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The 100+ Coolest Baby Names in the World

This list is the ultimate collection of cool baby names, including cool baby names for boys, girls, and gender-neutral options.
100 Cool Baby Names
Updated: December 25, 2022

Have you ever wondered what makes a baby name a cool name? Cool names have many different qualities.

Maybe it's a trending baby name of the year or maybe the name choice simply sounds cool. Does it rhyme? Or have alliteration?

Some of the coolest baby names are very rare. Some of the coolest baby girl names or baby boy names may even sound a bit hipster or bohemian. Whatever fits your definition of cool, you are bound to find the perfect name on this list.

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Below you will find an assortment of cool baby names that will help your little boy or little girl be stylish and suave from day one!

Cool Names for Girls (with Meanings)

If you’re not a fan of traditional girl names that top every baby name list every year, these cool girl names are unique and catchy. Whichever moniker you choose for your baby girl, you know she’ll grow up to be a star. Here are some of the coolest girl names to give your little girl!

Cool Names for Girls Starting with A to L

  1. Alma - Latin name for "soul" or "nourishing"
  2. Astrid - Greek name for "star" and Old Norse for "super strength"
  3. Beatrix - Latin name for "happy"
  4. Birdie - English name for "birdlike"
  5. Blaire - Gaelic name for "plain"
  6. Celeste - Greek name for "most beautiful" and Latin for "heavenly"
  7. Clementine - Latin and Polish name for "mild"
  8. Clover - English name for "key"
  9. Coco - Spanish name that is a diminutive form of Soccoro
  10. Cora - French name for "beloved" and Greek for "heart"
  11. Daisy - Latin for "day's eye"
  12. Dixie - American name for "southern girl"
  13. Esme - A Latin name meaning “esteem”
  14. Evie - Hebrew for "life"
  15. Fallon - Celtic name for "of a ruling family"
  16. Fern - Old English name for "leafy plant"
  17. Flora - Latin for "blooming flower"
  18. Juniper - Latin for "young"
  19. Harlow - Old English name for "from the protected town" and German for "flax"
  20. Holland - the French name for a province in the Netherlands
  21. India - Hindi name for "from India"
  22. Inez - Greek for "pure" and Spanish for "gentle"
  23. Isla - Spanish and Scottish for "island"
  24. Lake - English name for "body of water" or "tranquil water"
  25. Lola - Spanish for "strong woman"
  26. Luna - Latin for "moon"
  27. Lyra - Greek for "song" or "expression of emotion"

Cool Names for Girls

Cool Names for Girls Starting with L to Z

  1. Mabel - Latin for "lovable"
  2. Maeve - Several meanings including Irish for "joyous and Greek for "Goddess of the song"
  3. Maisie - Several origins including Persian and Scottish for "pearl"
  4. Nova - Latin for "new"
  5. Olive - Old Norse name meaning "kind one"
  6. Opal - Sanskrit name for "jewel"
  7. Piper - English for "flute player"
  8. Poppy - Latin for "flower"
  9. Ramona - Spanish for "wise protector"
  10. Ruby - French for "red gem"
  11. Sage - English for "wise one"
  12. Tallulah - Choctaw Indian for "leaping water"
  13. Vera - Latin for "true" and Slavic for "faith"
  14. Willow - English for "freedom" or "tree"
  15. Zelda - German name meaning "gray warrior" or "woman warrior"

Cool Names for Boys (with Meanings)

Want to raise the coolest boy around? Here are some effortlessly cool male names and name meanings. These trendy boy names are a mix of classic male names, obscure picks, and more modern boy names that are on the rise.

Cool Names for Boys Starting with A to L

  1. Archie - English for "bold prince"
  2. Arlo - German for "famous throughout the land"
  3. Atticus - Latin for "from Athens"
  4. August - Latin for"exalted"
  5. Axel - Old German name meaning “Father of peace”
  6. Beckett - Swedish for "brook"
  7. Byron - French for "cottage" or English for "at the cowshed"
  8. Calvin - Latin for "bald"
  9. Colt - Latin for "lame"
  10. Crew - Latin for "chariot" or "run"
  11. Dallas - Irish for "skilled"
  12. Dexter - Latin for "right-handed"
  13. Easton - English for "east-facing place"
  14. Elvis - Old Norse and Scandinavian for "all-wise"
  15. Fox - After the animal, fox. This name is of English origin.
  16. Griffin - An English mythological creature that is half lion, half eagle
  17. Huck - German topographic name for bog
  18. Ike - Hebrew for "he will laugh"
  19. Jace - American for "moon" and Greek for "healer"
  20. Jagger - English for "carter"
  21. Jasper - Persian for "keeper of the treasure"
  22. Jett - English for "hard" or "black mineral"
  23. Knox - Old English for "from the hills"
  24. Leo - Traditionally a nickname for “Leonardo” this name can stand on its own. Leo is a Greek and Italian name meaning “lion”
  25. Levi - Hebrew for "united"
  26. Lincoln - Old English for "home by the pond"

Cool Names for Boys

Cool Names for Boys Starting with M to Z

  1. Major - Latin for "greater"
  2. Matteo - Several origins including Italian and Greek for "God's gift" or "devoted to God"
  3. Maverick - An American name that means “wildly independent”
  4. Milo - German for "merciful" and Latin for "soldier"
  5. Onyx - Greek for "dark black" or "precious stone"
  6. Orion - Greek for "son of fire" and also the name of the hunter constellation
  7. Otis - A German name meaning “wealthy”
  8. Ozzy - Hebrew for "strength"
  9. Phineas - Hebrew for "oracle"
  10. Pierce - Latin and English for "rock"
  11. Rex - Latin for "king"
  12. Roman - Hebrew for "powerful" and Italian for "romantic lover"
  13. Roscoe - Old Norse for "from the deer forest"
  14. Ryder - An Old English name that means “horseman”
  15. Silas - Latin for "woodman"
  16. Tate - English for "cheerful" and Native American for "a great talker"
  17. Theo - German for "the boldest" and Greek for "the gift of God"
  18. Tobias - Hebrew for "God is good"
  19. Wells - English for "inquisitive" and Old English for "from the springs"
  20. Wilder - English, German, and Danish for a variant of wild
  21. Zane - Arabic for "beloved"
  22. Zephyr - Spanish for "flying in the wind" and Greek for "wind"

Cool Gender-Neutral Baby Names

These unique unisex names make everyone sound cool! Whether you want to give your girl a tomboy name, choose a more traditionally feminine name for a boy, or simply like gender-neutral name choices, here are some unique baby names to choose from.

  1. Angel - A Spanish name derived from the name Angelos, the heavenly creature, meaning "messenger"
  2. Banks - English and Scottish for "one who lives on the hillside or riverbank"
  3. Billie - English for "resolution" or "wise"
  4. Bowie - Welsh for "son of Owen"
  5. Harley - An Old English gender-neutral name that means “rabbit archer”
  6. Justice - English for "righteous"
  7. Kai - Hawaiian for "sea" and Native American for "willow tree"
  8. Kit - Latin for "little cat" and Greek for "mischievous"
  9. Parker - Old English for "cultivated land"
  10. Peyton - English for "fighting man's estate" and Irish for "warrior town"
  11. Phoenix - Greek for "mystical bird"
  12. Remy - French for "fun-loving"
  13. River - English for "by the riverbank"
  14. Rowan - English for "tree with red berries"
  15. Sawyer- Middle English for "woodsman"
  16. Scout - French for "watchman"
  17. Shane - Hebrew for "beautiful"
  18. Shiloh - Hebrew for "peaceful"
  19. Wren - Welsh for "chief"
  20. Wyatt - Old English for "little warrior" and French for "water"

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