75 Royal Names for Girls

Updated: June 14, 2021
We've analyzed royal names over time and have put together the ultimate list of royal names for girls that are perfect for your little lady in waiting.
75 Royal Girl Names
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If you're expecting a little princess or queen, you may be looking for the perfect royal baby name for your little girl. If you dreamed of marrying Prince William (Lucky Kate Middleton!), you may already have some names from the House of Windsor on your list!

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Princess Charlotte has brought that classic name back into fashion, and what is more adorable than the name Eugenie, one of Prince Andrew's daughters and the granddaughter to a queen no less!

If the current royal family is embroiled in too much scandal, you might want to look back to names like Victoria or Catherine, two of the greatest female rulers Europe has ever seen!

No matter what era you're seeking a name from, we've compiled a list of 75 baby girl names perfect for your lady in waiting!

75 Royal Baby Girl Names

  1. Adela - German, noble, sincere, Adela of Normandy was the mother of King Stephen
  2. Aida - Ethiopian, princess
  3. Aiko - Japanese, beloved child, daughter of the Emperor of Japan
  4. Albertine - German, female version of Albert who was Queen Victoria’s husband
  5. Alexandra - Greek, feminine form of Alexander, defender of man
  6. Alice - German, noble, the first name of Princess Alice, Prince Philip's mother
  7. Ameerha - Arabic, princess, treetop, proverb, the name of one of the Princesses of Saudi royal family
  8. Amelia - German, work, name of Lady Amelia Windsor, member of the British royal family
  9. Anastasia - Greek, resurrection. Famous, legendary daughter of the last Russian Tsar who was rumored to survive the family’s mass execution.
  10. Anna - Hebrew, grace, a variation of Hannah. Former princess and now Queen of the fictional Arendelle. Another version of the name is Anne, used quite frequently in British royal families. The name of Prince Charles's sister
  11. Ariel - Hebrew, lion of God, name of the famous mermaid in the Disney adaptation of The Little Mermaid
  12. Arya - Sanskrit, noble, strong, Youngest daughter of the noble Stark family in Game of Thrones
  13. Athena - Greek, from Athens, the name of one of the princesses of Denmark
  14. Aurora - Latin, dawn, the first name of Sleeping Beauty
  15. Autumn - The fall season, first name of Princess Anne’s son’s wife
  16. Beatrice - Latin, she who brings happiness, blessed, one of Prince Andrew's daughters
  17. Belle - French, beautiful, the name in the Disney classic of the smart and witty commoner turned princess
  18. Bernice - Greek she who brings victory, ruler of a Roman providence from 39 B.C. to 92 A.D.
  19. Birgitte - Celtic, a form of Bridget, name of the Duchess of Gloucester
  20. Camilla - Latin, young ceremonial attendant, first name of the Duchess of Cornwall
  21. Caroline - French, a feminine version of Charles which means free man
  22. Catherine - Greek, pure. The chosen name of Sophia Anhalt-Zerbst, who later became Catherine the Great of Russia. It is also the Duchess of Cambridge's first name
  23. Charlene - French, another feminine version of Charles, wife of the Prince of Monaco
  24. Charlotte - French, a feminine version of Charles. The name of Prince William and Kate Middleton's oldest daughter
  25. Daenerys - Literary name for the famous Mother of Dragons and princess of the Targaryn family in Game of Thrones
  26. Diana - Latin, Divine. Name of the iconic Princess of Wales, Diana Spencer, and first wife of Prince Charles
  27. Eleanor - English/French, name of the famous Queen of Aquitaine and Mother to Richard the Lionhearted
  28. Elizabeth - Hebrew, pledged to God. The name of two Queens of England; Elizabeth II who is the longest-reigning English monarch and Elizabeth I who ruled for 44 years from 1558-1603
  29. Elsa - German version of Elizabeth and the name of the highly popular and fictional Queen of Arendelle
  30. Emma - German, universal, name of the Queen of Hawaii in the mid 1800’s
  31. Estelle - French, star, the first name of the young princess of Sweden
  32. Eugenie - Greek, wellborn. The name of one of Elizabeth II's granddaughters
  33. Fari - Wolof, The Queen
  34. Fiona - Scottish, white, fair, name of the fun princess from Shrek
  35. Gabriella - Italian, word of God, Lady Gabriella of Kent is a member of the British royal family
  36. Grace - English, virtue, the name of the famous Hollywood actress Grace Kelly turned Princess of Monaco
  37. Gwenyth - Welsh, name of an ancient Welsh kingdom
  38. Helen - Greek, light, name of the famous fictional Queen of Troy renowned for her beauty
  39. Helena - Greek, bright shining light, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's daughter
  40. Ingrid - Norwegian, fair beautiful, the name of the Prince of Norway’s daughter
  41. Isabella - Spanish/Italian version of Elizabeth, pledged to God. Name of the famous Queen of Spain who financed Christopher Columbus.
  42. Isla - Scottish, island, the name of one of Elizabeth II’s great-grandchildren
  43. Jane - English, God is gracious, common English royal name, Jane Seymour was the mother of Henry VIII’s only son
  44. Jasmine - Persian, gift from God, the name of the iconic princess from Disney’s Aladdin
  45. Josephine - French, feminine version of Joseph, Jehovah increases, the name of one of the Princesses of Denmark
  46. Kennedy - Irish, one of the royal monikers of Ireland’s tribal kings, also the last name of the famous American “royal” political family of JFK
  47. Kiko - Japanese, be happy, rejoicing child, a Crown Princess of Japan
  48. Lena - Derived from several languages, it means light, the name of one of Elizabeth II’s great-grandchildren
  49. Louise - French, female version of Louis, a popular French King name, a renowned warrior, the first name of Prince Edward’s daughter
  50. Lucia - Italian, light, name of the Duchess of Genoa
  51. Mako - Japanese, sincerity, niece of Emperor Naruhito
  52. Malia - Kiswahili, queen
  53. Margaret - Greek, pearl, the name of Queen Elizabeth II's younger sister
  54. Marie - French, sea of bitterness, name of the infamous Queen of France Marie Antionnette
  55. Marit - Aramaic, pearl, name of the wife of the Crown Prince of Norway
  56. Mary - Hebrew/Egyptian, drop of the sea, beloved. Mary is a name used quite frequently among royals and Queens. It was the first name of King George VI’s wife and the mother of Elizabeth II
  57. Masako - Japanese, proper child, Empress of Japan
  58. Maud - German, battle-mighty, name of the one of the earliest queens of England, also the first name of a former Queen of Norway
  59. Meghan - Welsh, pearl. Love her or hate her, Meghan is the first name of Prince Harry’s wife, the Duchess of Sussex
  60. Mia - Italian, mine, bitter, name one of Elizabeth II’s great-granddaughters
  61. Noor - Arabic/Dutch - light, name of the former Queen of Jordan
  62. Olga - Russia, holy, one of the daughters of the last Tsar of Russia
  63. Oriaku - Nigerian, Princess
  64. Phillipa - Greek, feminine version of Philip. Philippa Gregory is one of the most famous authors of royal historical fiction.
  65. Rosalind - Latin, pretty rose, name of Princess Diana’s great-grandmother
  66. Rose - Latin, a flower, the middle name of Princess Margaret, also one of the great royal tudor families, the House of Roses
  67. Sarah - Hebrew, princess, first name of the Duke of York’s former wife
  68. Savannah - Spanish, flat, tropical grassland, the name of one of Elizabeth II’s great-grandchildren
  69. Sibylla - Greek, oracle, name of the Princess of Albany
  70. Sophie - French, wisdom, first name of the Countess of Wessex
  71. Tiana - Slavic, fairy queen, the name of the Disney heroine in The Princess and the Frog
  72. Victoria - Latin, victory. The name of the second longest-ruling Queen of England
  73. Xena - Greek, guest, the name of the fictional action hero Xena Princess Warrior
  74. Zara - Arabic, blooming flower, God remembers. The first name of Princess Anne’s daughter.
  75. Zauditu - Ethiopian, She is the crown

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