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Jennifer Caffelle

Education and Leadership Expert

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About Jennifer

Jennifer is currently working for a US-wide health care system, and has worked professionally for 13+ years in the fields of early education and leadership, including in the role of Director with the international education and childcare company, Bright Horizons.

Experience and Background

  • M.Ed - Educational Leadership, Concordia University
  • B.S Child, Youth and Community Education - Curry College

FamilyEducation Area of Expertise

Jennifer is a Family Education Expert specializing in education, leadership and childcare.

  • Toddler Growth and Development

    There are are six common signs of potty training readiness that can help you determine whether or not your child is ready for this big transition.

  • Naming Trends

    These boy names that mean love will fill your heart with joy. From romantic boy names to heart and love names of different cultures, you'll find a baby name to fall in love with.

  • Entertainment and Activities, Outoor Activities

    Get closer to nature with these hands-on outdoor activities for children.

  • Entertainment and Activities, Arts and Crafts, Sculpting and Playdough

    From cooked, uncooked, edible to inedible, we’ve got a play doh recipe (and ingredient list) for every parent, carer, and child. You’ll love these!

  • Baby Names, Choosing a Name, Naming Trends

    If you're keen to give your baby a name that's associated with peace and tranquility, you'll love this list of 100 boy, girl, and gender-neutral names.

  • Entertainment and Activities, Gift Ideas

    If you're in need of some inspiration when gift-buying for a two-year-old boy, look no further than our 15 top gift ideas list.

  • Baby Names, Choosing a Name, Naming Trends

    If you have Icelandic ancestry or a special connection with Iceland - or if you simply like Germanic names - take inspiration from our list of 75 Icelandic baby names.

  • Baby Names, Naming Trends, Choosing a Name

    Whether you'd like a classic Old Testament name, or a more unusual New Testament choice for your gift from God, you'll find a broad selection of biblical baby names in our top list of 75.

  • Family Life, COVID Resources

    Make sure that this year's Back-to-School experience is healthy, as well as happy, with our top Covid safety tips. These will help you to remind your children of the simple things they can do to keep themselves and others safe and well this season.

  • Baby Names, Baby Names, Baby Names

    These baby names exude grace, dignity, and poise and are the perfect choice for your little one.

  • School and Learning, Back to School

    With another school year approaching, it's time to restock the kiddos' school supplies. Choosing the right backpack for your child can help set them up for success. Here are our top picks for the best backpacks for kids for school this year.

  • Baby Names, Choosing a Name, Naming Trends

    If you're looking for a nature-inspired name for your little one, why not look to the forest? These forest-inspired names are the perfect choice for your little one.

  • Kids, Childhood Development, Emotional Development

    Here are 30 simple and achievable mindfulness activities for kids focusing on sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound.

  • Entertainment and Activities, Outoor Activities

    Keeping kids entertained over the summer can be a challenge. Give your kids a break from the screens this summer with this ultimate list of outdoor activities for kids. Whether you're looking for water play, arts and crafts, physical activities, science fun, or ideas for the whole family, we've got you covered.

  • Babies, Baby Hygiene

    Now that you have a little one to tote around with you, even the simplest errands and trips can feel overwhelming. Packing the right diaper bag essential will give you peace of mind that you will be prepared for any situation life might throw at you.

  • Baby Names

    If you're looking for a baby name that exudes positivity, brightness, and natural beauty, look no further than this list of 75 names that mean light for baby boys, girls, and gender-neutral options.

  • Family Life, Mom's Corner

    It’s common for moms of any stage to experience very real mom burnout. Here's how to avoid reaching the breaking point of burnout.

  • Baby Names, Choosing a Name, Naming Trends

    If you're looking for a short girl name to pair with a long last name, we've got a list of 75 names with powerful meanings and a variety of origins to inspire you.

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