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150 Medieval Names, Meanings and Origins to Inspire Your Baby Name Search

If you’re looking to give your little one a Medieval name, you’re in luck. Here are the top Medieval names for boys, girls, and gender-neutral options.
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Updated: January 11, 2024
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Medieval baby names offer many rare and beautiful name ideas. If you’re a history buff, search our list of medieval names for boys, girls, and gender-neutral name options. These names from the Middle Ages include magical-sounding names, strong warrior names, religious names, and much more.

Medieval times or the Middle Ages took place from around the 5th to the late 15th centuries. The Medieval period ushered in the Renaissance. This period of history saw the formation of Europe, the Crusades, the rise and fall of empires, and later the infamous Black Plague.

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Medieval society also produced classic works of literature that remain today including Dante’s The Divine Comedy, ​​Beowulf, and The Canterbury Tales. When you think of famous Medieval figures and images, you likely imagine the brave knights of King Arthur, beautiful princesses, and daring Vikings.

If you are interested in  unique or old-fashioned names from medieval times, check out our list of popular Medieval names inspired by the culture and history of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and famous Medieval historical figures, warriors and Medieval religions.  

Popular Medieval Names for Boys (with Meanings)

Even though we think of the Middle Ages as being very different from today, the lives of medieval children still had some things in common with children today! Boys regularly played ball and stick games outdoors and learned skills like archery and dancing. Medieval children also had to do chores, run errands, and tend to farm animals. Boys from noble families often began training for knighthood as early as seven years old! These royal boys rode horses and studied things like math, grammar, and religion. Here are some medieval baby boy names fit for a knight!

Cool Medieval Names for Boys (With Meanings)

  1. Alaric - German for "ruler of all."
  2. Aldous - Italian and German for "old, wealthy."
  3. Archibald - German for "genuine, bold, brave."
  4. Arne - Old Norse for "eagle."
  5. Arthur - Celtic for "bear; strong man.""
  6. Bahram - Persian for "victorious."
  7. Bard - Gaelic for "poet" or "singer."
  8. Bartholomew - Hebrew for  "son of furrow” or  "son of Ptolemy."
  9. Benedict - Latin for "blessed."
  10. Bertram - German and French for "bright raven."
  11. Björn - German and Scandinavian for "bold as a bear."
  12. Burchard - English for "strong as a castle."
  13. Cassian - Latin for "vain."
  14. Cathasach - Gaelic for "brave."
  15. Charibert - German for "glorious warrior."
  16. Conrad - Old German for "brave counsel."
  17. Crispin - Latin for "curly."
  18. Cyprian - Greek origin name that means "man of Cyprus."
  19. Daegal - An Anglo-Saxon name with Scandinavian roots that means "dweller by the dark stream."
  20. Drogo - Old German name for "to bear" or "to carry."
  21. Drustan - Believed to be derived from the Celtic and Gaelic word "drest" which means "riot."
  22. Dustin - Old English for "dark stone" and German for "valiant fighter." It also means Thor’s stone.
  23. Elric - English for "wise ruler."
  24. Emil - Latin for "trying to equal or excel."
  25. Finnian - An Irish name that means "fair" or "white."
  26. Florian - Latin for "flowering."
  27. Galileo - Italian for "from Galilee."
  28. Gandalf - Old Norse for "wand elf."
  29. Gerold - German for "spear ruler."
  30. Godfrey - German and Old French for "peaceful."
  31. Godwin - German for "friend of God; good friend."
  32. Gomes - Portuguese for "man."
  33. Gregory - A Greek name for "watchman."
  34. Grimwald - Old German name that translates to "mask of power/authority." 
  35. Hamlin - German for "little home lover."
  36. Hawk - English or American for "like the bird."
  37. Hildebald - Ancient Germanic for "brave battle."
  38. Jeremiah - Hebrew for "exalted of God."
  39. Kazamir - A name of Slavic origin that means "destroyer of peace."
  40. Kenric - Anglo-Saxon for "fearless leader."
  41. Lancaster - Old English name that is habitational for the people who resided in Lancaster in northwestern England. It was also an English royal family surname.
  42. Leif - Old Norse for  "heir; descendent."
  43. Leoric - An English origin name with Latin roots that means "like a lion."
  44. Lothar - German for "famous warrior; instilled ."
  45. Lunden - Several habitational origins including Norwegian for numerous farmsteads and German from the municipality of Lunden in Holstein, Germany.
  46. Maurin - Latin name for "dark-skinned."
  47. Morcant - Welsh for "bright sea."
  48. Neville - French for "from the new farmland/town/village."
  49. Njal - Scandinavian for "champion."
  50. Odel - Anglo-Saxon for "wealthy."
  51. Orvyn - English for "brave friend."
  52. Osric - An English and German name for “God’s rule” or "divine ruler."
  53. Pascal - A French name for "born at Easter."
  54. Piers - Latin and English for "rock" or "stone."
  55. Randolf - Anglo-Saxon for  "wolf shield."
  56. Ricard - English for "rich and powerful ruler."
  57. Svend - Danish for "young man."
  58. Theodoric - German for "people's ruler."
  59. Torsten - Norse for "Thor's stone."
  60. Wilkin - Medieval version of the English name "William" and it means armed resolution."
  61. Wolf - English, and Teutonic for the animal of the same name.
  62. Wymond - Middle English for "battle protector."
  63. Zemislav - Slavic for "family glory."

Cool Medieval Names for Girls (With Meanings)

Girl children in the middle ages and Renaissance had different responsibilities than boys. Many girls did receive some schooling or later trained to join a covenant or become nuns. Daughters learned skills like sewing, jewelry making, and helping prepare food for the family.

Girls from the most noble families trained to become princesses and queens and marriage was considered a very important way for kingdoms to form political alliances. Many famous medieval women and characters also became known as warrior princesses for their acts of bravery. Here are some popular and beautiful Medieval girl baby names.

  1. Adelaide - German for "noble kind."
  2. Amelia - German for "industrious."
  3. Beatriz - A Spanish name that is derived from the Latin name Beatrix, which means "happy." It is also considered an alternative spelling for "Beatrice."
  4. Ella - German for "all" and Hebrew for "goddess."
  5. Erika - Scandinavian for "powerful and honorable ruler."
  6. Genevieve - Welsh for "white wave" and French for "tribe woman."
  7. Mirabel - Latin for "wonderful."
  8. Olive - Old Norse for "kind one."
  9. Petra - Greek for "stone."
  10. Regina - Latin for "queenly."
  11. Winifred - German and English for "peace."
  12. Annora - Latin for "honor."
  13. Colette - Greek name meaning "people of victory."
  14. Diamond - English for "brilliant."
  15. Eira - Welsh for "snow."
  16. Emmalina - Latin for "universal."
  17. Euphemia - Greek for "well-spoken."
  18. Gregoria - Greek for "watchful."
  19. Honora - Latin for "dignified" and French for "noblewoman."
  20. Jacquette - French origin name for "supplanter."
  21. Odelgarde - German origin name for "victory of the people."
  22. Papa - Short for "Papahanaumoku," this is the name of the Goddess and earth mother in Hawaiian mythology.
  23. Philomena - Greek for "beloved."
  24. Sabina - A Hindi musical instrument and the Hebrew name for "Ancient tribe of Central Italy."
  25. Sigrid - Old Norse for "winning adviser."
  26. Thomasina - Greek for "twin."
  27. Ursula - Latin for "little bear."
  28. Anika - Hebrew origin name for "gift of God's favor."
  29. Bogdana - Slavic for "God's gift."
  30. Celestina - Latin for "heavenly."
  31. Dorothy - Greek for "gift of God."
  32. Elisaria - French for "God is my oath."
  33. Eydis - Norse for "goddess of the island."
  34. Godiva - English for "God's gift."
  35. Gyda - Old Norse for "God."
  36. Isabeau - French for "pledge to God."
  37. Jehanne - Hebrew for "Yahweh is gracious."
  38. Joan - Hebrew for "God is gracious."
  39. Raphaelle - Hebrew for "God heals."
  40. Tiffany - French for "appearance of God."
  41. Anastasia - Greek for "resurrection."
  42. Catalina - Irish for "pure beauty."
  43. Cicilia - Welsh for "blind."
  44. Filippa - Greek for "lover of horses."
  45. Fiora - Gaelic for "little flower."
  46. Francesca - Old French for "free."
  47. Ginevra - Italian for "white wave."
  48. Helen - Greek for "torch" and Irish for "light."
  49. Isabetta - Italian for "pledged for God."
  50. Lavinia - Latin for "woman of Rome."
  51. Madalena - Spanish for "bitter" and Hebrew for "woman of Magdala."
  52. Nezetta - Latin for "just."
  53. Serena - Latin for "peaceful" or "calm."

Warrior Medieval Girl Names in Battle

  1. Avice - French for "warlike."
  2. Berenice - Greek for "bearer of victory."
  3. Bodil - A derivative of the Old Norse name "Bolthdir" which means "remedy battle."
  4. Brenna - Irish origin name for "little raven" and American for "sword."
  5. Brunhilda - German and Norse for "ready for battle."
  6. Clotilda - German for "famous for battle."
  7. Desislava - Bulgarian for "finding glory."
  8. Edme - Scottish for "rich protector."
  9. Gunnora - Old Norse for "wary in battle."
  10. Hawise - German for "wide battle."
  11. Hildegund - German for "fight."
  12. Luthera - English for "army of the people."
  13. Martine - Latin for "of Mars," the Roman God of war.
  14. Mathilda - German for "mighty in battle."
  15. Maude - English for "mighty battle maiden."
  16. Zelda - The German short version of "Griselda" and means "fighting maiden."

Viking Medieval Names for Girls 

  1. Astrid - Old Norse for "super strength."
  2. Frida - Spanish name for "peaceful ruler."
  3. Helga - Norse for "holy" or "sacred."
  4. Inga - Scandinavian name that has origins in Norse mythology which means "guarded by Ing." Ing was the God of fertility and peace.
  5. Randi - An Arabic name with several origins including German, Norwegian, and English. It can mean "God-lovable," "beautiful," or "fair."
  6. Revna - Old Norse for "raven."
  7. Sif - Scandinavian for "bride."
  8. Tove - Hebrew for "God is good."
  9. Ulfhild - Nordic and Swedish for "wolf and battle."
  10. Yrsa - Ancient Norse for "she-bear."

Gender-Neutral Medieval Names (with Meanings)

  1. Asmi - Hindu for "self-confidence."
  2. Clement - Latin for "merciful."
  3. Drew - Greek for "courageous."
  4. Felize - An alternative spelling for "Feliz," a Latin name that means "fortunate."
  5. Peregrine - Latin for "traveler."
  6. Quentin - Latin for "fifth-born child."
  7. Rogue - English for "unpredictable."
  8. Stace - Greek for "resurrection" 

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