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75 Icelandic Names for Your Little One

If you have Icelandic ancestry or a special connection with Iceland - or if you simply like Germanic names - take inspiration from our list of 75 Icelandic baby names.
Icelandic Names
Updated: September 8, 2023
Fact checked by  Devika Tomar

Choosing a baby name for your child in Iceland is a radically different process compared to other countries. First off, there is a list of approved names for you to pick from. If you are wanting a name that isn't on the list, you may submit it for approval but there is still the chance for it to be denied. It's so unique compared to how freely children can be named in the United States.

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If you have roots in Iceland, Scandinavia, or Norway, or if you love Norse mythology, then you will find a wonderful name on this list. Each of these names is also approved for use in Iceland as well, so you will know for sure that it has been used there. Don't worry, their origins and meanings are included as well to help you find that perfect baby boy name or baby girl name for your brand new little one.

Icelandic Baby Girl Names (with Meanings)

  1. Analía - This is one of the approved Icelandic names that can be used for a girl. However, it is more popular in Sweden and Argentina. It means "gracious."
  2. Anna - There are several uses of this name in many different languages. It is very popular in Iceland and it means "grace" or "favor" in Hebrew.
  3. Atli - This is the Old Norse form of the name Attila. The meaning of the name Atli is "ornament" or "one without mercy."
  4. Audbjörg - You will find that this name is derived from the Old German name "Odilberga," which translates to "to preserve prosperity or fortune."
  5. Auður - This name is one of the most popular girl names in Iceland and this is actually the modern spelling. It means "prosperity" in Old Norse.
  6. Birta - In Old German, this name means "bright and famous" and is often spelled "Bertha." Birta is the Icelandic variant.
  7. Brynhild - Brynhild is the name of a Valkyrie in Norse mythology. It means "ready for battle" in German.
  8. Drifa - This Icelandic girl's name is Old Norse for "fall of snow" or "snowdrift."
  9. Edda - Edda has several origins and meanings depending on what country you are in. In Iceland, it means "grandmother" in Old Norse.
  10. Elisabet - This name is seen in Sweden and Scandinavia as well as Iceland. It means "God's promise, my God is an oath."
  11. Elva - This name has both Irish and Norse roots. It means "elf" or "fairy."
  12. Faida - This name means "wings that are folded" in Icelandic.
  13. Fjola - an Icelandic name that means "a violet flower."
  14. Freyja - Old Norse name meaning "noble lady" or "noble women."
  15. Gígja - Old Norse for "fiddle" or "violin."
  16. Guðrún - This Old Norse name is one of the most popular girls' names in Iceland. It means "God" and "secret lore."
  17. Hallbera - This approved name is derived from the Old Norse word "hallr" which means "big stone."
  18. Hekla - Old Norse for "cloak" and shares the name of an active volcano located in southwest Iceland.
  19. Helga - Old Norse for "holy" or "blessed."
  20. Hjordis - This is the Swedish form of "Hjǫrdís" which means "sword goddess" in Old Norse.
  21. Inga - Inga is an Old Norse name that originated in Scandinavia and means "protected."
  22. Ingibjörg - In Old Norse, this Icelandic baby name means "the help of Ing." Ing was a German fertility God.
  23. Jóhanna - This is the Icelandic form of "Johanna" which means "God is gracious" in Hebrew.
  24. Kaðlín - Meaning "battle" in Celtic, this is the feminine Nordic form of "Cadlae."
  25. Karitas - This name means "beloved" and it is the Icelandic version of the Scandinavian name "Carita."
  26. Katla - Also sharing the name of an active volcano in Iceland, Katla is one of the 10 top girl names and it means "kettle."
  27. Kristín - This is the Icelandic modern form of the popular name Christina and it means "anointed."
  28. Lilja - This is an Icelandic and Swedish name that means "lily flower."
  29. Margrét - This is the Nordic variant of "Margaret" which means "pearl."
  30. Nanna - You can find several different origins and meanings of this name, including its Old Norse roots from the word "nanþ" which means "daring."
  31. Saga - Old Norse for "seeing one."
  32. Silja - This name is used in several languages including Finnish, Icelandic, and Norwegian. It means "blind one."
  33. Sindri - This is a common name for a boy in Iceland but can also be used as a gender-neutral name. It is Old Norse for “blacksmith.”
  34. Sóley - Icelandic name that means "buttercup."
  35. Thekla - Even though it is popular in Iceland, this name is actually Greek and means "God" or "glory."
  36. Valgerður - Icelandic for "ruler" or "protection."
  37. Verdandi - This name was derived from an Old Norse word that means "becoming" and was also the name of one of the goddesses of destiny in Norse mythology.
  38. Vor - This is the feminine version of the Nordic name "Var" which means "spring."

Icelandic Baby Boy Names (with Meanings)

  1. Alvar - Icelandic for "elf warrior." 
  2. Aron - A Nordic name that means "strong one."
  3. Axel - A Scandinavian name that means "father of peace."
  4. Benteinn - This is a less common name in Iceland and Scandinavia and it's a kenning (or Nordic compound word) for "sword."
  5. Björn - This name has many origins including Swedish and Icelandic. It simply means "bear."
  6. Darri - Icelandic for a "spear.
  7. Dóttir - This is the Icelandic word for "daughter" but is a common boys' name.
  8. Egill - Old Norse for "awe" or "terror."
  9. Einar - A Scandinavian name derived from "alone" and "warrior."
  10. Emil - Icelandic for "rival." 
  11. Flóki - Norse for "a heroic Viking."
  12. Friðrik - Icelandic for "peaceful ruler."
  13. Funi - Several origins including Icelandic and Danish, and it means "flame."
  14. Gunnar - Old Norse for "warrior."
  15. Guðmundur - Icelandic name composed of the elements "God" and "protector."
  16. Halldór - Norse for "Thor's stone."
  17. Helgi - Scandinavian and Dutch name that means  "one who is blessed."
  18. Ísak - Icelandic variant of the name "Isaac" which means "he laughs."
  19. Jóhann - Icelandic form of "Johannes" which means "God is gracious."
  20. Jökull - Icelandic for "glacier."
  21. Jón - One of the most popular names in Iceland and it means "the letter of God" or "God is gracious." 
  22. Ketill - This name is derived from an Old Norse word that means "kettle."
  23. Kristján - An approved name in Iceland that means "Christ-bearer." 
  24. Magnús - Old Norse variation of "Magnus" and it means "greatest."
  25. Matthías - This Icelandic name has German roots, and it means "gift of God."
  26. Nói - Icelandic for "small vessel."
  27. Ólafur - Icelandic and Old Norse name that means "ancestor's descendent."
  28. Örn - Icelandic for "eagle."
  29. Pétur - Icelandic form of "Peter" that means "the stone."
  30. Ragnar - A name composed of the Old Norse elements that mean "counsel" and "army."
  31. Sigurður - Icelandic for "guardian of victory."
  32. Stefán - Icelandic version of the Greek name "Stephanos" which means "crown."
  33. Thor - Old Norse for the "God of thunder."
  34. Tómas - Nordic version of the Greek name "Thomas" which means "twin."
  35. Valtýr - Icelandic for "rule" and "army."
  36. Viktor - Icelandic for "conqueror."
  37. Vilmar - Icelandic for "a great warrior."

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