20 Baby Names With Even Better Nicknames

Updated: July 28, 2021
When choosing a baby name, it's important to remember the nickname your child might be given someday. Here are our top picks for baby names with interesting and original nicknames.
baby names with cute nicknames
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Chances are, at some point in your life, someone will find a way to give you a nickname that stems from your first name. And sometimes, it can be hard to settle on just one nickname — different people may come up with different ones based on the name of origin. Because so many people could potentially be calling your little one by their nickname, there is pressure to come up with a good first name. Giving your kiddo a name that has an even cooler nickname can be hard — hopefully this list will give you a little inspiration.

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For Boys:


If you’re bored of the idea of having another “Chris,” you can try “Topher” instead.


Elijah is a strong name, and it’s most common nickname, “Eli,” is just as strong.


Naturally, when you hear Jackson, you instinctively think “Jack.” But you could always use the slightly edgy sounding “Jax” instead.


You wouldn’t think you could get much from Jason, but you could go with “Jay,” “Jase,” or even “Sonny” if you wanted.


The best and easiest nickname for Oliver is of course “Olly” or “Ollie.” It’s a little cutesy, but it could still age well.


Beyond “Rob” and “Bob,” you can also use “Robbie,” “Bert,” or even “Berto.”


Fun bit of trivia: actor Taye Diggs’s real name is Scott. “Taye” comes from his nickname, “Scotty.”


William has a bunch of good nicknames: “Will,” “Willie,” “Billy,” or even “Liam.” There are so many options worth checking out that we've compiled this list of 25 Creative Nicknames for William.

For Girls:


Not to be confused with Emilia, Amelia has its own nicknames: “Amy,” “Melia,” and “Mia” being a few.


Fans of the show Grey’s Anatomy know that Dr. Callie Torres’s first name is actually Calliope. In addition to “Callie,” you can also use “Calla,” “Lili” or even “Poppy.”


If you want to be more original than just “Liz” or “Lizzie,” maybe try “Eliza,” “Liza,” “Lisbeth,” or “Beth.” You could also use “Betty” if you wanted to be a little retro.


Emilia has a few good nicknames, including “Emmy,” “Mila,” and “Lia.”


You can go beyond “Jo,” which is a classic, to include “Anna,” or “Jojo” too!


Like with Oliver, you could go with “Olly,” but you can also use “Liv,” “Livy,” Via,” or “Livia.”


While “Penny” is the most obvious, you can say “Nene,” “Lo,” or “Nellie” too.


When it comes to nicknames, let’s move past “Vicky.” What about “Tori,” or “Toria” instead?

Gender-Neutral Names:


Addison is a great gender-neutral name that can be shortened to “Addy/Addie,” or “Sonny/Sunny.”


If you’re looking for a gender-neutral name with similar nicknames, you can go with “Cam,” “Camry,” or even “Ronnie.”


Dakota is another fun gender-neutral name with equally fun nicknames: “Kota,” “Dax,” and “Koko” are the ones that come to mind first.


Torrin is another great gender-neutral name with nicknames like “Tor,” “Tori/Tory” or even “Orrin.