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  • Child Getting Vaccinated
    Coronavirus Resource Center
    Does My Child Need a COVID-19 Booster? (What to Know About COVID Boosters for Kids & Teens)
    As much as we had hoped the COVID-19 pandemic would be a distant memory almost two years in, it is unfortunately still rearing its ugly head around the country and the world. With each new variant that surfaces, the CDC, school systems, communiti...
    L. Elizabeth Forry
  • Best Learning Website
    Best Learning Websites for Kindergarten & Pre-school Kids in 2021
    As parents, we need to admit that screen time and an online presence are here to stay when it comes to our children and their education. While yes, it is true that hands-on learning through play is the ultimate and best way for young children to ...
    L. Elizabeth Forry
  • 14-Year-Old Doesn
    Changes During Puberty
    I Need Help! Is my penis too small for my age?
    A 14-year-old wonders if his penis is too small for his age, and if he's developing too slowly. Our expert answers his questions. ...
  • Covid Safety Tips
    Coronavirus Resource Center
    Covid Safety Tips For Parents As Kids Head Back to School
    Many families and students faced challenges over the last year during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. With back-to-school around the corner, many districts are making a push for as much in-person learning as possible. Stress and anxiety are ...
    Jennifer Caffelle
  • Teaching Kids About Money
    Money and Kids
    The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Kids About Money
    One of the essential skills we as parents can pass down to our children is financial responsibility. But, unfortunately, money management is a difficult skill for many adults to master, so how do we teach kids about money when we’re not even su...
    L. Elizabeth Forry
  • Social Emotional Activities
    Entertainment and Activities
    15 Social-Emotional Activities for Preschoolers at Home
    For decades when parents and educators discussed learning and education, the focus was on academics and how well a child performs in school and tests. The concept of focusing on social skills is still reasonably new, yet it is equally important, ...
    L. Elizabeth Forry
  • Kids
    Why Kids Steal (And What to Do About It)
    Why Kids Steal -- and What to Do About It Point 1: Kids steal. Little kids steal a lot—from poor impulse control. It's a developmental stage; they want it, they take it. Older kids often steal, too. Your child is probably not evil or destined ...
  • 30 Mindfulness Activities
    30 Mindfulness Activities for Kids
    Mindfulness is the act of being aware of the present moment while having control of your emotions, feelings, thoughts, and body sensations. For children, learning to be aware of and regulate thoughts, feelings, emotions, and sensations can be cha...
    Jennifer Caffelle
  • 75 Phrases of Encouragement
    75 Phrases and Words of Encouragement for Kids of All Ages
    As parents, we all want to help boost our kids' self-esteem and find words and phrases that will motivate, encourage and inspire our children to reach their full potential. These encouraging phrases and inspirational quotes are sure to have a pos...
    Robin Enan
  • Feelings and Emotions
    The Ultimate List of Feelings to Help Kids Express Themselves
    This week I am bracing myself as I officially become a toddler mom. Though this week marks my little guy’s first birthday and “official” toddlerhood, I have been seeing the shift over the last few weeks. He cries when we take all of the man...
    Lauren Anderson
  • Child Playing with Homemade Clay
    5 Easy Homemade Clay Recipes to Make Clay with Kids
    Editor’s Note: The clay recipes in this article were published with permission by Trish Kuffner, author of The Toddler's Busy Book. Working with homemade clay is more than just a fun thing to do, whether you're an adult or a child. Studies hav...
    Sharon Greenthal
  • COVID Winter_Featured
    5 Activities for Kids During the COVID Pandemic
    COVID-19 is here with us for a bit longer. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still make this winter season a fun one. Parents are reporting their children’s screen time has increased by 60% with remote learning and the use of social media. It...
    Cynthia Thayer
  • Does Your Child Need a Tutor_Featured
    3 Warning Signs That Your Child May Need a Tutor
    Understanding your child’s education and learning style has never been more important than in the year 2020. With so many adjustments from remote learning to in-person adaptations and changes, there are likely a lot of students getting lost in ...
    Alexia Mezzini
  • Hereditary Intelligence_Featured
    Genetics and Pregnancy
    Is Intelligence Inherited? A Genetic Explanation
    Do you ever wonder if your child's cognitive ability was inherited or if it's based on environmental factors? In fact, human intelligence is a fairly equal mix of genetics and environmental influences. Genetic differences in cognition are more li...
    Elisa Cinelli
  • 11 Life Skills
    11 Life Skills Every Child Should Know
    Are you preparing your child to be independent? Teaching your child life skills is not only important for self-care and sufficiency — but it also allows him to feel empowered, works on socialization and reasoning, and helps develop healthy self...
    Jennifer Caffelle
  • Selective Hearing_featured
    The Key Signs Your Child Has Selective Hearing and What to Do About It
    Concerned about hearing loss? It could be selective hearing. Selective hearing is the natural process by which we filter out background noise, picking up the auditory information that is important to us. Selective hearing is a helpful phenomenon,...
    Elisa Cinelli
  • The 8 best convertible cribs for 2020
    Cribs and Beds
    The 8 Best Convertible Cribs in 2020
    Editor’s Note: We know raising kids can be hard. That’s why we’re dedicated to making your life easier with the latest and greatest parenting advice and products. We wanted to let you know that if you chose to purchase one of the items feat...
    Elisa Cinelli
  • Helping kids deal with anxiety related to coronavirus
    Coronavirus Resources for Parents
    Helping Kids Deal With Anxiety Related to the Coronavirus
    Adults aren’t the only ones facing anxiety and mental health issues thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Kids are facing more challenges than ever before as they learn to cope with distance learning, scary news, and a nearly constant feeling of ...
    Charise Rohm Nulsen