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100 Girl Middle Names for Your Little One

Looking for a middle name for your baby girl? Browse our list of unique middle names for girls.
100 Girl Middle Names
Updated: February 2, 2022

Choosing a first name for your brand new baby girl can seem like a really difficult task, but no one prepared you for choosing the perfect middle name. There are so many to choose from that work so well such as one-syllable or unique middle names

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Not to worry! We put together a list that includes some of the most popular middle names for girls as well as ones you may have not thought of. Either way, they pair so well with all kinds of first names that will. (For first names, we've got you covered with 1000 of the most popular girl names). Plus, it's way easier than using a name generator! So let's dive into this baby name list that is full of beautiful girl names.

Beautiful Middle Names for Girls 

  1. Alexandra - Greek and English for "defender of mankind"
  2. Alice - German for "noble" and Greek for "truth"
  3. Amelia - German for "industrious"
  4. Amy - Latin for "beloved"
  5. Anne - Hebrew for "gift of God's favor"
  6. April - Latin for "blooming"
  7. Aria - Hebrew, and German for "melody"
  8. Audrey - Old English for "noble strength"
  9. Ava - Latin for "birdlike" and Hebrew for "life"
  10. Avery - English for "counselor"
  11. Bailey - French for "bailiff" or Old English for "fortification"
  12. Bee - Latin for "one who brings happiness"
  13. Blake - Italian for "white" or "fair"
  14. Caitlin - Several origins such as Irish, Greek, and Celtic which all translate to "pure"
  15. Cameron - Old English for "bent nose"
  16. Casey - Irish for "vigilant"
  17. Catherine - Greek for "pure"
  18. Charlotte - French for "little and womanly"
  19. Chloe - Greek for "lark"
  20. Courtney - English name for "courtly" or "dignified"
  21. Denise - French for "follower of Dionysius"
  22. Diane - Latin for "divine"
  23. Elizabeth - Hebrew for "God's oath"
  24. Ella - Old German for "all"
  25. Elise - German for "noble and Greek for "truth"
  26. Eloise - French for "intelligent" and Old German for "warrior maiden"
  27. Emma - German for "all-embracing"
  28. Emery - Latin for "loving"
  29. Erin - Irish for "western island"
  30. Evelyn - English for "hazelnut"
  31. Faith - Latin for "trust"
  32. Frances - Old French for "free"
  33. Gabrielle - Hebrew for "God is my strength"
  34. Gianna - Italian for "the Lord is gracious"
  35. Gloria - Latin for "glory"
  36. Grace - Latin for "blessing"
  37. Hannah - Hebrew for "God is merciful"
  38. Harper - Old Norse for "whaler"
  39. Hazel - Old English for "hazel tree"
  40. Hope - Old English for "faith"
  41. Iris - Greek for "goddess of the rainbow"
  42. Isabelle - Hebrew and French for "devoted to God"
  43. Isla - Spanish and Scottish for "island"
  44. Ivy - Old English for "vine"
  45. Jade - Spanish for "stone of the loins" and also the name of the deep green gemstone
  46. James - Hebrew for "supplanter" and is also a great unisex name
  47. Jamie - the French name for "I love" and also be used as a boy's name
  48. Jane - Hebrew for "God is gracious"
  49. Jennifer - Irish and Old Welsh for "white wave"
  50. Jo - Hebrew for "He shall increase" and Greek for "modest"
  51. Joy - Latin for "rejoice"
  52. Julia - Latin for "youthful"
  53. June - Latin for "young" and derived from the Roman Goddess Juno
  54. Kate - Greek for "pure"
  55. Lane - Middle English for "narrow road"
  56. Layla - Arabic for "dark as the night"
  57. Leah - Hebrew for "weary"
  58. Leigh - Several origins and meanings including Gaelic for "poet" and Chinese for "plum"
  59. Lily - Arabic for "of the night" and Latin for "a flower"
  60. Louise - Old German for "warrior maiden"
  61. Love - Old English for "loved one"
  62. Lynn - Chinese for "beautiful"
  63. Macy - Polish for "sea of bitterness"
  64. Madison - English for "good" or "child of Maud"
  65. Maeve - Irish for "joyous" and Celtic for "queen"
  66. Marie - French and Hebrew for "bitter"
  67. Mary - Hebrew and Irish for "bitter" or Italian for "beautiful"
  68. May - Greek for "high tower" or Latin for great
  69. Meghan - Greek for "strong" or "soft and gentle"
  70. Mia - Italian for "mine" and Scandinvaian for "star of the sea"
  71. Michelle - Hebrew for "like God" and Italian for "close to God"
  72. Mila - Italian for "miracle" and Russian for "dear one"
  73. Moon - Korean for "from the moon" or "letters"
  74. Morgan - Welsh and Irish for "lives by the sea" and would also be a great baby boy name
  75. Natalie - Latin for "birthday" or "child born at Christmas"
  76. Nicole - Greek and English for "victorious people"
  77. Nina - Spanish for "girl" and Hebrew for "grace"
  78. Noelle - Latin for "birthday" or French for "Christmas"
  79. Nova - Latin for "new"
  80. Paige - French for "intern"
  81. Piper - English for "flute player"
  82. Quinn - Latin for "a girl who is as pretty as two" and Gaelic for "wise"
  83. Rae - Several meanings and origins including Scottish for "grace" and German for "wise protection"
  84. Rain - Latin for "ruler" or "queenly"
  85. Renee - Latin for "reborn" and Greek for "peaceful"
  86. Riley - Irish for "rye" and Gaelic for "valiant"
  87. Robyn - English for "bright" or "famous"
  88. Rose - Latin for "a flower"
  89. Savannah - Spanish for "flat tropical grassland"
  90. Sophia - Greek for "wisdom"
  91. Stella - Latin for "star"
  92. Sue - Hebrew for "lily"
  93. Summer - English and Arabic for "summer season"
  94. Taylor - English for "tailor" and would also be a great baby boy middle name
  95. Vanessa - Greek for "a butterfly"
  96. Vera - Latin for "truth" and Slavic for "faith"
  97. Victoria - Latin for "victory"
  98. Violet - Latin for "purple"
  99. Yadira - Hebrew for "friend" or "companion"
  100. Zoe - Greek for "life"

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