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75 Cute Korean Girl Names (with Meanings) for Baby Name Inspiration

Korean girl names have beautiful meanings and history. Find a sweet Korean name for your baby girl inspired by this list of cute Korean girl names.
Korean Girl Names
Updated: September 8, 2023
Fact checked by  Devika Tomar

When choosing a Korean baby girl name, that name will usually include the family name and a given name. In South Korea, the first name is usually the family name followed by the name chosen by the parents and consists of three to five syllables. Some Koreans choose Sino-Korean words which are Korean words of Chinese origin. A great example is Lee Bong-Cha, where Lee is the family name and Bong-Cha is the chosen name.

Explore our list of Korean girl names and meanings that are significant to Korean history as well as family lineage, and some that just have beautiful meanings.

How to Write Korean Names 

Here is how you will see a traditional Korean name:

  1. The family name is the first syllable.
  2. The generational name is typically the second syllable, but this isn't seen as often.
  3. The unique name chosen by the parents of the child is the third syllable.

You can find more information about traditional naming practices and Korean last names here. Korean given names are usually written using Chinese characters called "Hanja," but this is no longer the case in North Korea. The "Hanja" chosen must be included in a very restricted list. If not, it must be approved by the family registry.

The given name for girls and boys in Korea can be pulled from many different sources. They are usually chosen by their meaning or simply by how they sound. Koreans names are rising in popularity because of the explosion of K-Pop and K-Dramas. Many parents are opting for more modern Korean baby names. Eun-Woo is a great example. She is a popular South Korean singer and songwriter.

Cute Korean Girl Names that Start with A to F

  1. Ae-Cha - This name means "a loving daughter" and is a popular Korean girl name.
  2. Aera - This is a beautiful and unique name that means "love."
  3. Ah-In - This name comes from the Korean word for "humanness."
  4. Ahnjong - This is a cute name that means "tranquility" or "lineage." 
  5. Ara - This is a unique name that means "to be good" and "beautiful."
  6. Areum - This is a simple Korean girl name for "beautiful."
  7. Bo-Bae - This is one of the more modern and trendy Korean girl names and it means "treasure."
  8. Bong-Cha - This is a name that means "superior daughter" and is commonly seen in only Korean-speaking countries.
  9. Bongseon - This name means "impatient flower" and is taken from "Bongseon Honggyeongsa" which is a temple that is the seventh National Treasure in Korea.
  10. Bora - This Korean name means "purple."
  11. Byeol - This is a unisex Korean name that means "star."
  12. Chan-Mi - This is a name of Sin-Korean origin that means "praise."
  13. Chija - This is the Korean name for "gardenia flower."
  14. Cho - This name means "sweet" in Korean. The word "chocho" is also Japanese for "butterfly."
  15. Cho-Hee - This combination of syllables means "beautiful joy" in Korean.
  16. Da-Eun - This name means "much kindness" and is a variation of "Daeun-San" which is the name of a fountain in South Korea.
  17. Dallia - This is the Korean word for "dahlia flower."
  18. Dasom - This is an indigenous single Korean name that means "love."
  19. Deiji - This is the Korean word for "daisy flower."
  20. Eun Ae - This Korean baby girl's name means "grace with love" and is derived from the Latin word "istunus" which means "just."
  21. Eun-Ji - The meaning of this name can slightly differ based on the Hanja used, but the most common meaning is "kindness and wisdom."
  22. Eun Jung - This girl's name means "grace and affection" in Korean and can be spelled "Jeong" or "Jong" alternatively.
  23. Eun-Kyung - This name means "grace and honor" and it is a popular girl name in South Korea.
  24. Eun-Woo - This name means "merciful" and in some countries, it also translates to "diamond."

Cute Korean Girl Names that Start with G to L

Korean Naming History

  1. Ga-Eun - You can use this Korean name as a girl or a boy name and it means "kind" in Korean.
  2. Gyeong - This is a gender-neutral name that means "scenery" or "capital city" in Sino Korean.
  3. Gyunghui - You can spell this name in several different ways, including "Gyeonhui" and it means "honor and respect."
  4. Hae - This name is used in Korean and Chinese languages and it means "the sea."
  5. Hana - You will find this name used in many languages and in Korean it means the number one.
  6. Haneul - This is a unisex Korean name for "sky" or "heaven."
  7. Hayoon - This Korean unisex name means "beautiful Summer" or "natural talent."
  8. Hei - This is another unisex name that means "grace" or "wisdom."
  9. Heejin - This is an adorable Korean name for a girl and it means "precious pearl."
  10. Hwa-Young - This Korean name means "beautiful flower" but can also mean "excess prosperity" depending on the Hanja used.
  11. Hwan - This is a family name as well as a gender-neutral name that means "brilliant one."
  12. Hye - This name is shared with the 28th king of Baekje and is also gender-neutral. It means "intelligent."
  13. Hyun - This is a popular name in South Korea that means"dark" or "mysterious." Hyun is also seen as a Korean surname as well.
  14. Iseul - This name means "morning dew" and is a very unique name.
  15. Jae - This gender-neutral name means "talent" and is found alone as a given name or in combination with another single-syllable name.
  16. Jang-Mi - This girl's name means "rose" in Sino Korean.
  17. Jee - This name actually can have several alternate spellings such as "Ji" or Chi" and it means "intellectual."
  18. Jeong - You will often see this name used in combination with another single-syllable name, but on its own, it means "gentle."
  19. Jia - This name means "clear or good" in Korean.
  20. Ji-Ho - In Korean, Ji means "wisdom" and "Ho" means brave.
  21. Jin Ae - This name means "truth and treasure" in Sino-Korean.
  22. Joo - The meaning of this name changes depending on the Hanja used, in this case, it means "precious."
  23. Ju-Won - This name means "beautiful woman" when "Ju" and "Won" are combined, but it changes when they are separate.
  24. Kyung Hu - This feminine Korean name means "girl in the capital."
  25. Kyung Mi - This name means "honored beauty" and used to be a very popular name in South Korea.
  26. Kyung Soon - This name means "just and gentle."

Cute Korean Girl Names that Start with M to Z

  1. Mee - This name means "beautiful" and is often combined with other single-syllable names.
  2. Mi Cha - This adorable Korean name means "beautiful daughter."
  3. Mi-Hi - This is a popular Korean girl name that means "beauty and joy."
  4. Mi Kyong - This used to be a popular girl name in South Korea and it means "beauty and brightness."
  5. Mi-Sun - You will more often see this used as a name for a baby girl, but it is a unisex name and it means "beauty and goodness."
  6. Mi Young - This is a very popular Korean girl name that means "everlasting beauty."
  7. Min-Jun - This girl name can also be used as a masculine name and it means "clever and talented" in Korean.
  8. Myung-Hee - This name means "brightness and pleasure." Myung-Hee is a name shared by several popular South Korean female athletes. 
  9. Nabi - This name means "butterfly" in Korean and "prophet" in Arabic.
  10. Nam - A family name that means "south."
  11. Nari - This is the Korean word for "lily."
  12. Paenji - This is the Korean word for "pansy."
  13. Sae-Byeok - This name means "dawn" or "daybreak" and is shared by a character in the popular Netflix series "Squid Game."
  14. Sang-Hee - This is a cute and unique Korean name for a girl that means "benevolence and pleasure."
  15. Seo - This is a romanticized Korean surname that means "auspicious."
  16. Seo-Hyun - Combining these syllables creates a beautiful name that means "a good omen."
  17. Seung - This name means "rise" or "ascent" in Sino Korean.
  18. Soo-Gook - This is the Korean name for "hydrangea."
  19. Sook - This is a gender-neutral name for "pure."
  20. Soo-Min - This name means "excellence" or "cleverness" and can also be spelled "Su-min."
  21. Sun Hee - This is a great choice for a Korean girl name that means "pleasure and goodness."
  22. Ye-Jun - There are several meanings for this name due to Hanja combinations, including "talented."
  23. Yeong/Yong - This is a very uncommon Korean name that means "flower petal."
  24. Yoona -This popular girl's name means "light of God."
  25. Yu-Jun - This is a gender-neutral name that is commonly used often for boys and girls. It means "friend."

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75 Korean Girl Names

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