50 Tropical Island Baby Names

Updated: August 30, 2021
If you love the island lifestyle, consider one of these tropical island-inspired names for your baby. We've got island baby names for boys, girls, and gender-neutral options that exude sunshine, warmth, and relaxation.
50 baby names with a tropical island vibe
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Soft, white sand. Warm, crystal blue waters. Upbeat reggae with inviting aromas of coconut and sunscreen. If this imagery appeals to your senses, you’ve undeniably been kissed by the island gods themselves.

Whether your island beat sways to the lyrics ‘every little thing is gonna be alright’ or ‘it’s five o’clock somewhere,’ island adventures take on a whole new meaning with kids. Luckily, you can still honor your coveted tropical nostalgia by giving your little beach baby an exotic island baby name that whispers palm trees and sunshine.

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Although there are thousands of words used in traditional South Pacific and Caribbean islander languages, we’ve conjured up 50 island baby names from the depths of the sea that will not only inspire some serious tropical island vibes but will also stir a longing for a salty lifestyle.

Tropical Island Baby Girl Names

  • Ayanna – [ai-ah-nuh] Barbados/African for ‘beautiful flower’
  • Bimini – [bim-uh-nee] Bahamian island; where Bimini tops were created
  • Coraline (or Coral) – [cora-leen] Latin derivative for ‘semi-precious sea growth often deep pink or red’
  • Dominica – [dom-ih-nee-kuh] Italian/Dominican Republic for ‘belonging to the Lord’; a Caribbean island
  • Ginger – English for ‘reddish-orange’ or ‘liveliness’; popular from the 70s TV show Gilligan’s Island
  • Isla – [eye-la] Spanish for ‘island’
  • Kalama – [ka-la-ma] Polynesian for ‘torch’
  • Lei – [ley] Hawaiian for ‘wreath of flowers’
  • Marina – [muh-ree-nuh] Spanish/Roman for ‘of the sea’
  • Meilani – [may-lah-nee] Tahitian/Hawaiian for ‘dark skin beauty.’
  • Moana (or Moa) – [mo-ah-nah] Tahitian for ‘ocean’
  • Nani – [nah-nee] Hawaiian for ‘beautiful.’
  • Oceana – [oh-she-ah-nah] Greek form of Oceanus, the Titan father of water nymphs
  • Oliana – [aw-lee-yah-nah] Polynesian for ‘oleander’
  • Oriana (or Oria) – [aw-ree-ah-nah] Dominican for ‘golden-haired’
  • Palila – [pah-lee-luh] Tahitian for ‘with a spirit as free as a bird’
  • Pearl – Latin for ‘pearl’ or ‘innocence, modesty’
  • Raeni – [ray-knee] Caribbean for ‘queen’
  • Shelly – [sh-eh-lee] Anglo-Saxon for ‘the ledge meadow’
  • Teuila – [t-wiy-laa] Samoan for ‘flower of the Samoan ginger plant’


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Tropical Island Baby Boy Names

  • Agwe – [ae-gweh] Caribbean/Haitian for ‘spirit of the sea’
  • Alon – [uh-lon] Filipino for ‘wave’
  • Aruba – [ah-roo-buh] Carib Indian for ‘shell island’; a Caribbean island
  • Azul – [ah-z-ool]Spanish for ‘blue’
  • Cayman – [kay-men] British English for tropical American crocodile; a Caribbean island
  • Cove – English for a small bay or place of rest
  • Cruise – [kroo-z] Dutch for a voyage on a ship or boat taken for pleasure
  • Dominic – [dom-uh-nic] Italian/ Dominican Republic for ‘belonging to the Lord’
  • Fraser – [fray-zer] Scottish for ‘strawberry’ but is also the world’s largest sand island located in Australia
  • Hanalei – [hah-nah-lay] Hawaiian for ‘lei making’ or ‘crescent bay’
  • Hawea – [hah-way-ah] Tahitian/Maori for ‘peacemaker’
  • Holokai – [hoh-loh-kye] Hawaiian for ‘a seafaring person’
  • Kai – [kah-ee] or [kye] Hawaiian for ‘from the sea’
  • Kauai – [cow-wah-ee]  or [cow-eye] Hawaiin for ‘garden island’
  • Mahana – [maa-haa-na] Samoan for warm (is also Tahitian for girls meaning ‘sun’)
  • Malik – [mah-leek] Caribbean/Arabic for ‘king’ or ‘chief’
  • Manu – [mah-noo] Polynesian for ‘bird of the night’
  • Maui – [m-ow-ee] Polynesian for ‘legendary hero’
  • Samoa – [suh-moh-yuh] or [sah-moy-yah] Polynesian for ‘people of the sea’
  • Skipper - Captain of a ship or boat

Gender-Neutral Island Baby Names

  • Aloha – [ah-loh-hah] Hawaiian for ‘loving person’
  • Bali – [bah-lee] Indian for powerful and brave; and the Indonesian island
  • Bay – English for a large inlet of the sea curving the land inwards
  • Cerulean – [suh-roo-lee-uhn] Latin for a deep sky-blue and cyan color
  • Hehu – [heh-hu] Maori/Cook Islander for ‘rescued by God’
  • Kailani – [kay-lah-nee] Hawaiian for ‘sea and sky’
  • Kiawah – [kee-uh-wuh] Secluded Charleston, SC island teeming with marine life
  • Sandy – Greek for ‘defender of mankind’
  • Zephyr – [zeh-phyr] Greek/Latin for a soft, gentle breeze or westerly wind

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