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Updated April 15, 2024

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Girl name origins & meanings

What does Eva mean and stand for?


  • Hebrew: Life or living one
  • Latin: Bird

Gender: Female

Syllables: 2

Pronunciation: The name Eva is pronounced ee-vuh

The name Eva is of Hebrew origin and means "life". It derives from the Hebrew word chawah, meaning "to breathe." Eva from the Latin name of Eve, which is most notably the first woman alive in Abrahamic religions.

Girl name variations

How Popular Is The Name Eva

Family name origins & meanings

Spanish and Portuguese: from the female personal name Eva (see Eve).

Famous people who gave their babies this name

Eva in Pop Culture

Do you know these fictional characters that share this first name?

  • Eva Zambrano from Hawthorne - A compassionate and tough doctor who balances her professional and personal life.
  • Eva Price from Coronation Street - A bubbly and sometimes scheming barmaid with a big heart.
  • Eva Kviig Mohn from Skam - A Norwegian teenager navigating the complexities of love, friendship, and identity.
  • Eva Lee from Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - The loyal and efficient intelligence officer providing mission briefings.
  • Eva from WALL-E - The sleek, advanced exploration robot that captures hearts with her determination and care.

Popularity of the Name Eva?

According to Social Security Administration data, Eva has maintained a consistent popularity in the United States, often finding itself in the top 100 names for girls over the past few decades. Its simple elegance and timelessness contribute to its steady choice among parents. Historical figures with the name Eva, such as Eva Perón of Argentina, have left a distinguished legacy that continues to inspire.

Additionally, the name Eva has found resonance in the arts, with actresses like Eva Green and Eva Longoria enhancing its glamour and appeal. Fictional characters named Eva grace the narratives of films, novels, and TV shows, making it a name that transcends cultures and generations.

Where Is the Name Eva Popular?

This name is most popular across certain states in the U.S., including those highlighted on the map below.

Nicknames for Eva

  • Eve
  • Evie

Eva Pairs Well With These Middle Names

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