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75 Demon Names Inspired by Religion and Mythology

These demon names are inspired by Christianity, Pagan religions, and villains in literature and mythology.
75 Demon Names Inspired by Religion and Mythology Around the World
Updated: March 14, 2024
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Everyone has their demons, but not everyone would use demonology or demons in mythology for baby name ideas Sometimes though, the story behind dark-sounding demon names and evil figures might offer an unexpected source of name inspiration. 

But why would anyone actually want to use demon names for their baby girl or baby boy? A traditionally dark baby name or an ancient demon name may take on hidden meetings or be a symbol used to remember old legends and myths. Supposedly evil spirits in the Christian world might also be powerful benevolent figures in certain Pagan religions. 

Explore our list of demon names to avoid certain baby names or even find some unique baby name inspiration from the dark side. After all, every kid is a little bit of a demon sometimes. 

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Male Demon Names and Meanings

Demon Boy Name Ideas

Discover the dark allure of male demon names with their intriguing meanings and origins. Whether you seek inspiration for a character in a story or simply appreciate the mystique surrounding these names, delve into the fascinating world of male demon monikers.

  1. Abaddon - The name Abaddon is of Hebrew origin and represents destruction. In the Bible, Abaddon is a fallen angel who is described as dwelling in a “bottomless pit.”
  2. Agares - In demonology, Agares is a demon who causes earthquakes.
  3. Ahriman - This name is of Persian origin. Ahriman refers to the evil spirit in Zoroastrianism, an early Iranian religion.
  4. Akuma - The name Akuma originates from Japanese culture. In Buddhism, Akuma is a malevolent fire spirit. Akuma is also the name of Satan in the Japanese Bible.
  5. Alastair - In Greek mythology, Alastor is an avenger of evil deeds and the personification of curses.
  6. Amon or Aamon - In demonology, Amon is one of the Grand Marquis of Hell.
  7. Asmodeus - In Jewish legends, Asmodeus is the king of the demons. Asmodeus predicts that Solomon’s kingdom will be divided one day.
  8. Astaroth - In demonology, this name refers to The Great Duke of Hell and one of the evil trinity of Astaroth, Beelzebub, and Lucifer.
  9. Azazel - In Jewish legend, Azazel is the personification of uncleanliness.
  10. Baal - Baal is a figure originating from Canaanite-Phoenician legend. He is a pagan god of rainstorms.
  11. Bakemono - The name of a shape-shifting demon in Japanese mythology.
  12. Beelzebub - Beelzebub is a Christian name for the devil, derived from the Canaanite pagan god Baal. In Demonology, one of the evil trinity of Astaroth, Beelzebub, and Lucifer.
  13. Behemoth - In the Hebrew, Bible, Behemoth is a huge, monstrous creature and the personification of Satan as a grotesque, grass-eating animal.
  14. Belphegor - Belphergor is the personification of sloth in the Hebrew Bible.
  15. Belial - In Hebrew culture, Belial is the personification of wickedness or worthlessness. Belial is often used as a name for the devil in the Bible.
  16. Cerberus - In Greek mythology, Cerberus is a giant, three-headed dog who guarded the gates to the Underworld.
  17. Charon - In Greek mythology, Charon is the ferryman that transports souls to the Underworld.
  18. Cronus - In Greek mythology, Cronus is the king of the Titans and the embodiment of chaos and destruction.
  19. Dagon - Dagon is a name of Sumerian origin. He is the demon lord of the sea and sea monsters in ancient Syrian mythology.
  20. Dracula - The main character in Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel Dracula. Count Dracula is a nobleman and vampire. The name Dracula has Slavic origins and means “son of Dracul” or “son of the devil.”
  21. Fenrir - The name Fenrir originates in Norse mythology and represents a monstrous wolf god. Fenrir is also the name of an evil werewolf in the Harry Potter series.
  22. Frollo - In the Arthurian Legend, the name Frollo means “killed by Arthur.” In other literature, Frollo is the main antagonist in Victor Hugo’s novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame. He keeps a boy with deformities captive and is sexually obsessed with the girl Esmeralda despite taking a vow as a priest.
  23. Hades - The Lord of the Underworld in Greek mythology.
  24. Hermes - In Greek mythology, Hermes was the messenger god who also led dead souls to the Underworld.
  25. Iago - Iago is a Spanish name meaning “supplanter.” It’s most associated with the main antagonist in the Shakespeare play Othello.
  26. Iblis - An Islamic name for the leader of the devils.
  27. Jinn - In Arabic mythology, Jinn are invisible creatures from pre-Islamic pagan belief systems. Jinns may be good or evil.
  28. Lucifer - From Hebrew, this name means shining star. Lucifer was a figure in pagan mythology associated with the planet Venus. Also: Demonology, one of the evil trinity of Astaroth, Beelzebub, and Lucifer. Lucifer is a fallen angel. Lucifer is a name for the devil often used by Christians.
  29. Lucius - Lucius Malfoy is an antagonist in the Harry Potter series. The name Lucius was probably derived from Lucifer, and the last name “Malfoy” uses the prefix “mal” which means “bad” in Latin.
  30. Mephistopheles - Mephistopheles originates in German mythology and is an agent of the devil.
  31. Osiris - The god of the Underworld in Egyptian mythology.
  32. Pazuzu - A name with Assyrian origins. Pazuzu is the ancient Babylonian king of demons and the personification of the West wind.
  33. Phenex - In Christian demonology, Phenex is one of the great Marquis of Hell. Phenex is also referred to as a representation of science and poetry.
  34. Rakshasa - Hindu mythology, a shape-shifting demon or goblin in Hinduism.
  35. Samael - A male name of Arabic origin meaning poison or the poison of God. Samael is an Angel of Death in Judaism. Samael has some similarities to the Christian notion of Satan, such as being a fallen angel. In the Old Testament, Samael orchestrates Adam and Eve’s fall in Genesis.
  36. Satan - The name of the devil in Abrahamic Religions. Satan is known by Christians, Jews, and Muslims as the one who seduces human beings into sin.
  37. Sut - In Islamic demonology, Sut refers to a devil who tempts human beings to tell lies.
  38. Thanatos - In Greek mythology, Thanatos is the god of peaceful death.
  39. Ur - This name derives from the ancient Easter religion Mandaeism where Ur is a serpent being and ruler of the Underworld.

Female Demon Names and Meanings

Demon Girl Name Ideas

Similarly, the list of female demon names reveals characters that are equally compelling and formidable. These names, rich in history and myth, embody the multifaceted nature of female demons as depicted throughout various cultures.

  1. Abyzou - Abyzou derives from Sumerian origins and is the name of a female demon often blamed for infertility and miscarriages.
  2. Ala - In Slavic folklore, Ala is the name of a female demon blamed for bad weather and thunderstorms.
  3. Alana - The name of a demonic female figure in Turkish folklore.
  4. Anath - The name Anath is of Greek origins. Anath refers to a pagan goddess of love and war and the sister of Baal, god of rainstorms.
  5. Angra Mainyu - This name is of Persian origins. Angra Mainyu refers to a female demon who was the destructive, evil spirit in Zoroastrianism, an early Iranian religion.
  6. Astarte - This Greek name is for the pagan goddess of war, hunting, and love. Astarte was loved by ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and other ancient peoples, but was demonized by early Christians.
  7. Atropos - Atropos is one of the Fates in Greek mythology. Atropos is the fate responsible for cutting the thread of life, resulting in death.
  8. Bast - In Egyptian mythology, Bast is the goddess of pleasure.
  9. Bellatrix - Bellatrix Lestrange is a female antagonist and dark witch in the Harry Potter series. Translates to “female warrior” in Latin.  
  10. Carpathia - The character Nicolae Carpathia in the Left Behind novel series by Tim LaHaye was considered the antichrist, or the opposite of Jesus. The character of Carpathia serves the role of the antichrist that is forewarned in the New Testament.
  11. Cruella - Cruella De Vil is the main antagonist in 101 Dalmatians. Fittingly her first name is derived from the English words “cruel” and “devil.”
  12. Eileithyia - In Greek mythology, Eileithyia is the goddess of childbirth and labor pains. She is also associated with early death.
  13. Erinyes - In Greek mythology, Erinyes is a goddess of vengeance who punished human beings for their crimes.
  14. Hecate - In Greek mythology, Hecatate is a powerful dark goddess of magic and witchcraft. Hecate is associated with symbols of nighttime and the moon.
  15. Hypnus - In Greek mythology, Hypnus is the personification of sleep.
  16. Ishtar - Ishtar is a name of Mesopotamian origin. She is the goddess of war and sexual love. Ishtar protected sex workers and bar owners.
  17. Jadis - This name is inspired by an evil female figure in literature. Jadis is the real name of the White Witch from The Chronicles of Narnia series.
  18. Keres - In Greek Mythology, Keres are spirits of violent or cruel death.
  19. Klotho - In Greek Mythology, Klotho is one of the Fates. Klotho is the Fate responsible for spinning the thread of life.
  20. Lakhesis - In Greek Mythology, Lakhesis is one of the Fates. Lakhesis is the Fate responsible for measuring the thread of life.
  21. Leviathan - This name of Hebrew origin refers to a famous sea monster described in the Bible and many biblical stories.
  22. Leanan - Leanan Sidhe is a famous evil fairy figure in Irish folklore who acts as an artistic muse for human lovers and often leads them to an early death.
  23. Lilith - In Jewish mythology, Lilith was supposedly Adam’s first wife in Genesis. She was cast away for being an unfit wife because she refused to submit to Adam.
  24. Maleficent - This name comes from Latin origin and means “bad.” Famously, Maleficent is the main antagonist in Disney’s The Sleeping Beauty and represents the embodiment of pure evil.
  25. Mammon - The name Mammon refers to a Christian Biblical demon who is the personification of greed.
  26. Mania - This name has many origins. In Roman mythology, Mania is the goddess of the dead. In Etruscan mythology, she is known as the goddess of Hell, and in Greek mythology, Mania is the goddess of insanity.
  27. Mara - In Buddhism, Mara was the name of a celestial king who tempted Siddhartha, the first Buddhist, with visions of beautiful women.
  28. Medusa - In Greek mythology, Medusa was a misunderstood monster called a Gorgon with snakes for hair who could turn human beings into stone if they looked at her.
  29. Morgen - In Welsh mythology, The Morgen are water spirits similar to sirens who use their voices to lure men to their deaths.
  30. Nagini - Nagini is best known as the name of the pet snake belonging to the main antagonist in the Harry Potter series. The name is most likely derived from Nachash, the snake who tempted Adam and Eve with the fruit in the Garden of Eden.
  31. Nyx - In Greek mythology, Nyx is a female figure who acts as the personification of the night.
  32. Persephone - In Greek mythology, Persephone is the Queen of the Underworld and married to Hades.
  33. Preta - The name Preta is of Hindu origins. in Buddhism, Preta is the personification of extreme suffering.
  34. Qarinah - In Arabic folklore, the Qarinah is a female demon or succubus that seduces men in their dreams.
  35. Qin - Qin is a figure in Mandaeism and is known as the queen of darkness.
  36. Tiamat - This female demon's name is of Sumero-Babylonian origins. Tiamat is a goddess of the sea.

What Are Badass Demon Names?

Some compelling and badass demon names include Azazel, Belial, Leviathan, and Lilith. Each carries a rich background from various mythologies, symbolizing strength, chaos, and intrigue.

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75 Demon Names Inspired by Religion and Mythology Around the World


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