Meaning and Origin of: Arya

Meaning and Origin of Arya

Girl name origins & meanings

  • German : Melody

What does Arya mean and stand for?

The name Arya is of German origin and means "melody." It was derived from an Indo-Iranian word meaning “Aryan” or “noble.”

Syllables: 2

Family name origins & meanings

  • Indian (northern states) : Hindu name found in several communities, from Sanskrit ārya ‘honorable man’ or ‘man of the Aryan race’. In the Panjab it is a Jat name based on the name of a Jat clan.


According to Social Security Administration data, Arya has only recently become popular, breaking the top 100 for the first time in 2019 after entering the scene in 2010. Though it is increasingly popular, Arya is not nearly as popular as its sister spelling, Aria.

However, it is the 19th most popular name on

According to Google search data analysis, in the last five years Arya was at its peak popularity in April 2019.

Arya has recently become popular with the rise of George RR Martin's series Game of Thrones, as well as Christopher Paolini's Inheritance Cycle trilogy. Not seen elsewhere, we can expect the name to grow in popularity soon.

Where is it Popular?

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Nicknames for Arya

  • Ari
  • Ree
  • RiRi

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