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75 Baby Girl Names That Start With Z (& Meanings)

If the last letter of the alphabet has special meaning or resonance for you, take inspiration from our list of 75 little girl names starting with Z.
75 Baby Girl Z Names
Updated: January 10, 2023

The last letter of the alphabet doesn’t get a lot of notice on most baby name lists and Z names are not usually among the most popular baby girl names, but the truth is there are quite a few wonderful and unique baby girl names that start with Z.

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Z names are memorable, and since they are used less often, your daughter is not likely to have five other girls in her class with the same name. Many of the names are Arabic and Greek-inspired and reference the Greek god Zeus, but plenty of other cultures are sprinkled throughout the list!

We’ve compiled a list of 75 baby girl names from across the globe to showcase the beauty of the final letter of the alphabet.

Popular Girl Names Starting with Z 

  1. Zabrina - Celtic. The name of a river in England which derives its name from Celtic mythology.
  2. Zacharina - Hebrew. Yahweh has remembered. It is a female variation of Zachary or Zachariah.
  3. Zada - Arabic. Fortunate and prosperous.
  4. Zadia - Arabic. Prosperous and fortunate.
  5. Zahara - Swahili. To shine. Flower.
  6. Zahava - Hebrew. Golden.
  7. Zahira - Arabic Helper. Supporter.
  8. Zahra - Arabic. Flower.
  9. Zaida - Arabic. Increasing surplus.
  10. Zaina - Quranic. Beauty, excellence, adornment.
  11. Zainab - Arabic. Fragrant flower. It is the first name of the Islamic prophet Mohammad’s granddaughter. It has several alternate spellings: Zaynab, Zayneb, Zeinab, Zenab, and Zinab.
  12. Zakia - Hebrew. Pure. An alternate spelling is Zakiya.
  13. Zaillie - French. Solemn.
  14. Zalika - Arabic. Wondrously beautiful.
  15. Zana - Hebrew. Quick. Merry and bright.
  16. Zandra - Greek. Man’s defender. A spin on the more common Sandra.
  17. Zaneta - Spanish. God is gracious.
  18. Zaniyah - Aztec. Forever. Always.
  19. Zanna - Hebrew. Lily.
  20. Zannie - Hebrew. A variant of Susan or Susannah. This name means lily.
  21. Zantina - Spanish. Little saint.
  22. Zara - Arabic. Radiance or blooming flower. Zara is the name of Queen Elizabeth II’s oldest granddaughter.
  23. Zarabeth - Hebrew. God is perfection.
  24. Zaria - Hebrew/Arabic. Sunrise. Princess of radiance. Flower. An alternate spelling is Zariah.
  25. Zary - Arabic. This is a name meaning radiance.
  26. Zayani - Swahili. This name means “to tell someone.”
  27. Zaylee - American. Zaylee is an American invented name meant to fit in with the Kaylee and Hailey sounding names but cute nonetheless!
  28. Zanya - Greek. God is gracious.
  29. Zbyhneva - Czech. To dispel anger.
  30. Zdenka - Czech. This name means a woman from Sidon.
  31. Zdeslava - Polish. Glory.
  32. Zea - Latin. Grain.
  33. Zeeta - Greek. Seeker.
  34. Zeeva - Hebrew. Radiance or Light of God.
  35. Zefira - Hebrew. This name means morning.
  36. Zein - Arabic. Fragrant or beautiful plant.
  37. Zena - Greek. Belonging to Zeus. Guest or stranger.
  38. Zendaya - Bantu. To give thanks. This name is becoming more popular because of the famous actress that goes by her first name only.
  39. Zenia - Greek. Guest or stranger. Related to the names Zina and Zena.
  40. Zenobia - Greek. The force of Zeus.
  41. Zelda - German. Gray fighting maid. The name became famous worldwide in 1986 when Nintendo named one of their games, The Legend of Zelda.
  42. Zelinda - Italian. Victory shield. A variant of Zelda.
  43. Zephyr - Greek. West wind, breezy.
  44. Zerlina - Spanish. Beautiful dawn.
  45. Zeta - Hebrew. Olive. An alternative spelling is Zetta.
  46. Zhade - British. Precious stone.
  47. Zhaqueline - French. A variation of the name Jaqueline which means supplanter.
  48. Zia - Arabic. Light.
  49. Zigana - Hungarian. Gypsy.
  50. Zilpha - Hebrew. To drink or sprinkle.
  51. Zilvia - Latin. Forest or woods.
  52. Zina - Greek. Guest or stranger. A variation of the name Zena.
  53. Zinnia - German. Zinn’s flower. A zinnia is a flower named for the German botanist Johann Gottfried Zinn.
  54. Zipporah - Hebrew. A name meaning bird.
  55. Zita - Greek. Seeker.
  56. Ziva - Hebrew. Life.
  57. Zizi - Hungarian. God’s promise.
  58. Zlata - Slavic. A name meaning golden.
  59. Zoe - Greek. Life. Alternative spellings are Zoey or Zoie.
  60. Zoelle - Greek. This name means life.
  61. Zofia - Polish. Wisdom. A variation on the name Sofia or Sophia.
  62. Zola - Zulu. Piece of earth. Quiet, tranquil love.
  63. Zona - Latin. Girdle.
  64. Zorica - Latin. Dawn. It is a variant of the name Aurora.
  65. Zosia - Greek. Wisdom.
  66. Zora - Slavic. Dawn.
  67. Zoya - Persian. Alive, loving, caring.
  68. Zsa - Hungarian. Lily. This is a name most people associate with the late, famous actress Zsa Zsa Gabor.
  69. Zshakira - Arabic. This is a name meaning grateful.
  70. Zuleika - Persian. Brilliant beauty.
  71. Zulma - Arabic. Peace.
  72. Zuri - Swahili. Beautiful. Zuri also has meanings in several other languages. For example, in Hebrew, it means rock, Basque, it means white, and in Persian, it means powerful.
  73. Zurina - Spanish. White.
  74. Zuwena - Swahili. Good.
  75. Zuzanna - Slavic. Lily. An alternate spelling is Zuzana.

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75 Girl Names with Z

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