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101 Animal Names for Girls and Boys with Name Meanings 

Animal names make for adorable baby name ideas too! Here are cute animal girl names, and animal boy names to choose from with meanings
101 Animal Names for Girls and Boys with Name Meanings 
Updated: October 24, 2022
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If you want to inspire the energy of a bird, big cat, or woodland creature in your child, there are many monikers with animal meanings to bring out their wild side.

Choosing an animal name for your little one can help them feel more in touch with nature. There are plenty of animal girl names, animal boy names, and unisex names to choose from with meanings related to creatures big and small.

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Animal Girl Baby Names and Meanings

These female names with animal meetings are inspired by fierce predators and beautiful forest animals. Whether you want a bird name for your sweet little dove or a name inspired by a creature of the sea, here our some of our favorite animal names for girls. 

  1. Ari - Hebrew for “lion of God.”
  2. Arva - Latin name meaning “from the seashore.”
  3. Ava - German or Latin for “birdlike.”
  4. Ayala - Hebrew for “deer” or “gazelle.”
  5. Birdie - German name meaning “bright,” “famous,” or “bird.”
  6. Brena - Old Norse/Celtic name meaning “little raven.”
  7. Brenda - Irish meaning “prince” or “little raven.”
  8. Bunny - American name meaning “little rabbit.”
  9. Calandra - Greek meaning “singing bird.”
  10. Cat - Greek meaning “pure.” Can be a nickname for Catherine, or given as a full name.
  11. Chenoa - Native American name meaning “dove.”
  12. Danuta - Hebrew name meaning “God is judge,” a feminine variation of Daniel, after the Old Testament prophet who survived in a den of lions.
  13. Delphine - French/Greek name meaning “dolphin.”
  14. Deborah- Hebrew name meaning “bee.”
  15. Dorcas - Greek for “gazelle.”
  16. Dove - English name meaning “a bird,” or "peace.”
  17. Dyani - Native American name meaning “deer.”
  18. Everly - English for “wild boar in woodland clearing.”
  19. Fauna - English name meaning “young deer.”
  20. Fawn - French name meaning “young deer.”
  21. Gazelle - Latin for “graceful deer.”
  22. Hinda - Hebrew for “doe” or “female deer.”
Animal Girl Baby Names and Meanings 
  1. Jemima - Hebrew name meaning “dove.”
  2. Jena - Arabic name meaning “small bird.”
  3. Kiara - Aboriginal Australian or Korean for “cockatoo” or “light.”
  4. Kitty - English for “pure.” Can be a first name, or a nickname for Katie or Catherine.
  5. Lark - British name meaning “lighthearted songbird.”
  6. Leandra - Greek for “lion man.”
  7. Leona - Latin name meaning “lionness.”
  8. Loni - Greek/Latin name meaning “lionness.”
  9. Melissa - Greek name meaning “honeybee.”
  10. Merlyn - Welsh name meaning “sea fortress.”
  11. Mink - English meaning “cloud.”
  12. Orpah - Hebrew name meaning “fawn.”
  13. Orsa - Italian name meaning “little female bear.”
  14. Paloma - Mexican name meaning “dove.”
  15. Penelope - Greek name meaning “weaver.”
  16. Rosalind - German name meaning “gentle horse.”
  17. Rosamond - German name meaning “horse protection.”
  18. Tabitha - Hebrew for “gazelle.”
  19. Teal - American after the duck breed.
  20. Una - Latin/Irish for “lamb.”
  21. Ursula - Latin for “little she-bear.”
  22. Wren - British for “small brown songbird.”
  23. Zera - Hebrew name meaning “seeds” or “beginnings.”
  24. Zippora - Hebrew name meaning “bird.”

Animal Boy Baby Names with Meanings 

These male names with animal meetings are inspired by everything from the king of the jungle to the alpha wolf to insects and birds. If your little bear cub has a fierce roar, we recommend one of these animal names for boys! 

Animal Boy Baby Names with Meanings 
  1. Adelard - German meaning “old eagles.”
  2. Adler - German for “eagle.”
  3. Adolphus - German for “noble,, majestic wolf.”
  4. Andor - Greek for “thundering eagle.”
  5. Aries - Latin for “a ram.”
  6. Arno - Germanic meaning “eagle-wolf.”
  7. Arthur - Celtic for “bear.”
  8. Beckett - English for “bee hive.”
  9. Bertram - German meaning “bright raven.”
  10. Bram - English meaning “raven.”
  11. Buck - Old English for “deer.”
  12. Castor - Greek name means “beaver”
  13. Colin - Gaelic/Old French name meaning “cub.”
  14. Colt - British, for “young male deer.”
  15. Conall - Irish name meaning “strong wolf.”
  16. Conan - Irish for '“wolf.”
  17. Corbett - English name meaning “raven.”
  18. Dolf - English name meaning “raven.”
  19. Drake - Middle English name meaning “male duck.” Old norse name meaning “dragon.”
  20. Eachan - Irish name meaning “horseman.”
  21. Hawk - English for “like the bird.”
  22. Jay - English after the bird, also means “to rejoice.”
  23. Jonah - Hebrew for “dove.”
Animal Boy
  1. Leo - Latin for “lion” or “lion-hearted.”
  2. Lev - Hebrew or Russian for “lion.”
  3. Lynx - Latin for “wild cat.”
  4. Roebuck - Anglo-Saxon/British name meaning “roe deer.”
  5. Roswald - German name meaning “horse mighty.”
  6. Rudi - German name meaning “famous wolf.”
  7. Orson - French/Latin name meaning “bear cub.”
  8. Oscar - English or Irish for “deer-lover.”
  9. Tiger - American name meaning “powerful cat.”
  10. Tod - English/Scottish name meaning “clever or wily person.”
  11. Ushi - Chinese meaning “the ox.”
  12. Wolf - German name meaning “a man of courage and cunning.”

Animal Gender-Neutral Baby Names with Meanings 

Animal Gender-Neutral Baby Names with Meanings 
  1. Ariel -Hebrew for “lion of god.”
  2. Arden - English for “valley of the eagle.”
  3. Callum - Latin for “dove.”
  4. Deryn - Greek name meaning “bird.”
  5. Einan - Hebrew name meaning “little bird.”
  6. Ewe - English for “sheep.”
  7. Finch - English meaning “songbird.”
  8. Fox - Irish name meaning “son of the fox.”
  9. Lark - British name meaning “a playful, lighthearted songbird.”
  10. Merle - French name meaning “blackbird.”
  11. Raven - English name meaning “dark haired or wise.” After the blackbird from Edgar Allen Poe’s most famous poem.
  12. Robin - English name meaning “famed,” “bright,” or “shining.”
  13. Roe - Old English name meaning “small deer.”
  14. Sable - Slavic name meaning “black” after the animal.
  15. Sparrow - English for “small bird in the finch family.”
  16. Ursel - Latin name meaning “little bear.”
  17. Wolfe - German name meaning “wolf.”
  18. Yara - Arabic/Brazilian name meaning “small butterfly.”
  19. Yona - Hebrew for “dove.”
  20. Zvi - Hebrew name meaning “deer.”
101 Animal Names for Girls and Boys with Name Meanings 


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