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Updated February 28, 2024

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Up until the 18th century, almost all Christian Greeks were named after Orthodox saints. Since then, many Greek first names have been heavily influenced by Christian values and the Bible, but also Greek mythology and the rich history and culture of Greece. In fact, many Greek names were popularized throughout Europe via works of Greek literature. 

Ancient Greek mythology shares many of the same characters as Roman mythology. Greek mythology, however, predates the Roman version by approximately one thousand years. Even so, there was some crossover between traditions and names, and some of the Latin names are still popular in Greece today. Greece has strong naming traditions, naming the first son after the paternal grandfather and the second after the maternal grandfather, which is why so many classic Greek names have remained so popular for so long.

Greek God Names

There is no doubt that Greek mythology and its gods have survived and thrived over thousands of years and are prevalent in cultures worldwide. Ancient Greek characters have even made it as far as Disney World with the 90s movie Hercules. 

Greek Boy Names (And Meanings)

Is your little boy the perfect child for a Greek god name?

  1. Apollo - Apollo is the Greek god of music, poetry, and the sun. 
  2. Hercules - The son of Zeus, known as the strongest man on earth. 
  3. Hermes - A Greek deity who was the messenger of the gods. 
  4. Triton - Triton is the son of Posideon and the messenger of the sea.
  5. Zeus - This name simply means "god." Zeus was the main god of Olympus, famous for his thunder and lightning bolts. 

Greek Girl Names (And Meanings)

You might have a little Iris or Artemis on your hands!

  1. Aphrodite - The Greek goddess of love.
  2. Artemis- The Greek goddess of the hunt. 
  3. Chloe - Chloe means spring and growth. It is an alternative name for Demeter. 
  4. Hera - Zeus’ wife. 
  5. Iris - A name meaning "rainbow." Iris is the Greek goddess of rainbows and symbolizes power and majesty.

Latinized Greek God Names

These Latinized names bridge ancient stories with modern retellings, offering a unique glimpse into the pantheon that has shaped so much of our cultural heritage.

  1. Alexander - A boy’s name that means "defender of man." From the Greek name Alexandros.
  2. Ambrosia - The Latin and feminine version of Ambrose, which means "immortal."
  3. Demetrius - The Latin version and masculine form of Demeter, the Greek goddess of the harvest. An alternative spelling is Demetrios. 
  4. Phoebe - Phoebe is the Latin version of Phoibe which means "light."
  5. Selena - The Latin form of Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon. 

Greek Literature Names

Greek mythology and literature are intertwined, but not all characters from the tales and myths were gods and goddesses. Many Greek namesakes stem from tales and literature, chief among them The Odyessy. Many of these ancient names are quite popular today in English-speaking cultures and around the world. 

Greek Boy Names (And Meanings)

These Greek names for boys are sourced from famous books and poetry.

  1. Adonis - A character from Greek mythology known for his beauty.
  2. Hector  - Hector was a mighty fighter during the Trojan War.
  3. Jason - This now-common name means "healer." Jason is a hero from Greek mythology.
  4. Paris - Paris is the prince of Troy from The Odyessy
  5. Penelope - She was the wife of Odysseus in the great Trojan tale. 

Greek Girl Names (And Meanings)

So many Greek girl names can be found in literature, including the following ones.

  1. Athena - The patron of Athens from The Odyessy.
  2. Calliope - The Greek muse of poetry. 
  3. Cassandra - The daughter of the king and queen of Troy.
  4. Circe - A sorceress from The Odyessy. 
  5. Helen - The great beauty from Homer’s Odyessy.

Christian-Inspired Greek Baby Names

Christianity first came to Greece in 51 A.D. when St. Paul. Over the years, it took hold and became a strong influence throughout the country. By the end of the 4th century A.D., it was considered the official religion. The Greek Orthodox church still exists today, and many popular baby names stem from the church. 

Greek Boy Names (And Meanings)

Might one of these names be perfect for your little boy?

  1. Andrew - Andrew was one of the original twelve disciples. 
  2. Christos - "To anoint." An alternative to Christopher. 
  3. Constantine - Emperor Constantine is known for being the ruler who Christianized Rome.
  4. Gregorious - "Watchful and vigilant." Alternate versions are Gregory and Georgios.
  5. Nikolaos - St. Nicholas was a 4th-century saint.

Greek Girl Names (And Meanings)

These girl names are not only virtuous, but great options for Greek names for a little girl!

  1. Agape - "Love." Agape is the highest form of love. 
  2. Agatha - "Good and honorable. "
  3. Daphne - "Laurel tree."
  4. Dorothy - "Gift of God."
  5. Konstandia - "Saint." The feminine and Greek form of Constantine.

Greek Culture-Inspired Names

Ancient Greece had many heroes and heroines, some real and some from mythology. As a result, Greek culture has inspired many monikers that are still popular names today. 

  1. Ajax  - The name means "eagle" and comes from the Greek word aiastes.
  2. Alexis - The feminine version of Alexander. Alternative versions are Alexandria and Alexandra.
  3. Andreas - A boy’s name that comes from the Greek word that means "manly and strong."
  4. Athanasios - A masculine name meaning "immortal."
  5. Basil - A boy’s name that means "king."
  6. Eugene - A male name meaning "well-born."
  7. Philip - A boy’s name that means "lover of horses."
  8. Roxane - A girl’s name of Persian origin that means "dawn." It was the name of one of Alexander the Great’s wives. 
  9. Sousanna - It means "lily." It's the Greek version of the Hebrew name Shoshanna. 
  10. Stephanie - A feminine name that means "crown" or "victorious."

Most Popular Greek First Names

Greek names carry with them a rich historical and cultural significance, often encapsulating unique stories, qualities, and virtues. Below is a curated selection of some of the most popular Greek first names, each with its own distinct meaning and heritage.

  1. Alexander - Meaning "defender of the people", Alexander has been a powerful name throughout history, most notably borne by Alexander the Great, the legendary Greek king and military leader.
  2. Diotama - Reflecting ancient Greek philosophy, Diotama means "inspired by Zeus". It's a name that implies divine inspiration and wisdom, honoring the king of the Greek gods.
  3. Drakos - Originating from the Greek word for "dragon", Drakos is a name that conveys power, fierceness, and mystery. It's a name that embodies strength and the mythical aura of dragons.
  4. Elena - Derived from the name Helen, Elena means "shining light" or "the bright one". It's a name that evokes beauty and brightness, much like the mythological Helen of Troy.
  5. Madalena - A variant of Magdalene, meaning "from Magdala", Madalena has been embraced in Greek culture. It's a name with biblical roots, signifying someone who comes from the village of Magdala, known for its beauty and grandeur.
  6. Maria - Though used widely across different cultures, Maria has deep roots in Greek history, meaning "beloved" or "love". It's a timeless name that signifies deep affection and care.
  7. Nikolas - Meaning "victory of the people" or "victorious people", Nikolas is a name that encapsulates strength and success. It is often shortened to Niko.
  8. Sebastian - Though not originally Greek, Sebastian is widely loved in Greece, meaning "venerable" or "revered". It suggests someone worthy of respect and honor.
  9. Sophia - This beautiful name means "wisdom" in Greek. It has been a popular name for centuries, reflecting the value placed on wisdom in Greek culture.

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