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The Ultimate List of Three Letter Girl Names

Looking for a short but sweet name for your baby girl? We have the ultimate list of three letter girl names, many which are trending in 2020.
The ultimate list of three-letter girls' names
Updated: December 28, 2022

Choosing the right name for your baby girl can be a challenging experience. There are no shortage of ideas and resources to help you narrow down your options, but there can be many factors that you are taking into consideration when choosing the best fit for your new family member.

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Size of name may be a factor for you. When deciding on a first name, Jennifer Moss, the founder and CEO of, says that “we usually recommend that if you have a longer surname that you might want to pick a shorter first name, so the name in its entirety is not so cumbersome. This is where some great three-letter names come in!” 

You might think that shorter three letter names don’t allow room for a nickname, but that isn’t entirely the case. Jennifer Moss also suggests that shorter names can have even longer nicknames, such as Zoe/Zoey. If you’re looking for a shorter name for your baby girl, check out this ultimate list of three letter girl names, many of which are trending this year.

Three Letter Girl Names that Start with A to G

  1. Ada - With German heritage, pronounced Ay-dah, this is a feminine pretty name.
  2. Ady - Pronounced Ahh-dee, other forms are Adi, Addy and Addie.
  3. Ali - Pronounced Al-ee, this is a more unique way to spell Ally and less formal than Alison or Alexandra.
  4. Amy - A more American form of the French name Amée, which means "beloved."
  5. Ana - Can be pronounced Ah-na or A-na, this name has Spanish heritage, but can be used with your own personal flare.
  6. Ani - Typically pronounced A-nee this is a more unique three letter name for a girl.
  7. Ann - A classic English name that is very popular both in the three letter spelling as well as Anne.
  8. Ava - Pronounced Ay-vah, this three letter name has been in the top ten names for girls in the United States recently.
  9. Bay - A gender-neutral name that is short and sweet.
  10. Bea - Pronounced Bee, this is a classic name with a rich history.
  11. Bev - Pronounced Behv, often short for Beverly.
  12. Cai - A gender-neutral name that means “rejoice.”
  13. Cat - Pronounced Kat, sometimes short for Catherine or Cathy but also cute on it’s own.
  14. Daw - This name has Thai heritage and means stars, a lovely meaning for a girl’s name.
  15. Deb - Pronounced Dehb, a simple name that is fairly common .
  16. Del - Pronounced Dehl, this name is used for both male and females, and has a nice ring to it.
  17. Des - Pronounced Dehz, even with a short three letter name you can still have a nickname such as Desi.
  18. Dia - Pronounced Dee-ah, this is Spanish for “day.”
  19. Dot - With a Greek origin, Dot means “gift of God.”
  20. Eva - Typically pronounced either Ee-va or Eh-vah, you can pick which way you prefer for pronunciation.
  21. Eve - With religious undertones, Eve is a popular girl name.
  22. Flo - Not incredibly popular, this three letter name allows you to have some uniqueness for a girl.
  23. Gia - An Italian name, Gia means “God is Gracious.”

Three Letter Girl Names that Start with I to M

  1. Ida - Ida is a German name, but has popularity across the world.
  2. Ina - Pronounced both Ee-nah and Ie-nah, pretty for a girl in both pronunciations.
  3. Ira - Ira is a gender-neutral name, a great three letter option for a girl.
  4. Iva - Similar to Ivy, this is a cute name for a girl.
  5. Ivy - Named for the climbing plant, Ivy is currently a popular name in the United States..
  6. Jan - Pronounced Yahn for boys and Jan for girls, this is a sweet and simple three letter name.
  7. Jem - Another form of Gem, this is a pretty name for a girl.
  8. Joy - Of course meaning happiness, this is a perfect meaning for a baby girl.
  9. Kat - Kat means pure, a lovely meaning for a girl’s name.
  10. Kay - Kay is Greek for rejoice, and is a popular name worldwide.
  11. Kia - Pronounced Kee-ah, this name has an African history.
  12. Kim - A short three letter name that allows for longer nicknames, such as Kimmy or Kimmie.
  13. Kit - Kit is a gender-neutral name that works well for both boys and girls.
  14. Kya - Typically pronounced Kai-ah, this is a more unique three letter name for a girl.
  15. Lan - Lan is a Chinese flower, making it a beautiful name for a girl.
  16. Lea - Pronounced both Leh-ah and Lee, Lea is currently popular across the world..
  17. Liv - Celebrity status with actresses such as Liv Tyler and Liv Ullman, this is a popular three letter girl name.
  18. Liz - A more informal name than the classic Elizabeth, this is a simple three letter girl name.
  19. Lou - A great gender-neutral option if you’re looking for a simple, easy to pronounce name.
  20. Luz - Spanish for light, this makes a pretty name for a girl.
  21. Mac - A short form for a more formalized name like Mackenzie.
  22. Mae - Pronounced like the month, May, this name is popular especially in the United States.
  23. Mai - A Japanese name that means dance, Mai is a pretty name for a girl.
  24. Maj - If you’re looking for unique, Maj is a lesser known name.
  25. May - Just like the month, May comes from Maia, a Roman Goddess, giving a girl a royal name.
  26. Mea - A variant of Mia, Mea has both an Italian and Swedish background.
  27. Meg - As both an informal and simple option, Meg is a great three letter option.
  28. Mel - A nice gender neutral option, Mel works well as a three letter name.
  29. Mia - If you’re looking for a popular name, Mia ranks high across the world, especially right now in the United States.
  30. Mya - Pronounced either Mee-yah or My-ah, this is a great three letter option.

Three Letter Girl Names that Start with N to Z

  1. Nia - Currently high on the popularity charts for the United States, Nia is Welsh and means bright.
  2. Noa - With Hebrew meaning, Noa is a more feminine option than Noah.
  3. Nyx - Greek for night, Nyx is most commonly pronounced Niks.
  4. Pam - A very simple and basic three letter name that works well for girls.
  5. Rae - An English name that has held steady popularity in the United States.
  6. Ren - A gender-neutral name that has less popularity, this is a great three letter name if you are looking for uniqueness.
  7. Rey - A gender-neutral name meaning king, Rey can give a feeling of royalty to a child.
  8. Ria - Typically pronounced Ree-ah, this is a pretty three letter name for a girl.
  9. Rue - Pronounced Roo, this is named for an herb and is a more unusual name.
  10. Sal - A cute and simple three letter name that works well for both boys and girls.
  11. Sam - Most commonly associated with both Samuel and Samantha, Sam would make a cute non-traditional girl name.
  12. Sol - Meaning sun, Sol is a beautiful Spanish name for a girl.
  13. Sue - Popular in the United States, Sue is a simple and easy name for a girl.
  14. Sky - Sky is gaining popularity in the United States, a big name for a little girl.
  15. Tal - A Hebrew name meaning morning dew, this is a pretty meaning for a girl’s name.
  16. Tia - Pronounced Tee-ah, this is a pretty Spanish name for a girl.
  17. Ula - An unfamiliar name allowing some uniqueness for a girl.
  18. Val - Short and sweet, we like this three letter name for girls.
  19. Vox - Latin for voice, this is a non traditional name that gives a girl a spark.
  20. Yue - Chinese for moon, pronounced You-eh, this is beautiful for a girl.
  21. Zia - An unusual name that is so pretty for a girl.
  22. Zoe - Pronounced Zo-ee this name is popular worldwide, especially in the United States.

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