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150 Names That Mean Green for Girls & Boys

These boy names that mean green and girl names that mean green are inspired by nature, gemstones, and natural beauty. Find a baby name inspired by the color green.
150 Names That Mean Green for Girls & Boys
Updated: January 4, 2023
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Green symbolizes a fresh start, and for most parents, so does a new baby! 

Choosing a baby name that means green for your little one can mean several things since green represents more than just nature. The color green is related to the ocean, herbs, plants, and so much more.

Green also symbolizes new beginnings and with that comes peace. It also represents luck and good health. A "green” name isn’t just for St. Patrick’s Day babies

We have loads of options below if you want a name that means “green.” 

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Boy Names That Mean Green (with Meanings) 

Discover the best baby boy names  inspired by the color green and include name meanings and cultural origins. 

  1. Akhdar - Arabic name for “green”
  2. Alvern - Latin for “spring” or “greening”
  3. Arbor - Latin for “herb garden”
  4. Arden - Latin for “passionate” and English for “of the great forest”
  5. Arvi - Hindi name for “freshwater” or “green water”
  6. Basil - Greek name for “royal” and also the name of a green herb
  7. Bentley - English for “meadow with coarse grass”
  8. Benton - An English habitational name that means “bent grass enclosure”
  9. Berilo - Spanish for “pale green gemstone”
  10. Bernlak - A name that means Green Knight in Arthurian Legend
  11. Berry - Greek for “bringer of victory” and English for “small fruit”
  12. Bradshaw - An English habitational name that means “broad thicket”
  13. Bud - Old English word for “herald” and also the name of the start of a blooming flower
  14. Calhoun - Irish name for “the narrow woods”
  15. Celadon - French name for “pale grayish green color”
  16. Denver - A place name in Colorado that means “green valley”
  17. Douglas - Old English for “dark water” and also the name of a fir tree
  18. Erwin - The Hungarian variation of Irving, means “sea friend”
  19. Fahey - An Irish name that means “foundation” and is sometimes anglicized as the name Green
  20. Forest - Old French name for “out of the woods”
  21. Gardner - Danish for “garden keeper”
  22. Gawain - Welsh name for “courteous” and also the name of the character in an Arthurian legend called The Green Knight
  23. Greene - The Irish spelling of the English name Green
  24. Grun - A German name for someone who dressed in green or lived in a green leafy place
  25. Harial - Hindu for “green-colored”
  26. Harit - Sanskrit name for “lush,” “green,” or “emerald”
  27. Herb - Old English for “exalted ruler” and also the green herbs used in cooking
  28. Irving - Old English for “sea friend”
  29. Kadir - Arabic for “green”
  30. Kakar - Hindu for “grass”
  31. Kale - Irish for “sporty” and also the name of the leafy green vegetable
  32. Khidr - Muslim boy name that means “green”
  33. Kiefer - German for “barrel maker” or “pine tree”
  34. Kingsley - Old English for “woodland clearing of the king”
  35. Laramie - French for “pensive” or “from the leafy grove”
  36. Liko - Chinese name for “Buddhist nun” and Hawaiian for “leaf bud”
  37. Loden - A deep olive green fabric used for coats
  38. Luntian - Filipino for “green”
  39. Lyle - French for “from the island”

Boy Names that Mean Green

  1. 40 Marino - French for “ocean loving” and Latin for “of the sea”
  2. Matlal - Aztec for “dark green”
  3. Merlin - Welsh for “the fort by the sea”
  4. Moss - Hebrew for “drawn out of the water” and a Scottish topographic name for someone who lived near a peat bog
  5. Murdoch - Scottish for “victorious at sea”
  6. Odhran - Irish for “pale green”
  7. Oleander - Greek for “evergreen tree”
  8. Oran - Irish for “green”
  9. Pine - An English and French name for someone who lived near a pine forest
  10. Ranger - French for “dweller in the field”
  11. Roscoe - Old Norse for “from the deer forest”
  12. Sedgwick - An English habitational name for someone who lived in an outlying settlement or a dairy farm
  13. Silas - Latin name for “wood” or “woodman”
  14. Slate - An English name for a fine-grained rock that is blue-gray or blue-green
  15. Sylvan - Italian for “forest”
  16. Sylvester - English, and Latin for “from the forest”
  17. Vardon - French for “from the green hill”
  18. Verde - Spanish for “green”
  19. Vermont - French for “green mountain”
  20. Vernon - French for “alder tree” and Latin for “spring”
  21. Wesley - Old English for “west meadow”
  22. Xanh - Vietnamese name for “green”
  23. Yashem - Arabic for “green leaf”
  24. Zalias - Lithuanian for “green”
  25. Zeleny - Czech and Slovak for “green”
  26. Zold - Hungarian for “green”

Girl Names That Mean Green (with Meanings) 

These baby girl names are inspired by beautiful shades of green.

  1. Ainsley - Scottish name for “my meadow”
  2. Aneeza - Muslim girl name for “happiness” and “green valleys”
  3. Apple - A popular American fruit
  4. Aranyaka - Sanskrit for “one who lives in the forest”
  5. Ardith - Hebrew name for “blooming meadow”
  6. Beryl - Hebrew for a light green jewel
  7. Blerta - Albanian for “green”
  8. Blossom - Old English for “lovely” or “flower-like”
  9. Brie - French, and Latin for “marshland,” Irish for “strong”
  10. Charelle - American for “green gemstone” or “cherry fruit”
  11. Chartreuse - A yellow-green color
  12. Chloe - Greek for “blooming” or “fertility”
  13. Chloris - Greek for “blooming” and “flower goddess”
  14. Daphne - Greek for “laurel tree”
  15. Eden - A Hebrew name that means “pleasure” and delight” about the Garden of Eden
  16. Eileen - Greek and Irish for light, Scottish for “island”
  17. Emerald - English for “green gemstone”
  18. Esmeralda - Spanish name meaning “emerald”
  19. Fern - Old English for “leafy plant”

Girl Names That Mean Green

  1. 20 Gaia - Greek for “earth”
  2. Giada - Italian name for “jade”
  3. Greenlee - An English habitational name for “woodland clearing”
  4. Hadassah - Hebrew for “myrtle”
  5. Haritha - Hindi for “green”
  6. Hazel - Old English for “hazel tree”
  7. Heather - English for “heath” or “shrub”
  8. Holly - Old English for “holly bush”
  9. Isla - Scottish and Spanish for “island”
  10. Ivy - English, and Latin for “vine”
  11. Jade - Spanish for “stone of the loins,” referring to the dark green gemstone
  12. Jadira - English for “jade”
  13. Khadra - Arabic for “green” or “verdant”
  14. Kirrily - Maori for “tree bark” or “leaf
  15. Laurel - Latin for “laurel leaves” and English for “crowned with laurel”
  16. Makala - Hawaiian name for “shrub”
  17. Marudham - Hindu for “the lush green fields”
  18. Meadow - An English topographic name for someone who lived by a meadow
  19. Midori - Japanese name that means “green”
  20. Mignonette - A flowering plant that is also known as the reseda
  21. Mint - Greek for “of the mint plant”
  22. Myrtle - Greek for “a flower” or “myrtle tree”
  23. Nana - Hebrew for “full of grace” and Japanese for “spring greens”
  24. Nerissa - Latin for “daughter of the sea”
  25. Olive - Latin for “olive tree” and French for “peace”
  26. Orna - Irish and Hebrew for “pale green”
  27. Palashini - Hindu for “covered in greenery”
  28. Peridot - Arabic for “green gemstone”
  29. Phyllis - Greek for “green tree branch”
  30. Prairie - A French topographic name for “meadow” or “pasture”
  31. Qing - Chinese for “green”
  32. Rina - Latin, and Hindi for “queen,” Japanese for “vegetables” or “greens”
  33. Roheline - Estonian for “green”
  34. Rosemary - Latin for “a flower” and English for “a fragrant herb”
  35. Rue - A Latin name for an herb
  36. Sevali - Hindu for “green plant”
  37. Sylvia - Latin for “from the forest”
  38. Tauriel - A fictional name that means “daughter of the forest”
  39. Thallo - Greek goddess of spring
  40. Verna - French for “from the alder grove” and “springlike”
  41. Viridis - Latin for “youthful and blooming”
  42. Zarqa - Muslim for “having bluish green eyes”
  43. Zelenka - A Czech and Croatian nickname for someone who was dressed in green

Unisex Names That Mean Green (with Meanings) 

These gender-neutral name choices work for any baby. Pick any of these unique names that means greens for a fresh and fun option. 

Unisex Names That Mean Green

  1. Abib - Hebrew for “green fruit”
  2. Aoki - Japanese for “green tree”
  3. Aspen - Old English for “shaking tree”
  4. Binda - An Aboriginal name that means “green place”
  5. Briar - English for “shrub” and French for “heather”
  6. Clover - English for “meadow flower”
  7. Cyan - English for “greenish blue color”
  8. Dylan - Welsh name for “sea”
  9. Hunter - Old English for “search” and also from the color hunter green
  10. Irati - Spanish and Basque for “fern field”
  11. Kelly - Scandinavian name meaning “clear mountain spring”
  12. Khai - Arabic for “sea”
  13. Leaf - About leaves from trees, also means “beloved” in Old Norse
  14. Marley - English for “marshy or pleasant meadow”
  15. Montana - Spanish and Latin for “mountain”
  16. Morgan - Welsh for “white sea”
  17. Sage - French for “wise one” and English for “from the sagebrush plant”
  18. Tarragon - Latin for “herb”
  19. Teal - English name for the greenish-blue color
  20. Verdell - Latin for “green and flourishing”
  21. Vesa - Turkish name  for “sapling” or “sprout”
  22. Viridian - Latin for “green”
  23. Yarkona - Hebrew for “green”

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150 Names That Mean Green for Girls & Boys



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