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75 Short Girl Names That Pack a Punch

If you're looking for a short girl name to pair with a long last name, we've got a list of 75 names with powerful meanings and a variety of origins to inspire you.
75 Short Girl Names
Updated: December 21, 2022

There are certainly benefits to choosing a short girl name when considering baby girl names.  One option is to permanently use the short form of a  vintage name for girls to stay on-trend. For example, you may choose a short name that doubles as a nickname like turning Beatrice into Bea or Eleanor into Ella.  

You can pair unique short first names easily with short or long middle names without feeling overwhelmed.

We’ve created a name list with 75 short girl names that are unique and sure to pack a punch.  

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With powerful name meanings and a variety of origins, we think you’ll take inspiration from these sweet baby girl names.

Unique Short Names for Girls with Meanings 

baby girl names that are short and unique

Unique Short Names for Girls with Meanings that Start with A to J

  1. Ada - This short girl name is a German name meaning “noble one”.
  2. Ally - This is a Greek name meaning noble, bright, or famous.
  3. Alma - A modern short girl name meaning nourished and kind.
  4. Ann - Hebrew for God has favored me.
  5. Ari - An Arabic girl name for “brings rain”.
  6. Ava - This name is Latin for “to live”.
  7. Bree - This short Irish girl's name means noble. 
  8. Dawn - This English name means daybreak, the start of a new day.
  9. Devi - This girl’s name means goddess and has origins in India. 
  10. Dora - This is a Greek name for girls meaning gift.
  11. Eden - This girl's name is Hebrew for Paradise.
  12. Ella - Hebrew name for Other Goddess, Ella is currently trending upwards on the popularity charts.
  13. Emma - A German name meaning whole or universal.
  14. Enid - This short girl’s name is Welsh for soul or life.
  15. Eva - This is Hebrew for Life.
  16. Evie - English for Life, Evie has quickly gained popularity and is a great trendy name for a little girl.
  17. Gia - This unique short girl name is Italian for God is Gracious.
  18. Hera - This baby girl name is Greek for Queen.
  19. Iris - This is Greek for a Rainbow or a beautiful flower.
  20. Isla - This is a Scottish name meaning Island, Isla has slowly gained popularity.
  21. Ivy - An English name based on the Ivy plant.
  22. Jade - An English name referring to the precious stone.
  23. Jia - A Chinese name meaning Family or Kin, a sweet name for a little one joining the family.
  24. Joy - A one-syllable girl name that is  Latin for happiness.

Unique Short Names for Girls with Meanings that Start with K to R

  1. Kate - An English name meaning Pure.
  2. Kodi - An American name meaning Helpful, Kodi has increased in popularity as a girl’s name.
  3. Kuri - A Japanese name meaning Chestnut.
  4. Lexi - This is Greek name meaning “defender of man”.
  5. Liv - This is a Scandinavian name meaning “defense” and has seen a steady increase in popularity recently.
  6. Lucy - An English name meaning “of the light”.
  7. Luna - This baby girl name is Latin for Moon and is steadily gaining traction on the popularity charts.
  8. Mary - Latin for “of the sea”, a lovely meaning for your sweet baby girl, especially if water is meaningful to your family.
  9. Mia - This three-letter girl name  is Scandinavian for Dear.
  10. Mila - This simple girl name is Slavic for Dear or Gracious and is steadily rising on the list of popular baby names.
  11. Mina - A German name meaning Love.
  12. Myla - Gaining popularity, Myla is a short and unique girl name that means soldier.short baby girl
  13. Nala - An African girl name that means “successful.”  Nala is steadily rising on the popularity charts.
  14. Nava - Hebrew for Lovely.
  15. Nika - A Greek name meaning Victory, Nika is currently rising in popularity.
  16. Noe - A Polonysian name that has recently gained popularity, Noe means Mist of Heaven.
  17. Nora - This Latin name means Honorable One.
  18. Nova - A Latin name gaining popularity, Nova means new.
  19. Olga - This Scandinavian name means Blessed or Holy.
  20. Pia - A Latin name that is gaining popularity, Pia means Pious or Reverent.
  21. Raya - An Israeli name for friend.
  22. Rio - A Spanish name meaning river.
  23. Risa - A Latin name meaning laughter, something we’re sure your little one will be filled with.
  24. Rosa - A Latin name meaning rose.
  25. Rumi - Japanese for beauty.
  26. Ruth - Hebrew name that means friend.

Unique Short Names for Girls with Meanings that Start with S to Z

  1. Shae - A Gaelic name meaning admirable.
  2. Sky - Referring to our large expansive sky, this short name has a big meaning.
  3. Sol - Spanish for the Sun.
  4. Sora - A Japanese name meaning Sky.
  5. Suki - A Japanese name meaning beloved.
  6. Suri - A Hebrew name meaning princess.
  7. Tess - This Greek name is a great way to shorten Teresa or Esther.
  8. Thea - A Greek name that means Gift of God.
  9. Tiva - A Native American name meaning dance.
  10. Tora - This Japanese name means tiger.
  11. Tori - A Japanese name meaning bird.
  12. Una - A Latin name meaning One, pretty as a one-syllable name.
  13. Ura - This Indian name means the heart.
  14. Vida - A Spanish name meaning Life.
  15. Viva - A Latin name meaning Alive, this is a great option if you’re looking for unique baby names.
  16. Xing - This Chinese name means Star, a unique choice if considering nature names.
  17. Xiu - This Chinese name means Elegant or Beautiful, a lovely meaning for a little girl.
  18. Yoko - A Japanese name meaning Good and Positive.
  19. Yori - This Japanese name means Reliable.
  20. Yuna - This Japanese name means Kindness.
  21. Zara - This is an English name that refers to a blooming flower.
  22. Ziv - A Hebrew name that means brilliance or light of God.
  23. Zoe - This Greek name means Life.
  24. Zofi - This Greek name means Wisdom.
  25. Zuma - This Arabic name means Peace, a wonderful meaning to pass on to your baby girl.

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