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50 Names That Mean King and Royalty for a Regal Baby

Do you want your little one to possess royal and kingly qualities? Consider one of these names that mean king.
50 baby names that mean "king"
Updated: February 28, 2024
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If you would like your child to possess positive, kingly qualities such as strong leadership skills, bravery, and a kind and just heart, consider a name that means “king.”

Throughout history, nations have risen and fallen depending upon their leaders’ strength. Being a good king is not easy, even if being a gluttonous and lazy one is. Benevolent kings must possess both powerful qualities and gentle, loving ones. They must also devote themselves fully to their country, in a truly selfless way. The citizens count on their leader to protect and provide for them and to make good decisions. 

The names we give our children do make a difference in how they see themselves and how others see them. If you think about it, the word you probably hear and read more than any other throughout your lifetime is your own name. It has to make an impact on you to some extent. Obviously, a name is not the only factor or even the strongest factor in determining your child’s future and success, but you might as well choose one that encompasses the qualities you hope they grow to possess. 

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All parents want their children to grow up to be both strong and just. Even if they won’t likely become actual kings, they can still exhibit kingly qualities. And who knows, they may just run for office one day with the right name!

There are more names that mean king than you would probably think, from all over the world and throughout history. Consider choosing one that pays homage to your own ancestors, or select a boy name that just sounds regal. 

Names that Mean "King"

In the realm of names, some hold a majestic resonance, echoing the grandeur and authority of royalty. Names that mean "king" carry with them a legacy of leadership, embodying power and nobility. Whether inspired by historical monarchs, mythological rulers, or the timeless allure of sovereignty, these names exude a regal dignity.

  1. Aalam - Urdu, means “king.”
  2. Abban - Irish, means “little abbott.”
  3. Adelio - Spanish, means “father of the little prince.”
  4. Ara - Armenian, means “king.”
  5. Baron - Old English, means “young warrior." Historically a baron lived in a castle and ruled over a plot of land under the King. 
  6. Basil - Greek, means “royal” or “kingly.”
  7. Brennus - Celtic, means “king," “prince,” or “raven.”
  8. Cadeyrn - Welsh, means “battle king.”
  9. Conrad - German, means “bold ruler.”
  10. Conri - Irish Gaelic, means “wolf king.”
  11. Cyril - Greek, means “lord” or “master.”
  12. Darian - Persian, means “one with kingly traits.”
  13. Donovan - Irish, means “chieftain” or “dark-haired leader.”
  14. Delroy - French, means “of the king.”
  15. Emyr - Welsh, means “king” or “lord.”
  16. Eric - Scandanavian, means “eternal ruler.”
  17. Frederick - German, means “peaceful ruler.”
  18. Hansraj - Sanskrit, means “king of swans.”
  19. Heinrich - German, means “home of the king.
  20. Idris - Greek, means “like a king.”
  21. Kgosi - Tswana, means “king” or “chief.”
  22. Kian - Persian, means "king” or “foundation.”
  23. King - English, means king!
  24. Kingsley - Old English, means “king’s meadow.”
  25. Leroy - French, means “the king.”
  26. Longwang - Chinese, means “dragon king.”
  27. Malik - Arabic, means “king” or “sovereign.”
  28. Minos - Greek, Minos was a powerful king in Greek mythology.
  29. Prince - Latin, means “chief” or “son of a king.”
  30. Rana - Sanskrit, means “king.”
  31. Rajan - Sanskrit, means “ruler.”
  32. Rajesh - Sanskrit, means “ruler of the kings.”
  33. Reagan - Irish, means “little king.”
  34. Regulus - Latin, means “prince” or “little king.”
  35. Rey - Spanish, means “king.”
  36. Rex - Latin, means “king.”
  37. Rian - Irish, means, “little king.”
  38. Rory - Ancient Celtic, means “red king.”
  39. Roy - Old English, means “king.”
  40. Rhodri - Welsh, means “wheel king.”
  41. Ruaidhri - Irish, means “red king.”
  42. Steven - Old English, means “garland” or “crown.”
  43. Sultan - Arabic, means “ruler.”
  44. Richard - German, means “powerful ruler.”
  45. Sargon - Biblical Hebrew, means “king.”
  46. Shahjahan - Urdu, means “king of the world.”
  47. Sigourney - French, means “daring king.”
  48. Vercingetorix - Ancient Celtic, means “king over warriors." Vercingetorix led the Gauls against Julius Caesar when the Romans tried to conquer them. 
  49. Viceroy - Old English, means “ruler who represents the king.”
  50. Vladimir - Slavic, means “renowned prince” or “universal ruler.”

What Name Means King?

There are many names that mean "king" across different cultures and languages, including the following.

  1. Americo - This Italian name means "work ruler" or "home ruler."
  2. Fitzroy - This name is of English origin and means "son of the king."
  3. Heinrich - A German name that means "home of the king."
  4. Leroy - This name is of French origin, meaning “the king.”
  5. Malik - An Arabic name, meaning “king” or “sovereign.”
  6. Raj - A name of Sanskrit origin, Raj means "rule" or "king," capturing the essence of leadership and sovereignty.
  7. Rory - This Gaelic name is derived from the elements 'rí', meaning "king", and 'bhard', meaning "poet."

What Is a Male Royal Name?

Male royal names are often associated with strength, power, and nobility. Some examples include Frederick, which means "peaceful ruler" in German, and Alaric, which means "noble ruler" also in German.

What Is the Latin Name Meaning King?

Rex is a name of Latin origin and directly translates to "king." It was used frequently by ancient Romans to denote that rank.

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