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75 Biblical Names (& Meanings) to Inspire Your Baby Name Search

Whether you'd like a classic Old Testament name, or a more unusual New Testament choice for your gift from God, you'll find a broad selection of biblical baby names in our top list of 75.
75 Biblical Baby Names
Updated: January 11, 2023

If faith plays an important role in your life, choosing inspiration from The Bible when picking a name for your little one is a great place to start. Whether biblical characters from your favorite stories, or names with meanings that are powerful, there is no shortage of inspiration from The Bible. We’ve rounded up baby girl names, baby boy names, and gender-neutral options to get you inspired.

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Biblical Baby Girl Names

  1. Abigail - This Hebrew name means Joy of the Father.
  2. Adina - This Hebrew name means noble or delicate.
  3. Anna - This Hebrew name means gracious and merciful.
  4. Bethany - This is an English name, but also indicates a place near Jerusalem.
  5. Delilah - This Hebrew name means delicate and weakened. In the Old Testament, Delilah is Samson’s lover.
  6. Elizabeth - In The Bible, Elizabeth is the mother of John the Baptist. This name has Hebrew and Greek origins.
  7. Esther - This Persian name means star or myrtle leaf.
  8. Hannah - This Hebrew name means grace.
  9. Heaven - This English name indicates the home of God and celestial beings.
  10. Leah - This Hebrew name means weary. In The Bible, Leah is the sister of Rachel and daughter of Laban.
  11. Lydia - This Greek name indicates the first person baptized by Paul in The Bible.
  12. Miriam - This Hebrew name means of the sea, fitting since in The Bible, Miriam is the sister of Moses.
  13. Naomi - Of Hebrew origin, Naomi means beautiful and gentle.
  14. Rachel - This Hebrew name means ewe.
  15. Rebecca - This Hebrew name means to bind. In The Bible, Rebecca is the wife of Isaac.
  16. Ruth - Ruth is Hebrew for friendship. In The Bible, Ruth married Naomi’s son.
  17. Sarah - In The Bible, Sarah is Abraham’s wife and matriarch of the Jewish people. Sarah is primarily a Hebrew name.
  18. Serafina - This Latin name means angel, and is associated with light and purity in in Christian ideology.
  19. Veronica - This Greek name means truth. In The Bible, Veronica defended Jesus before Pontius Pilate.
  20. Zia - This Hebrew name means radiant.

Biblical Baby Boy Names

  1. Aaron - This Hebrew name means exalted and strong. In The Bible, Aaron is the brother of Moses.
  2. Abel - This Hebrew name means breath. In The Bible, Abel is the brother of Cain.
  3. Abraham - Of Hebrew origins, Abraham means Father of Nations.
  4. Alexander - Of Greek origin meaning defender of the people.
  5. Andrew - This Greek name means people. In The Bible, Andrew is the brother of Simon Paul.
  6. Benjamin - This Hebrew name means son of my right hand.
  7. Caleb - This Hebrew name means whole hearted.
  8. Cyrus - This Persian name means heir to the throne.
  9. Daniel - Of Hebrew origin, Daniel means (only) God is my judge.
  10. David - This Hebrew name means beloved.
  11. Elijah - This Hebrew name means God is my Yahweh.
  12. Esau - This Hebrew name means hairy.
  13. Ethan - This Hebrew name means firm and strong.
  14. Gabriel - In Hebrew, Gabriel means God is my strength. In The Bible, Gabriel is the archangel who was God’s messenger.
  15. Gideon - This Hebrew name means woodsman.
  16. Isaac - This Hebrew name means he will laugh.
  17. Isaiah - Of Hebrew origins, Isaiah means God is Salvation. Isaiah was a Jewish prophet.
  18. Jacob - This Hebrew name means supplanter.
  19. James - This Hebrew name also means supplanter.
  20. Jesus - This Greek name means God is salvation. In The Bible, Jesus is the son of God.
  21. Joseph - This Hebrew name means God will increase.
  22. Joshua - Chosen by God to be the leader of 12 tribes, Joshua means God is my salvation in Hebrew.
  23. Judah - In The Bible, Judah is the fourth son of Jacob and Leah. In Hebrew, Judah means praised.
  24. Luke - An apostle of Jesus Christ, Luke indicates the third Gospel in the Christian Bible.
  25. Mark - Mark is a disciple of Jesus, and indicates the second Gospel in The Bible. Mark has Latin origins meaning warlike.
  26. Matthew - This English name means gift of God. Matthew was an apostle of Jesus Christ, and indicates the first Gospel in The Bible.
  27. Micah - This Hebrew name means Who is like God?
  28. Michael - Also Hebrew for Who is like God? In The Bible, Michael was an archangel.
  29. Moses - This Egyptian name means born of a God. In The Bible, Moses receives God’s 10 Commandments.
  30. Noah - This Hebrew name means rest and peace. Known in The Bible for building an arch and gathering animals two by two.
  31. Peter - In The Bible, Peter was an apostle of Christ. With Greek origins, Peter means rock.
  32. Samuel - This Hebrew name means His name is God.
  33. Saul - This Hebrew name means borrowed. In The Bible, Saul was the King of Israel.
  34. Seth - This Hebrew name means appointed.
  35. Simon - Of Hebrew origins, Simon means God has heard.

Biblical Gender-Neutral Names

  1. Adalia - Of German origins meaning Noble One. In The Bible, Adalia is the son of Haman, but it still makes a nice gender-neutral option if you’re looking for a biblical baby name.
  2. Adin - This Hebrew name means beautiful or slender.
  3. Angel - This Greek name means messenger of God.
  4. Ariel - Of Hebrew origin meaning Lion of God.
  5. Asa - This Hebrew name means physician.
  6. Asher - This Hebrew name means blessed or happy.
  7. Barak - This Hebrew name means blessing or spark.
  8. Cane - This can be spelled Cane or Cain, variations on the Hebrew name meaning acquired.
  9. Dori - Of Hebrew origins meaning gift.
  10. Elisha - Of Hebrew origins meaning God is my salvation.
  11. Elliot - Of English origins meaning the Lord is my God, this is a great name for boys and girls.
  12. Elon - A Hebrew name meaning Oak Tree. In the Old Testament, Elon was one of the ruling judges of the Israelites.
  13. Ezra - Of Hebrew origins meaning help.
  14. Ira - This Hebrew name means watchful.
  15. Jordan - A country and a river, Jordan is a Hebrew name meaning to flow down.
  16. Levi - This Hebrew name means joined in harmony. In The Bible, Levi was the son of Jacob and Leah in the Old Testament.
  17. Samson - This Hebrew name means sun or service.
  18. Shiloh - Of Hebrew origin meaning His gift.
  19. Terah - Of Hebrew origin meaning wandered. In The Bible, Terah was the father of Abraham, but it makes a nice gender-neutral option.
  20. Zion - A symbolic name for Jerusalem, Zion is of Hebrew origin.

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