50 Rare Baby Names You Probably Haven't Thought Of Yet

Updated: June 4, 2021
Looking for a unique name for baby? Here are our top 50 rare baby names for boys, girls, and gender-neutral options.
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The quest for a baby name that isn’t insanely popular can be long. There are plenty of names out there, but it always seems that as soon as you pick it, so does everyone else. 

While it’s pretty much impossible to find a name that’s never been used, you can find names that have become increasingly rare over time. 

Whether they never became popular in the United States or they’ve fallen out of favor, these 50 names are so rare and exotic you may not have ever heard of them either.

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Rare Names for Girls

  • Aislinn - This Old Irish name means “dream” and it’s quite dreamy

  • Bellamy - this uncommon first name is the first name of actress Bellamy Young from Scandal

  • Cordelia - This Latin name is a popular character from Buffy, The Vampire Slayer

  • Elora - If you like inspirational names, this means “the Lord is my light”

  • Franny - A common nickname of Frances, it means “free man”

  • Hadleigh - You could spell it many ways, but they all mean “heathery field”

  • Isolde - Having a winter baby? This Irish princess’s name means “ice ruler”

  • Katana - If you want to raise a girl who kicks butt, a katana is a Japanese sword

  • Leonie - This name of Latin origin means “lion”

  • Millicent - This old-fashioned name that means “strong in work” deserves a comeback

  • Ophelia - This Shakesperian name means “help”

  • Primrose - Primrose is also the name of Katniss Everdeen’s sister in The Hunger Games

  • Rhea - Looking for an uncommon nature name? Rhea means “a flowing stream”

  • Sinead - This popular Irish name means “God’s gracious gift”

  • Trixie - If you’re a fan of old tv, Norton’s wife on The Honeymooners is named Trixie too!

  • Vita - This name means “life”

Rare Gender-Neutral Names

  • Arrow - It’s a little hipster, but still less on the nose than other direction names

  • Auden - Taken from English/American poet W.H. Auden, this name means “old friend”

  • Branwen - This name comes from Welsh mythology

  • Calloway - Meaning “pebbly place,” it’s the last name of musician Cab Calloway

  • Ellis - This English/Welsh name means “benevolent” 

  • Ferris - What 80s kid didn’t want to be Ferris Bueller? He’s one of the most iconic 80s characters

  • Frankie - A common nickname, it’s not super common as a first name

  • Huxley - Meaning “inhospitable place,” it’s also the last name of writer Aldous Huxley

  • Indigo - This dark blue is one of the colors of the rainbow, perfect for a rainbow baby

  • Kensington - Obsessed with the royals? Kensington Palace is great for name inspo

  • Kiernan - Like Kiernan Shipka, star of The Chilling Tales of Sabrina and Mad Men

  • Luz - This name is Spanish for “light,” which is perfect for a baby

  • Monet - French painter Claude Monet painted water lilies, and his last name is perfect!

  • Stevie - Hoping for a musical kiddo? There are plenty of famous music artists named Stevie

  • Tamsin - Having twins? Perhaps name one of them Tamsin, which means “twin”

  • Tegan - Though many of us know Tegan and Sara, you could use it regardless of gender

  • Walden - It’s more than an Instagram filter, Walden Pond is a famous landmark

Rare Names for Boys

  • Apollo - This name of a Greek god means “to destroy”

  • Caspian - The name of a sea and a popular literary character, Caspian is dreamy and strong

  • Ellington - If you love musical-inspired names, Ellington is as cool as they come

  • Fraser - This popular Scottish name means strawberry

  • Griffith - More commonly a last name, Griffith is a great alternative to Griffin

  • Laird - Feeling a little fancy? Laird means “lord of the land”

  • Maxfield - Tired of Maximillian or Maxwell? What about Maxfield?

  • Orson - Orson Welles was a famous actor, and one with a really cool name

  • Pascal - Having a baby around Easter? Pascal means “born during Easter”

  • Rockwell - This name sounds trendy, and means “rock spring”

  • Rufus - Having a redhead baby? Consider naming him Rufus, it means “red haired”

  • Stellan - This starry sounding name means “calm”

  • Tiberius - Low key nerd? This is the middle name of Captain Kirk from Star Trek.

  • Vaughn - This Welsh name is a common last name meaning “small”

  • Werner - This German name isn’t particularly common, and that’s what makes it cool

  • Willis - More commonly used as a last name, Willis makes an equally cool first name

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