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100 Exotic Girl Names for Your Baby Girl

Looking for a name that’s exotic, glamorous, and stands out from the crowd? Here’s a list of 100 exotic girl names for you to choose from.
Exotic Girl Names
Updated: December 27, 2022

When you first think of an exotic name, what comes to mind? Perhaps you want your little girl to have a unique name no other baby will have. Your baby girl is special and rare, so her name should be as well. Many of these exotic names come from around the world and have special meaning in their country of origin.

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Each of these baby girl names includes their language of origin, so you know the heritage of whichever exotic name you choose. We’ve also included a list of gender-neutral baby name options to add even more variety. If you don’t want your baby to have the same first name as three other girls in her class, explore our list of not popular baby girl names. These exotic names can be used as a middle name as well, or you can choose two for a fun combination.

Give your baby girl a name that stands out in a crowd with one of these 100 exotic girl names.

Exotic Baby Girl Names that Start with A to D

  1. Adele - A German name for "noble kind."
  2. Alina - Greek for "light" and German "noble."
  3. Amara - Latin and Italian name for "bitter" and "grace."
  4. Amelia - German for "industrious."
  5. Ariene - Latin for "silver."
  6. Basimah - Arabic for "smiling."
  7. Bennu - Egyptian for "eagle."
  8. Bernadette - French for "brave as a bear" and English for "intelligent."
  9. Briony - Latin for "to be abundant.
  10. Bronwyn - Dutch for "a fiery spirit distilled from wine."
  11. Calista - Greek for "most beautiful."
  12. Calliope - Greek for "beautiful voice."
  13. Chantal - Old French for "stone" or "singer."
  14. Chiara - An Irish name for "ruddy" or "dark."
  15. Cinnia - Celtic for "beauty."
  16. Coco - Spanish name and diminutive of Socorro.
  17. Corazon - Greek and Spanish for "heart."
  18. Daija - French for "before."
  19. Damaris - Greek for "gentle."
  20. Delphine - Greek for "dolphin."
  21. Devon - English for "from Devonshire."
  22. Dondi - Latin for "lady."

Exotic Baby Girl Names that Start with E to H

  1. Eirene - Greek for "peace" and also the name of the goddess of spring in Greek mythology.
  2. Elaxi - Hindu for "a woman who has bright eyes."
  3. Elise - Several origins and meanings including Hebrew for "God's oath" and German for "noble."
  4. Emilie - Latin for "eager."
  5. Enola - Native American name for "magnolia."
  6. Eustacia - Latin name for "tranquil."
  7. Eyota - Native American for "great."
  8. Fairuza - Arabic for "turquoise."
  9. Fanchon - French for "free one."
  10. Freyde - Yiddish for "joy."
  11. Gali - Hebrew for "fountain."
  12. Gamela - Scandinavian for "elder" and Arabic for "beautiful person."
  13. Ghislaine - French for "pledge."
  14. Giselle - English name for "sword pledge."
  15. Hadara - Hebrew for "splendor" or "glory."
  16. Hattie - A French name for "ruler of the household."
  17. Hesper - Greek for "evening star."

Exotic Baby Girl Names that Start with I to L

  1. Ianthe - Greek for "violet flower."
  2. Ines - Greek for "pure" and Spanish for "gentle."
  3. Ingrid - Scandinavian for "hero's daughter."
  4. Iyabo - African for "mother has returned."
  5. Jabari - Swahili for "fearless."
  6. Jacinthe - Greek for "blue crystal."
  7. Jamilah - Arabic for "elegant."
  8. Jensine - Hebrew for "God is gracious."
  9. Kaatje - Dutch for "pure."
  10. Kady - American for "simple happiness" and English for "sassy."
  11. Karasi - African for "life and wisdom."
  12. Keiko - Japanese for "adored one."
  13. Khalida - Arabic for "Immortal."
  14. Krishna - Sanskrit for "pleasing."
  15. Latika - Hindi for "small creeper."
  16. Layla - Hebrew for "dark beauty" and Arabic for "dark as the night."
  17. Leilani - Hawaiian for "heavenly child."
  18. Liv - Several origins and meanings including Norwegian for "life" and Old Norse for "kind one." It is also a shortened version of "Olivia."
  19. Lottie - Italian for "valiant" and Spanish for "little and womanly. It is also a shortened version of "Charlotte."
  20. Lucia - Italian and Latin for "light."

Exotic Baby Girl Names that Start with M to R

  1. Maile - The Hawaiian name for the vines used to make leis.
  2. Manara - Arabic for "guiding light."
  3. Meital - Hebrew for "dewdrop."
  4. Milagros - Spanish for "miracles."
  5. Morgana - Welsh for "white sea."
  6. Mumbi - African for "mother of the people."
  7. Nadine - French for "hopeful" and Slavic for "hope."
  8. Nehara - Hebrew for "light."
  9. Neve - The anglicized version of "Niamh" which is the Irish name for "radiant."
  10. Nicte - Mayan for "flower."
  11. Njema - Swahili for "good."
  12. Nur - Arabic for "light."
  13. Obelia - Greek for "pointed pillar."
  14. Okelani - Hawaiian for "from heaven."
  15. Oriana - Latin for "dawn" and Greek for "east."
  16. Paloma - Spanish name for "dove."
  17. Paradisa - Greek for "garden."
  18. Penelope - The Greek name for "bobbin-weaver."
  19. Quintina - Latin for "fifth."
  20. Rashida - African for "righteous."
  21. Raquel - Hebrew name for "little lamb."
  22. Roselani - Hawaiian for "heavenly rose."
  23. Roxana - Persian for "brilliant one."

Exotic Baby Girl Names that Start with S to Z

  1. Safiyah - Swahili for "pure."
  2. Saraid - Irish for "excellent."
  3. Serilda - German for "armed war maiden."
  4. Shante - Hindu for "rest."
  5. Sofia - Greek for "wisdom."
  6. Solange - French for "rare jewel."
  7. Suri - Persian for "red rose."
  8. Tai- Vietnamese for "talent" and Hebrew for "dew from heaven."
  9. Tamika - African American for "people" and Hebrew for "palm tree."
  10. Tawney - Old English for "golden brown."
  11. Teague - Irish for "poet" and Scottish for "philosopher."
  12. Valdis - Norse for "goddess of the dead."
  13. Valencia - Latin for "bravery."
  14. Velora - Latin for "strong" or "healthy."
  15. Yente - Yiddish for "noble.
  16. Yohana - Hebrew for "God has favored me."
  17. Zada - Arabic for "fortunate one."
  18. Zalik - Egyptian for "well-born."

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100 Exotic Girl Names

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