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75 Spiritual Names With Deep Meanings

If you're looking for a baby name with a deeper meaning, consider a spiritual name. We've put together a list of spiritual names for boys, girls, and gender-neutral options.
75 Spiritual Names
Updated: February 19, 2024
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Your name, when spoken, announces you and identifies your soul’s energy. A name with heavy connotations will leave definite energetic impressions on anyone that they encounter and can more importantly alter the path of the soul that carries the name. This is why you may consider a name rooted in spirituality.

In life, we go through sprouts of growth, vibrational adjustments, and changes because we are forces of nature continually evolving. We are multidimensional beings. We rise. We elevate. We vibrate higher. Spiritual names are vibrational blessings and further, it is the frequency of our name that makes the ride easier.

Outside of the fact that names have specific meanings, names are spiritually important to the destiny and well-being of the individual. We’ve created a list of 75 spiritual baby names that are chosen to bless your little one and pave the way for their life steps.

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Spiritual Baby Girl Names

For new parents, each name option carries a profound significance, often weaving stories of heritage, culture, and spirituality. Spiritual baby girl names are chosen with the hope of embodying virtues and grace, invoking a deep sense of purpose.

  1. Abigail - It comes from Hebrew and the Bible and means “brings joy.”
  2. Adna - It is a Biblical name meaning “pleasure, delight.”
  3. Aisha - A Muslim baby name meaning “life, Vivaciousness.”
  4. Amana - Hebrew origin name meaning “loyal, faithful.”
  5. Anani - A Biblical name meaning “a cloud.”
  6. Angela - Spanish girl name meaning “angel, messenger of God.”
  7. Angelique - French girl name meaning “like an angel.”
  8. Athena - Name of the goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology. 
  9. Batya - Hebrew girl name meaning “daughter of God.”
  10. Bliss - English origin name meaning “perfect joy.” 
  11. Celeste - French name meaning “heavenly.”
  12. Cielo - Pronounced as Cheh-loh, it is a female name of Spanish origin that means  “sky, heaven.”
  13. Eden - It is an attractive name of Hebrew origin meaning “place of pleasure, delight.”
  14. Elisabeth - A beautiful Greek baby girl name meaning "God's promise." 
  15. Emma - English origin name meaning “whole, complete.”
  16. Faith - A Christian virtue name popular in the 16th century meaning “confidence, trust, belief.”
  17. Genesis - American baby name meaning “beginning.”
  18. Gita - Sanskrit origin name meaning “song” that evokes the beauty of Bhagavad Gita. It has special significance in Hinduism.
  19. Grace - Irish baby name meaning “God’s favor.”
  20. Gwyneth - Welsh name meaning “blessed.”
  21. Halo - Derived from Greek origin, it means “divine aura," "disc of the sun and moon," or "circular aura of light depicted above the head of the holy angel.”
  22. Isabelle - American baby girl name meaning “Devoted to God.”
  23. Joanna - Derived from Hebrew, it is a biblical name meaning “ God is gracious.”
  24. Kezia - This biblical girl’s name of Hebrew origin means ‘cinnamon’. It has great spiritual significance.
  25. Lux - Latin origin name meaning “light.”
  26. Naomi - Biblical origin name meaning “beautiful, agreeable.”
  27. Maria - Hebrew origin name meaning “mistress or lady of the sea," "rebellious" 
  28. Priscilla - The ancient name of Latin origin meaning “ancient," "classic," and "venerable" 
  29. Rumi - Japanese origin name meaning “beauty.”
  30. Ruth - This Hebrew name means “companion” or “vision of beauty.”
  31. Shiloh - This Hebrew name originates from ancient Israel and means “peace” or "tranquil" 
  32. Uma - Hindu Goddess name meaning “bright.”
  33. Vashti - It is a unique Hebrew name meaning “beautiful.”
  34. Veda - Sanskrit origin name meaning “knowledge.”

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Spiritual Baby Boy Names

Embarking on the journey of parenthood often begins with the profound task of selecting a name that carries deep meaning and positive energy. When it comes to naming a little one, spiritual baby boy names offer a way to imbue a child's identity with values and tradition right from the start.

  1. Aaron - Hebrew origin meaning “exalted.”
  2. Adam - Hebrew origin name meaning “man from the red earth.”
  3. Apollo - Greek mythology name meaning “God of medicine, music, and poetry.”
  4. Bardo - This name of Tibetan, German, and Aboriginal origin means “water.”
  5. Bodhi - Sanskrit origin name meaning “awakening, enlightenment.”
  6. Christmas - Derived from an English origin, this name suggests “festivity and fun.”
  7. Clement - Originating from Latin, this baby boy's name is “mild, merciful.”
  8. David - Originating from Hebrew, this traditional name means “beloved.”
  9. Dharma - Sanskrit and Buddhist origin name meaning “religious duty.”
  10. Dhruv - Sanskrit origin name that means “North Star” or "North Pole" The name Dhruv symbolizes reliability and a strong sense of direction.
  11. Ethan - Hebrew origin name meaning “solid, enduring.”
  12. Ezra - Hebrew origin name meaning “help.”
  13. Felix - It is a Latin name that means “fortunate.”
  14. Gabriel - Hebrew name meaning “God is my strong man.”
  15. Gideon - Hebrew origin means “Hewer, one who cuts trees.”
  16. Isaac - This Hebrew boy's name means "one who laughs or rejoices." 
  17. Isaiah - Traditional Hebrew name meaning “salvation of the Lord.”
  18. Jacob - Baby boy name of Hebrew origin meaning “the one who comes after"
  19. Jupiter - Latin origin baby boy name meaning “the Supreme God.”
  20. Loyal - English origin name meaning “faithful.”
  21. Matthew - English language name meaning “gift of God.”
  22. Nathan - Hebrew origin name means “he gave.”
  23. Nirvana - This is a beautiful name of Hindu origin meaning "transcendent state." It also finds mention in Buddhism.
  24. Pax - It is short for Paxton which is an Old English origin name meaning "peaceful state"
  25. Peter - The age-old Greek name means “the stone or rock.”
  26. Reuben - This name of Hebrew origin means “behold, a son.”
  27. Saint - Originating from the Latin word Sanctus, this name means “sacred, holy.”
  28. Salem - Biblical and Arabic in origin, this means “safe.”
  29. Salman - Arabic origin name meaning “safety.”
  30. Solomon - This Hebrew name means “peaceful.”
  31. Theodore - Greek origin name meaning “Gift of God.”
  32. Zen - Japanese origin name meaning “peaceful and calm” or "meditation" 
  33. Zephyr - Greek origin name meaning “of the west wind.”
  34. Zeus - Greek mythological name for the supreme God and god of the sky.
  35. Zion - Hebrew origin name meaning “the highest point.”

Gender-Neutral Spiritual Baby Names

Exploring the realm of gender-neutral spiritual baby names unveils a beautiful spectrum of options that transcend traditional gender boundaries and resonate with a deeper, universal soulfulness.

  1. Arya - Sanskrit origin name apt for both baby boys and girls meaning “noble.” It is a popular name for both boys and girls.
  2. Eden - Biblical and Hebrew origin name meaning “pleasure.”
  3. Honour - This unisex English name evokes virtuousness and means “dignity, reputation.”
  4. Infinity - Apt for wishing your baby a long life, this unisex name of American origin means “endless.”
  5. Sky -  An Old Norse word originally, "Sky" represents the atmosphere above the Earth. The name Sky is a great unisex name option.
  6. Vesper - This unisex name of Latin origin means “evening prayer.”

What Are Spirit Names?

Spiritual names for boys often draw inspiration from divine qualities, sacred texts, or enlightened figures across various cultures and religions. These names carry a deeper meaning, often representing virtues and transcendental qualities. They can also serve as a reminder to strive toward spiritual growth and enlightenment.

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