Meaning and Origin of: Mia

Mia meaning and origins

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  • Italian : Mine
  • Hebrew : Bitter
  • Scandinavian : Star of the sea

What does Mia mean and stand for?

Mia means "Ocean Goddess" or "Queen"; it can also mean "guardian of justice". It is derived from many names, most commonly from the name Maria, but is also derived from names like Amelia (and its various spellings), and Maya.

Syllables: 2

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According to Social Security Administration data, Mia has been consistently popular, remaining in the top ten since 2009, and top 50 since 2002.

However, it is the 28th most popular name on

According to Google search data analysis, in the last five years Mia was at its peak popularity in July 2018.

Mia has been derived from Maria, but has now surpassed Maria in popularity. It first started to be used in the 1960s, and gained in popularity throughout the 1990s and 2000s. Today it is more popular than ever thanks to Mia Farrow.

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