblical roots, Joseph means "he will add."
  • Robert - Robert is a classic name of Germanic origin meaning "bright fame."
  • Thomas - This name has Biblical origins and means "twin."
  • William - A royal favorite, William is an old Germanic name meaning "resolute protector."

Most Popular Boy Names

In recent years, the most popular boy names have displayed a mix of traditional and modern influences. Names like "Liam", "Noah", and "Oliver" have reigned at the top of the popularity charts, indicating a preference for classic, strong-sounding names. At the same time, more contemporary names such as "Aiden", "Mason", and "Ethan" have also made their mark, reflecting the evolving trends in name selection. So, what name will you choose for your little boy?

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