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75 Puerto Rican Names for Your Little Girl

If you're looking for a Puerto Rican-inspired name for your little one, you're sure to find some great options here.
Puerto Rican Names
Updated: September 12, 2023

Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island and an unincorporated territory of the United States and is home to nearly three million people. This beautiful, lush island is approximately 1,000 miles southeast of Miami.

Puerto Rican culture and language have been heavily influenced by Spanish culture, but Puerto Rican names are influenced by many more cultures than just Spanish names. Puerto Rico has served as a port to the Caribbean and the United States. The name "Puerto Rico" means rich port, and this fantastic island has stories to tell!

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We looked at recent Social Security tallies for the most popular names in Puerto Rico. Also, We found some old-fashioned yet unique names that connect to Puerto Rican culture and history.

The popularity of Tony, Grammy, and Emmy Award winner Lin Manuel Miranda, of Puerto Rican heritage, and his beautiful music has brought an interest in the island’s culture to the forefront in recent years.

From art and music-inspired names to beautiful historical names like Evita and Isabella, we have compiled a list of 75 lovely names to help you find the perfect Puerto Rican name for your little girl.

Popular Puerto Rican Girl Names that Start with A to E

  1. Abril - Spanish and Portuguese. April. It is a common name for girls born in April
  2. Ainhoa - Spanish/Basque. A town in the southwest of France where a vision of the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared.
  3. Alanis - Old German. Precious awakening.
  4. Alondra - Spanish. Lark or bird.
  5. Amaia - Basque. Hig place or end.
  6. Amanda - Latin. That which must be loved.
  7. Ana - Hebrew/Latin. Grace. Favor.
  8. Andrea - Greek. Brave. Warrior or protector. 
  9. Angelica - Italian. Angel or angelic.
  10. Antonia - Latin. Invaluable.
  11. Aurora - Latin. Dawn.
  12. Beatriz - Spanish and Portuguese. Brings Joy.
  13. Brianna - Celtic. High. Noble. Exalted.
  14. Camila - Spanish. Young ceremonial attendant.
  15. Carmen - Hebrew. Garden or orchard. This name is also found on lists for boy names.
  16. Constanza - Spanish. Constant. Unchanging.
  17. Daniela - Hebrew/Frech. God is my Judge.
  18. Danna - Arabic. Expensive pearl.
  19. Delfia - Latin. Dolphin. An alternate spelling is Delphia or Delphina with the added “n” sound.
  20. Edelira - Spanish. Of noble race.
  21. Elena - Spanish. Bright. Shining light.
  22. Emma - German. Whole. Universal.
  23. Esmeralda - Spanish and Portuguese for emerald
  24. Evita - Hebrew. Living one. First name of the famous Eva Peron, the first last of Argentina who has a musical named after her.

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Popular Puerto Rican Girl Names that Start with F to L

  1. Fausta - Latin. Lucky. Fortune.
  2. Felisa - Latin. Lucky. Fortunate. Happy.
  3. Gabriela - Spanish/Italian. God is my strength.
  4. Genesis - Greek. Beginning. Birth.
  5. Gianna - Italian. The Lord is gracious.
  6. Graciela - Latin. Favor. Blessing.
  7. Hermosa - Spanish. Beautiful. The perfect name for any beautiful baby girl.
  8. Hortencia - French/Latin. Garden. An alternate spelling is Hortensia.
  9. Ignacia - Latin. Ardent. Burning.
  10. Isabella - Spanish. Isabella is the Hispanic version of Elizabeth; it means God is my oath. Isabella was one of the top ten most popular baby names in 2019. A shorter version is Isabel.
  11. Ivanna - Hebrew. God is gracious.
  12. Ivelisse - French. Life, vine, ivy.
  13. Jesusa - Spanish. God rescues. Feminine form of Jesus.
  14. Josephine - Hebrew/Spanish. Josephine is the female version of Jose or Joseph. It means Jevoha will increase.
  15. Junipero - Spanish. Juniper tree. Primarily on lists for baby boy names, Junipero is becoming more popular for girls.
  16. Kamila - Latin. Helper to the priest.
  17. Katalina - Spanish variant of Catherine. Pure or chaste.
  18. Leah - Hebrea. Delicate. Weary
  19. Leala - French. Loyal. Faithful.
  20. Lluvia - Spanish. Rain. A popular name for girls born during the rainy season.
  21. Lorena - Latin. Crowned with laurel.
  22. Luisa - Spanish. The female version of Luis. It means renowned warrior.
  23. Luna - Latin. Moon.

Popular Puerto Rican Girl Names that Start with M to Z

  1. Mamee - Latin. Greek. Pearl. Considered a female version of Mateo.
  2. Maria - Latin. Beloved
  3. Marina - Latin. Maiden of the sea. 
  4. Mia - Scandinavian. Mine. Bitter.
  5. Mikaela - English. One who is like God. Feminine form of Michael.
  6. Mila - Slavic. Industrious.
  7. Milena - Czech. Love, warmth, grace.
  8. Nahiara - Spanish. Best friend, companion. 
  9. Natalie - French. Birthday of the Lord or Born on Christmas Day.
  10. Nayla - Arabic. Successful One.
  11. Novia - Latin. New.
  12. Osana - Hebrew. God save us.
  13. Paloma - Latin. Dove.
  14. Paula - Latin. Small.
  15. Stella - Latin. From the star. Celestial. 
  16. Sofia - Greek. Wisdom.
  17. Valentina - Latin. Strength. Health. Valentina was the most popular baby girl name in 2019.
  18. Valeria - Latin. Strength. Valor. Healthy.
  19. Victoria - Latin. Victory.
  20. Vinita - Hindi. Humble. Modest. 
  21. Xaviera - Spanish. New house. Bright. Splendid. 
  22. Xiomara - Spanish. Ready for battle. Famous warrior. This beautiful name has become popular due to a contestant on the popular TV show American’s Next Top Model.
  23. Yara - Brazilian Folklore. Water Lady. It is the name of a mythical mermaid who lived in the Amazon river and would enchant farmers and fishermen into the river and drown them.
  24. Yuliana - Russian version of Juliana. Soft haired.
  25. Zantina - Spanish. Little saint.
  26. Zita - Greek. Seeker.
  27. Zoe - Greek. Life.
  28. Zurina - Spanish. White.

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