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101 Inuit Boy Names with Meanings

Looking for unique Inuit boy names? Discover a variety of traditional and modern Inuit names for boys, along with their meanings and origins.
101 Inuit Boy Names with Meanings
Updated: April 11, 2023

Known for living in extremely cold conditions, the Inuit people are who you picture when you think of igloos, dog sledding, and beautiful fur-lined apparel They are the ultimate hunters and fishermen. These groups of Indigenous Peoples can be found in the Arctic regions of Canada, Greenland, Alaska, and Siberia.

If you are fishing for Inuk names that are rooted in this rich culture, look no further! We have 100+ Inuit baby boy names for parents to hunt through!

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Inuit naming customs differ greatly from other cultures

Inuit naming customs are considered an important institution among the members of these communities. “According to traditional practice, a child is typically named after one of their relatives, and it is the responsibility of the child’s grandparents or other older family members to select a certain relative, either living or deceased, as the child’s namesake.”

This custom is said to help them link their past to their present, allowing the spirits of their ancestors to carry on in the child. This increases the bond between living relatives as well. The names they choose also reflect the most important parts of their lives — the weather, nature names, animal names, traditional family names, and names inspired by Inuit spirits and deities. They even choose epithets that represent body parts.

Many Inuit Names are Gender-Neutral

What is most interesting about this practice is that many Inuit baby names are gender-neutral.  Inuits often give multiple names to a child and none are necessarily gender specific. “Males could be named after females and vice versa.” This is why this Inuit boy name list includes so many unisex baby names.

Another fascinating fact about ancient Inuit naming practices is that they did not have surnames. This led to multiple efforts by the Canadian government to find ways to better identify individuals within these communities. “Today, the Inuit use a combination of Euro-Christian and Inuit names, emphasizing a return to traditional naming patterns.”

Common Inuit Boy Names and Inuit Name Meanings

  1. Aguta - Of Inuit origins, this unisex name translates to “gatherer of the dead”.
  2. Akiak - An Alaskan name meaning “brave” or “the other side”.
  3. AKumik - This is a gender-neutral word name that means “go with the wind”.
  4. Alornerk - Of Greenlandic and Inuit origins, this epithet means “under-feet”.
  5. Amaqjuaq - This is an Inuit name meaning “the strong one”.
  6. Angakkuk - This Canadian Inuit word name means “sorcerer”, “hex”, or “someone with spiritual powers”.
  7. Anik - Of Inuit origins, this baby boy name means “brother of a girl or woman”.
  8. Arnauyq - This name means “imitation of woman” in Inuit.
  9. Atanarjuat - An Inuit name meaning “the fast runner”.
  10. Atka - Of Inuit origins, this title means “guardian spirit”.
  11. Aupaluttak - A unisex Inuit word name meaning “red”.
  12. Cupun - Another unisex moniker with Inuit origins that means “coal”.
  13. Denali - A unisex Koyukon (Alaska Native Athabascan) name that means “the great one” or “the high one”. This is also a Hindu girl name that has the same meaning.
  14. Hanta - This Inuit name means “hunter”.
  15. Ilannâk - A word name of Inuit origins that translates to “friend”.
  16. Inuk - This unisex name has Greenlandic origins and means “human being”.
  17. Inuksuk - An Inuit boy name meaning “to act in the capacity of a human”.
  18. Irdlirvirisissong - This unique name means “demon cousin of the moon” in Inuit.
  19. Katjuk - This is an Inuit word name meaning “arrow”.
  20. Kaskae - A name that means “chief” with Alaskan origins.
  21. Kanaaq - This unisex name means “lower part of the leg” in Inuit.
  22. Kissimi - A unisex Inuit baby name that means “alone”. This could be a good option for an independent little tyke!
  23. Kitunngak - Another name of Inuit origins, this word means “child”.
  24. Kova - This Inuit baby name means “strong”.
  25. Kuak - Another Inuit word name meaning “anything frozen”.
  26. Kumaglak - The name of a fictional character in the Canadian film Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner. This award-winning movie is the first to ever be filmed entirely in the Inuktitut language.
  27. Kuvianak - A word name meaning “joy” in Inuit.
  28. Magguliak - Another word name that translates to “twin” in Inuit.
  29. Miki - This unique name means “small” in Inuit.
  30. Muktuk - A name meaning “whale blubber”. This is the traditional food source of the Inuit people.
  31. Nalligik - This is a sweet Inuit word name meaning “love”.
  32. Nukik - Of Greenlandic origins, this name means “tendon”.
  33. Nukilik - An Inuit baby name meaning “strong”.
  34. Nungusuittuk - This Inuit word name means “everlasting”.
  35. Pilip - The Inuit version of Philip, this name translates to “lover of horses”.
  36. Sakari - This is a unisex baby name with Inuit origins that means “sweet”.
  37. Sugusik - A word name meaning “child” in Inuit.
  38. Takutsuapuk - This Inuit word name means “kind”.
  39. Taqtu - Another name of Inuit origins, this title means “kidney”.
  40. Tiguaak - An Inuit name meaning “the adopted child”.
  41. Toklo - This is another Inuit name meaning “versatile” or “spontaneous”.
  42. Tonraq - An Inuit name that means “a tiny man” and “a spirit or ghost”.
  43. Tootega - Yet another unisex Inuit name meaning an “old woman deity that was able to walk on water”.
  44. Tukkuttok - Meaning “he who is generous”, this is another unisex Inuit name.
  45. Tulimaq - This is an Inuit epithet that means “rib”. This can also be spelled Tulimaik.
  46. Tulok - An Inuit baby boy name that means “warrior” or “god of the stars”.
  47. Tulugaak - Of Inuit origins, this name means “ like a raven” or “creator of light”.
  48. Uukkarnit - Meaning “calved ice”, this epithet also has Inuit origins.
  49. Yoskolo - This Inuit boy's name means “breaking off sugar-pine cones”.
  50. Yotimo - Another name of Inuit origins that means “a yellow jacket used for carrying pieces of meat from the house to the nest”.
  51. Yura - Of inuit, Greek, and Russian origins, this title means “one who is beautiful” and “farmer”, respectively.
  52. Yutu - This is an Inuit name that means “to claw” and a Native American name that means “coyote hunting”.

Inuit Word Names Inspired by Nature

  1. Adlartok - This is a unisex Inuit name that means “clear sky”.
  2. Amaruq - Another unisex Inuit name meaning “grey wolf”.
  3. Aput - This unisex Inuit title means “snow”.
  4. Aqillutaq - Of Inuit origins, this epithet means “new snow”.
  5. Atiqtalaaq - This is a unisex name that means “polar bear cub” in Inuit.
  6. Igutsak - An Inuit word name meaning “bee”.
  7. Ikiaq - Of Inuit origins, this name translates to “red spruce”.
  8. Kajuk - An Inuit word name meaning “red fox”.
  9. Kallik - Of Inuit origins, this unisex name means “lightning”.
  10. Kanguk - This Inuit word name means “snow goose”.
  11. Nanook - Meaning “polar bear”, this is another Inuit baby boy name. It can also be spelled Nanuk.
  12. Nanurjuk - This is an Inuit name meaning “star”.
  13. Nanuq - Another Inuit baby name meaning "star".
  14. Nanurjuk - Meaning “the star”, this is another unisex Inuit title.
  15. Napâttuk - A word name that means “tree” in Inuit.
  16. Nuniq - This is another unisex Inuit baby name that means “polar bear”.
  17. Panuk - This is an Inuit name meaning “island”.
  18. Qimmiq - Of Inuit origins, this title means “dog”.
  19. Siku - An Alaskan name meaning “ice”. If you are expecting twins with different genders, Sesi is an adorable pairing to this name since it means “snow”.
  20. Siqiniq - This unisex Inuit baby name means “the sun”.
  21. Tehoronianhen - This is an Inuit and Mohawk baby boy name that means “covered in clouds”.
  22. Ujurak - Also spelled Ujarak, this Inuit name means “rock”.
  23. Ukiuk - Another Inuit word name meaning “winter”.
  24. Umiaktorvik - Of Inuit origins, this long title means “river”.
  25. Yuka - A unisex Inuit baby name meaning “bright star”. This is also a Japanese girl's name that means “snow” or “lucky”.

Inuit Mother and Daughter on Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada

Inuit God and Spirit Names

  1. Agloolik - In Inuit mythology, this is the name of a spirit who lives below the ice and assists fishermen and hunters. He also is the protector of seals.
  2. Aipaloovik - This is the name of an evil sea god in Inuit mythology. He is associated with death and destruction.
  3. Akhlut - In Inuit folklore, this is the name of a shapeshifting spirit that takes the form of an orca in the water and a wolf on land.
  4. Alignak - This is the name of the god of water, weather, earthquakes, and the moon.
  5. Amaguq - An Inuit name that means “trickster” and “wolf god”.
  6. Aningan - The name of the Inuit moon god for the people of Greenland.
  7. Aumanil - In Inuit mythology, this is the title of a deity who controlled the movements of whales.
  8. Eeyeekalduk - Another deity name, this is the title of the Inuit god of medicine and good health.
  9. Igaluk - The name of the North American Inuit God of the moon.
  10. Ignirtoq - In Inuit mythology, this is the god of light and truth.
  11. Issitoq - This is the god of Justice in Inuit mythology. He punishes those who break taboos.
  12. Keelut - The name of an evil Earth spirit who took on the appearance of a dog.
  13. Kigatilik - This is the name of a fanged demon in Inuit religion that killed shamans.
  14. Negafook - The North Wind God, this figure in Inuit mythology was in control of cold and stormy weather.
  15. Nootaikok - This is the name of the Inuit God of icebergs and glaciers.
  16. Pana - The Inuit God of the underworld.
  17. Qallupilluit - This is the name of a creature that was said to steal children who wandered too close to the Arctic shorelines. This myth helped to keep kids safe from these icy waters.
  18. Qiqirn - In Inuit folklore, this is the name of a large dog spirit.
  19. Silla - From Inuit origins, this is the name of the deity who represents the sky, wind, and weather.
  20. Tekkeitsertok - The God of hunting and the master of caribou.
  21. Torngarsuk - This is a sky god in Inuit mythology.

Inuit Words for Boy 

  1. Angajuk - This is the word that refers to the older sibling of a child of the same sex. For instance, this Inuit word can be used to describe a boy’s older brother.
  2. Nukak - Another word name that means “younger brother of a boy”.
  3. Nukappiak - This Inuit word translates to “boy”.

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101 Inuit Boy Names with Meanings

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