100 Beautiful Girl Names with Unique Meanings

Updated: March 30, 2022
Looking for a pretty baby girl name that exudes beauty and grace? Here are 100 beautiful girl names with unique meanings.
100 Beautiful Girl Names
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Want to choose a name that's just as lovely and rare as your baby girl? Here we have a list of beautiful baby names for girls. It includes popular baby names that sound so pretty. Some girl names mean “beautiful,” and some unique baby girl names are sure to make you smile.

Since the Social Security Administration keeps track of every child born in the United States, it's fairly easy to see which baby names are most popular. If you expect your baby girl to arrive soon and still are stuck on choosing the perfect name, then have no fear.

This way, you'll have plenty of options to choose from before your little one makes her debut into the world. After all, your precious baby deserves a name that fits her beauty!

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Beautiful Girl Names with Meanings 

  1. Abigail - Hebrew for "a father's joy"
  2. Alexandria - Greek and English for "defender of mankind"
  3. Amara - Greek for "eternal beauty"
  4. Amelia - German for "industrious"
  5. Amelie - Variation of Amelia, also German for "industrious"
  6. Angelina - Greek for "heavenly messenger"
  7. Arabella - German for "beautiful eagle"
  8. Aria - Hebrew for "like a beautiful melody"
  9. Ariel - Hebrew for "lion of God"
  10. Athena - Greek for "goddess of war"
  11. Audrey - Old English for "noble strength"
  12. Aurora - Latin for "gold" and Greek for "goddess of the dawn"
  13. Ava - Latin for "blooming"
  14. Bailey - French for "bailiff" and Old English for "fortification"
  15. Belinda - Spanish for "beautiful" or "pretty"
  16. Belle - Spanish for "beautiful"
  17. Blair - Gaelic for "plain"
  18. Bonnie - Scottish for "good"
  19. Brittany - The anglicized version of Bretagne, which is a section of France
  20. Callista - Greek for "most beautiful" or "pretty and bright-eyed"
  21. Chanel - French for "canal" or "perfume"
  22. Charlotte - French for "little and womanly"
  23. Chloe - Greek for "lark"
  24. Colleen - Irish for "girl"
  25. Cora - French for "beloved" or Greek for "heart"
  26. Dahlia - Scandinavian for "valley"
  27. Danielle - Hebrew for "judged by God"
  28. Daphne - Greek for "laurel tree"
  29. Deborah - Hebrew for "bee"
  30. Delilah - Hebrew for "delicate"
  31. Eleanor - Greek for "mercy"
  32. Elise - German for "noble" or Hebrew for "God's oath"
  33. Emilia - Latin for "eager"
  34. Esme - Latin for "esteem"
  35. Esmeralda - Spanish for "emerald"
  36. Erica - Scandinavian for "ever-powerful" or "honorable ruler"
  37. Evelyn - English for "hazelnut"
  38. Faith - Latin for "trust"
  39. Felicity - Latin for "fortunate" or "happy"
  40. Fiona - Old English for "white"
  41. Gabrielle - Hebrew for "God is my strength"
  42. Genevieve - Welsh for "white wave"
  43. Giselle - English for "sword pledge"
  44. Greta - Greek for "precious jewel"
  45. Gretchen - Several origins such as Greek, German, Persian, and Irish for "pearl"
  46. Haley - Norse for "hero" and Irish for "wise one"
  47. Harper - Old Norse for "whaler"
  48. Hazel - Old English for "hazel tree"
  49. Heidi - German for "noble" or "serene"
  50. Holly - Old English for "holly bush"
  51. Ingrid - Scandinavian for "hero's daughter"
  52. Isabella - Spanish for "consecrated to God"
  53. Isla - Spanish or Scottish for "island"
  54. Ivy - Old English for "vine"
  55. Jasmine - Persian for "a form of flowering olive"
  56. Jessica - Hebrew for "wealthy one"
  57. Josephine - Hebrew for "he shall add"
  58. Juliet - French for "youthful"
  59. Katherine - Greek for "pure"
  60. Kaylee - Arabic for "beloved" and Hebrew for "regal woman"
  61. Kelly - Irish for "church" or "warrior"
  62. Kristen - Greek for "bright-eyed"
  63. Laurel - English for "crowned with laurel"
  64. Layla - Arabic for "dark as the night"
  65. Lillian - Latin for "form of the lily"
  66. Lola - Spanish for "strong woman"
  67. Louise - Old German for "warrior maiden"
  68. Luna - Latin for "moon"
  69. Lydia - Greek for "woman from Persia" or "beauty"
  70. Madison - English for "good"
  71. Meredith - Old Welsh for "protector of the sea" and Middle English for "joyful"
  72. Mia - Italian for "mine"
  73. Millie- Greek for "honey bee" or English for "gentle adviser"
  74. Natalie - Latin for "child born at Christmas"
  75. Nina - Spanish for "girl" and Hebrew for "grace"
  76. Nora - Latin for "dignified" and Greek for "honor"
  77. Olivia - Latin for "olive tree" and "Old French for "peace"
  78. Ophelia - Greek for "useful" or "wise"
  79. Penelope - Greek for "bobbin-weaver"
  80. Phoebe - Greek for "brilliant"
  81. Quinn - Latin for "a girl who is as pretty as two" and Gaelic for "wise"
  82. Rebecca - Hebrew for "to tie" or "enchantingly beautiful"
  83. Rosalie - Latin for "a flower"
  84. Ruby - French for "red gem"
  85. Savannah - Spanish for "flat tropical grassland"
  86. Scarlett - Middle English for "deep red"
  87. Shelby - English for "sheltered town"
  88. Sophia - Greek for "wisdom"
  89. Stella - Latin for "star"
  90. Summer - English and Arabic origin name referring to the summer season
  91. Sydney - French for "from the city of Saint-Denis"
  92. Thea - Greek for "healer"
  93. Tracey - Greek for "reaper" and French for "path"
  94. Uma - Hindi for "mother" and also the name for the Hindu goddess Devi
  95. Valentina - Latin for "good health"
  96. Valerie - Latin for "strong"
  97. Venus - Greek for the "Goddess of love"
  98. Victoria - Latin for "victory"
  99. Violet - Latin for "purple"
  100. Vivien - Latin for "living" or "lively"

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