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75 Steampunk Names for Your Little One

If you're looking for a baby name with steampunk flare, look no further than this list of steampunk names for boys, girls, and gender-neutral options.
Steampunk Names
Updated: October 28, 2021

If you are not familiar with the term steampunk, it is a genre of science fiction with a historical setting usually involving steam-powered machinery. It has morphed over the years to include a fashion and design style that includes historical influences, usually from the Victorian era or America’s Wild West. It includes imaginative themes with modern technology-inspired features. Think of the costumes and designs from The Greatest Showman, Wild, Wild West, or The Golden Compass.

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This sci-fi genre has inspired books, movies, and costumes and has been an entire movement for quite some time, but has recently become wildly popular. Nearly ten years ago, when I performed in a production of Mary Poppins, our costumes for the big show-stopping number Supercalifraglisticexpialidocious were steampunk inspired!

If this fun cultural movement has swept you up, then we have the perfect baby name list for you! We’ve put together 75 badass baby boy, baby girl, and gender-neutral steampunk names for your little one. Some of the names on our list come directly from beloved characters, while others are simply inspired by the wild west and Victorian steampunk vibe.

Baby Girl Names

  1. Agatha - Greek. Virtuous, good. Agatha Frisky is a steampunk, time-traveling comic.
  2. Alexia - Greek. Defender of men. Alexia is a main character from the fictional world in the Soulless series of books.
  3. Alice - Old French. Noble. Alice was one of the more commonly used Victorian names.
  4. Amelia - Latin. Derived from the word that means work. Amelia Darcy is the protagonist of the novel Her Sky Cowboy.
  5. Arabella - Latin. Yielding to prayer.
  6. Aurelia - Latin. The golden one. The name of the coins used in ancient Rome.
  7. Briar - English. Thorned shrub. A character from the book Boneshaker.
  8. Claire - French. Bright and clear. It is a name commonly found in steampunk stories and books.
  9. Clementine - Latin. Mild or merciful. Clementine Steampunk is a character from the series The Clockwork Century.
  10. Cornelia - Latin. Horn. Cornelia Amiri is a steampunk novelist.
  11. Elizabeth - Hebrew. God is my oath, or God is my abundance. Elizabeth is a main character from the video game Bioshock Infinite.
  12. Emily - Latin. The name is believed to derive from the word Aemilius which means rival. Emily Kaldwin is a popular character from the steampunk video game series Dishonored.
  13. Genevieve - English/French. Tribe woman. St. Genevieve is the patron saint of Paris who is said to have defended the city against Attila the Hun.
  14. Gwendolyn - Welsh. White ring. Gwendolyn Brooks was the first African-American to win a Pulitzer Prize for poetry. The name is commonly used in literature and anime.
  15. Hermione - Greek. Messenger. Earthly.
  16. Kate - English. Pure. Kate Lambert is the founder of the clothing company Steampunk Couture.
  17. Lavinia - Latin. Woman of Rome. Lavinia is a character from Roman mythology and Shakespeare.
  18. Lily - English. Purity and innocence.
  19. Lyra - Greek. Lyre. Lyra is a constellation and also the young protagonist of The Golden Compass trilogy.
  20. Maggie - Greek. Pearl. A diminutive name of Margaret.
  21. Marie - French. Star of the Sea. Steampunk fans will liken this name to Marie Curie, a female scientist famous for studying radioactivity.
  22. Mary - Hebrew. The sea. Bitter or beloved. Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein, which could be considered an original steampunk story.
  23. Mina - German. Love. Mina is short for Wilhelmina, who is a detective in the book The Iron Duke.
  24. Octavia - Latin. Eighth. Octavia Blake is the main character on the TV show The 100.
  25. Rosalind - Latin. Pretty rose—a very common name throughout literature.
  26. Sophie - Greek. Wisdom. Sophie is an anime steampunk character from the film Howl’s Moving Castle.
  27. Sophronia - Greek. Sensible. Pleasant. Sophronia is a character from a popular steampunk book series. She is known as Sophronia, the Steampunk Witch.
  28. Sybil- Greek. Prophetess. Sybil is a main character from the steampunk novel The Difference Engine.
  29. Tessa - English. To reap or gather. Tess Gray is a character from the novel Infernal Devices.
  30. Violet - Latin. Purple. Violet is a character from A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Baby Boy Names

  1. Ambrose - Latin. Immortal. It is a popular character name in Victorian-era novels.
  2. Archibald - German. Truly brave.
  3. Arthur - English. Noble. Arthur J Raffles is from the comic series A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
  4. Asriel - Hebrew. Blessed by God. A character from His Dark Materials trilogy.
  5. Augustine - English. Great or noble. Augustine is the protagonist in the book Tunnel Through the Deeps.
  6. Barnaby - Hebrew. Son of prophecy. Caleb Barnaby is a steampunk-inspired artist.
  7. Bartholomew - Hebrew. Son of the furrow. Admiral Bartholomew was a 19th c. British naval officer. There is a style of steampunk trousers named in honor of him.
  8. Brion - Irish. Strong or honorable. Brion is the main character from Worlds of the Imperium.
  9. Byron - English. The name means barn for cows. It is popular among steampunk fans because of Lord Byron, the British poet.
  10. Caleb - Hebrew. Faithful, whole-hearted, brave, and bold. Caleb Barnaby is an artist who makes steampunk-inspired pieces.
  11. Cyrus - Persian. Sun. The name of the founder of the Persian empire.
  12. Edward - English. Wealth, fortune, prosperous. Edward Elric is an anime steampunk character.
  13. Hawkins - Old English. Little Hawk. Jim Hawkins is the main character in Treasure Planet, which was inspired by Treasure Island.
  14. Hawley - English. Edged meadow Hawley Griffin is a character also known as The Invisible Man.
  15. Holmes - Middle English. Island. The last name of the famous Victorian detective Sherlock.
  16. Ivan - Russian. God is gracious.
  17. Jeter - Ancient French. A version of Jacob. K.W. Jeter is the author who coined the term steampunk.
  18. Jethro - Hebrew. Excellence.
  19. Langdon - Old English. Long hill slope. There is a novel titled The Steampunk Adventures of Langdon St. Ives.
  20. Leviticus - Greek. Belonging to the Levites. A character from the airship book Boneshaker.
  21. Lionel - English. The lion. A character from The Last Man.
  22. Maxwell - Scottish. Great stream.
  23. Milo - German. Soldier. Merciful. Milo is the main character from the Disney steampunk animated film Atlantis.
  24. Nemo - Latin. Nobody. Nemo is the name of a French steampunk movie.
  25. Percival - French. One who pierces the valley.
  26. Phineas - Hebrew. The Nubian. Doc Phineas is a television personality known as The Steampunk Explorer.
  27. Silas - English. Wood or forest.
  28. Thaddeus - Aramaic. Gift of God.
  29. Vern - Old French. A shortened version of Vernon which means alder tree. Jules Verne is a famous 19th novelist and playwright who wrote adventure novels which can be considered early sci-fi.
  30. Victor - Latin. Winner. Victor Frankenstein is the doctor who creates the leviathan monster in Mary Shelley’s book.

Gender-Neutral Baby Names

  1. Addison - Old English. Child of Adam.
  2. Andan - Fictional. Andan Cly is a character from the series The Clockwork Century.
  3. Blake - English. Dark and attractive.
  4. Cassidy - Irish. Having curly hair. Clever. The name evokes images of Butch Cassidy and the old west.
  5. Darcy - Irish. Dark. The last name of the heroine from the novel Her Sky Cowboy.
  6. Darwin - English. Dear Friend. The last name of the famous scientist Charles Darwin.
  7. Devon - English. A poet.
  8. Edison - Old English. Son of Edward. The last name of the famous scientist Thomas Edison.
  9. Emerson - German. Son of Emery. Alternate spellings include Emmerson & Emmersyn.
  10. Greer - Scottish.A watchful, vigilant guardian.
  11. Gresley - Old English. Wood or clearing. Sir Herbert Nigel Gresley designed train steam engines.
  12. Jules - Latin. Down-bearded youth. Traditionally a boy’s name, this name is now being used for both genders. Jules Verne is the author of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, a favorite among steampunk fans.
  13. London - English. The capital of the United Kingdom.
  14. Quincy - French. Estate of the 5th son. Traditionally a boy’s name but is becoming more popular for girls.
  15. Sloan - Irish. Expedition.

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