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110 Earthy Boy Names Inspired by Nature

These earthy boy names are inspired by nature, bodies of water, forests, stones, and Mother Earth herself. Browse earthy names for boys inspired by nature!
​110 Earthy Boy Names Inspired by Nature
Updated: February 19, 2024
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Do you dream of camping trips and weekend hikes with your growing family? If you have an appreciation for the natural world that you would like to share with your new baby boy, why not start by giving him an earthy boy name?

Earthy names for boys encompass any and all nature names inspired by beautiful landscapes and the planet Earth. This includes animal-inspired names like Fox and Bjorn (which means “bear” in Swedish), tree names like Aspen, Elm, and Forrest, and names taken from natural landforms, like River and Bryn (which means “hill” in Welsh).

It’s no surprise that earthy names are growing in popularity during a time in history when so many people are quarantined in their city apartments. Earthy names fit in with the cottagecore aesthetic, which is based on nostalgia and a love for the natural world. Cottagecore names are trending now, presumably for this exact reason.

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Earthy Boy Names

Popular Earthy and Nature Names for Boys

The popularity of earthy boy names may also be due to a growing appreciation for the natural world as we grapple with the growing concern of climate change. If you love the great outdoors and want to choose a baby name that feels like a breath of fresh air every time you say it, why not go with something from our name list of the best earthy boy names?

  1. Aaron - Hebrew origins, meaning “high mountains.”
  2. Acorn - English origins, "the nut."
  3. Ahote - A Native American boy's name meaning “woods.”
  4. Ainsley - Scottish, means “clearing in the woods.”
  5. Ajax - Latin name for the Greek word meaning “earth.”
  6. Alan - A French name meaning “little rock.”
  7. Alder - German name that means “eagle." This name also invokes the alder tree.
  8. Ash - English, means “ash tree.”
  9. Aspen - English, "the tree."
  10. Atlas - Atlas is a gender-neutral name of Greek origin, meaning “to carry.” In Greek mythology, Atlas is the name of the Titan who bore the weight of the world on his shoulders.
  11. Basil - An English or French name meaning “brave”, and it also invokes the popular herb! 
  12. Barlo - A Latin boy name meaning “water.”
  13. Beech - English, means “beech tree.”
  14. Birch - English, means “birch tree.”
  15. Bjorn - Swedish, means “bear.”
  16. Bradley - An Old English name that means “clearing in the wood.”
  17. Brent - Celtic, means “hills.”
  18. Bryn - Welsh, English, means “hill.”
  19. Canyon - A "large ravine" or "footpath." 
  20. Cary - The name of an old Celtic river.
  21. Cashel - Irish, means “castle, stone fort.”
  22. Cedar - English, "the tree."
  23. Clay - English, means “clay.”
  24. Clyde - The name of a river in Scotland
  25. Colm - Gaelic, means “dove.”
  26. Connal - Irish, Scottish, means “wolf.”
  27. Connell - Irish, means “strong wolf.”
  28. Cove - English gender-neutral name meaning “small bay” 
  29. Cullen - Irish, means “holly tree.”
  30. Cypress - Greek, "the tree."
  31. Darby - Norse, means “place of the deer.”
  32. Darragh - Irish, means “oak.”
  33. Demeter - Slovak, Hungarian, means “Earth mother.”
  34. Diar - This Arabic name for boys means “expensive wood.”
  35. Dionne - French, means “child of heaven and earth.”
  36. Drake - English, a duck, also means “dragon.”
  37. Dylan - Dylan is a name of Welsh origin meaning "son of the sea." This is a unisex name that works for earthy baby boys and baby girls. 
  38. Eaton - A trendy boy’s name meaning “riverside.”
  39. Elm - English, "the tree."
  40. Elwood - This Old English boy’s name means “elder tree forest.”
  41. Eoghan - Irish, means “born of the Yew tree.”
  42. Etu - A Native American boy's name meaning “the sun.”
  43. Everest - An English name for Earth’s tallest mountain 
  44. Everley - English, means “meadow of boars.”
  45. Ewen - This Scottish name Ewen means "born of the yew tree."
  46. Fern - English, means “green shady plant.”
  47. Ferris - Irish, means “rock.”
  48. Fiore - Italian, means “flower.”
  49. Fisher - English, means “fisherman.”
  50. Forrest - French, means “forest.”
  51. Fox - English, "the animal."
  52. Flynn - This baby boy's name of Irish origins means “red-haired.”
  53. Gardener - Anglo-Saxon, means “keeper of the garden.”
  54. Geo - Greek, means “earth.”
  55. George - This popular boy's name translates to “earth-worker.”
  56. Glenn - Gaelic, means “valley.”
  57. Goran - Slavic, means “highlander, mountain man.”
  58. Greene - Old English, means “green.”
  59. Haelyn - English means “a waterfall to the sea.”
  60. Hammon - Old English, means “mountain home.”
  61. Hawk - English, "the bird."
  62. Heath - Old English, means “someone who lived at a moor.”
  63. Idra - Hebrew, means “fig tree.”
  64. Indra - A Sanskrit name for the God of the raindrops.
  65. Irving - This Scottish boy’s name means “green water.”
  66. Jasper - English, a semiprecious stone.
  67. Jay - English, "a bird."
  68. Juniper - English, an evergreen plant.
  69. Kshitij - This Indian name means “born of the Earth.”
  70. Lake - English, means “lake.”
  71. Lance - German, means “land.”
  72. Larch - English, "the tree."
  73. Lark - English, "the bird."
  74. Leif - Scandinavian, means “heir.”
  75. Lennox - Scottish name for “from the field of elm trees” 
  76. Linden - English, "the tree."
  77. Lupin - Latin, means “wolf.”
  78. Lyndon - English, means “linden tree.”
  79. Mar - A unique boy’s name meaning “of the sea.”
  80. Marshall - Irish, means “horse servant.”
  81. Maxwell - A "great stream" or "body of water."
  82. Nova - Latin, "an exploding star."
  83. Oak - English, "the tree."
  84. Oakley - Old English, means a "meadow of oak trees."
  85. Oceanus - Greek Mythology, the god who personified the endless river that surrounded the Earth
  86. Oleander - Greek, means “evergreen tree.”
  87. Oliver - This popular baby boy name comes from a Greek word, meaning “olive tree.”
  88. Oren - Irish, means “pine tree.”
  89. Orson - Latin, means “bear cub.”
  90. Oriel - Latin, "a bird."
  91. Phoenix - Greek origin meaning “dark red” or “crimson.”
  92. Pierce - Welsh, means “rock.”
  93. Raven - English, "the bird."
  94. Reed - English, means “reed.”
  95. River- English, means “river.”
  96. Rocky - Old English, “rock fortress” 
  97. Rohit - This Indian boy's name means “rays of sun.”
  98. Rowan - Old English name that means “From the rowan tree; tree with red berries” 
  99. Silas - A Biblical name meaning “woods.”
  100. Sky - English, means “sky.”
  101. Slate - The name Slate is primarily a male name of American origin that means “gray-green rock.”
  102. Spruce - English, "the tree."
  103. Sterling - English, means “starling.”
  104. Terran - English, means “man of the earth.”
  105. Teryn - Celtic, means “Irish hillside.”
  106. Vermont - French, means “green mountain.”
  107. Wolf - English, means “wolf.”
  108. Wren - English, the songbird
  109. Yael - Hebrew, means “ibex.”
  110. Yasen - A Bulgarian name meaning “ash tree.”
Earthy Boy Names that Start with R to Z

What Is an Earthy Boy Name?

An "earthy boy name" is typically inspired by nature or the natural world. These names often have roots in different cultures and languages, reflecting elements of the earth, seasons, plants, animals, or geographical features.

For example, names like Rowan, which is a type of tree; Flint, a type of rock used to make fire; River, a flowing body of water; or Jasper, a semi-precious stone, are all considered earthy boy names.

What Are Nature Names for a Boy?

Nature names for boys are inspired by the beauty and majesty of the natural world. They can be derived from various elements of nature including animals, plants, bodies of water, celestial bodies, seasons, and more. Parents can find inspiration in woodland names like Ash, Forest, and Oakley; water names like Brooks, Ocean, and Caspian; animal names like Wolf, Hawk, and Leo; and plant names for boys like Sage, Basil, and Heath.

For more baby name inspiration check out these popular baby name lists:

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​110 Earthy Boy Names Inspired by Nature


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