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75 Gladiator Names for Your Little One

Looking for a strong and courageous name for your little? Check out our gladiator-inspired names for boys, girls, and gender-neutral options.
75 Gladiator Names
Updated: January 18, 2023

The word "gladiator" comes from the Latin word for sword: gladius.

A gladiator is a skilled swordsman who is trained to fight mostly with their rudis (wooden sword) against other men or wild animals in an arena like the Colosseum. Their main purpose was to entertain the royals and audience in the Roman empire.

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Countless people would choose to be gladiators because of the fame and glamor attached to it. Despite the deadly nature of the sport, being a gladiator was considered one of ancient Rome's high-profile professions.

Although they were celebrated in art and applauded for their strength and fighting skills, it wasn't easy to be an ancient Roman gladiator. Watching gladiators fight for their own life was one of the chief forms of entertainment for the people of ancient Rome.

There were four main types of gladiators: Thraex, Samnites, Retiarius, and Murmillo.

The vast majority of names in gladiator times ended in -ius. Gladiators depicted bravery, entertainment, strength, potentiality, capability, sacrifices, defeat, surrendering, and struggle, as do many of these gladiator names. Here is a list of famous gladiator names for boys and gladitor names for girls

Gladiator Names for Baby Girls

  1. Aeliana- Ancient Latin name meaning 'the sun'
  2. Agnes- Having Greek origin, this name personifies purity
  3. Amazon- Old French or Latin origin meaning "one of a race of female warriors in Scythia.
  4. Antonia- Latin origin name meaning 'the priceless one'
  5. Aspra- Italian origin name meaning 'unpleasant, unagreeable'
  6. Audacia- Latin origin name meaning 'boldness-, courage'
  7. Augusta- It was a name originally given to honor wives/daughters of Roman emperors
  8. Aurelia- It is derived from the Latin word aureus meaning 'golden'
  9. Bellicina- Latin origin name meaning' female warrior or female gladiator'
  10. Camilla- Latin origin name meaning 'young ceremonial attendant'
  11. Cassia- Greek origin name meaning 'cinnamon'
  12. Cita- Latin origin name meaning 'a woman with agility'
  13. Decima- This name means 'tenth' in Latin and is usually used for a girl born in October, the tenth month.
  14. Drusilla- it is an ancient Roman name meaning 'fruitful'
  15. Ferocina - Latin origin name meaning 'a ferocious female gladiator'
  16. Fervida- Latin origin meaning 'boiling or hot'
  17. Flavia- An ancient Roman clan name meaning 'golden, blond'
  18. Florentina- Latin name meaning 'blooming'
  19. Funestus- Latin origin name meaning 'deadly or fatal
  20. Gaia- It has Greek origin and as per mythology, it represents the 'Goddess Earth'
  21. Incitata- Latin origin name meaning 'passionate'
  22. Julia- A classic Roman origin name which means 'youthful'
  23. Junia- Latin origin meaning 'born in June'
  24. Laelia- Related to the Roman family name 'Laelius'
  25. Marilla- Latin origin name meaning 'shining sea'
  26. Mevia- Roman origin name who was also a famous ancient female gladiator
  27. Luna- Luna in Roman mythology refers to the moon goddess.
  28. Potentina- Latin origin meaning 'a strong female gladiator'
  29. Tertia- Tertia means 'third' in Roman parlance.
  30. Tullia- Feminine form of Roman family name Tullius.
  31. Valentina- Latin derived the name for ' a muscular and powerful female who perform martial arts '
  32. Venus- Roman mythology legends portray Venus as the goddess of 'sex and love'
  33. Vita- Latin origin name for 'life'

Gladiator Names for Baby Boys​

  1. Acacius- Greek origin name meaning 'innocent, not evil'
  2. Antonius- Original Roman form of Antony which means 'priceless'
  3. Armipotens- English origin name meaning 'powerful'
  4. Asper- American origin name meaning 'hope answered'
  5. Asprinus- Latin origin name meaning 'peace'
  6. Atrox- Latin origin meaning 'savage and bloody'
  7. Aurelius- Latin origin meaning 'the golden one'
  8. Augustus- Latin name meaning 'great, magnificent
  9. Bellicus- Celtic origin name meaning 'strong, powerful' denoting Roman soldiers in the Roman army
  10. Carpophorus- Greek origin name meaning 'fruit bearer'.
  11. Celer- It is a great Roman name meaning 'speed'
  12. Cornelius- Latin name meaning 'horn'
  13. Commodus- Latin origin name meaning 'suitable, convenient'. He was a Roman emperor who fought in the arena with weaker gladiators.
  14. Crixus - It is a Gaulish origin name meaning 'one with curly hair '. He was a famous gladiator known to be the right-hand man of Spartacus.
  15. Flamma- Although the origin of this name is unknown, the name means 'flame' and he was one of the most formidable and capable gladiators. Originally from Syria, he was a soldier in the Syrian army who was later captured, condemned, and forced to fight in the arenas as a Gladiator in Ancient Rome.
  16. Gaius- Latin name meaning 'to rejoice'
  17. Hermes- Greek origin meaning "god of good luck"; a skillful fighter in ancient Rome mentioned in the poems of a contemporary Roman poet called Martial. He was well trained and superior to most other gladiators.
  18. Lars- Scandinavian origin meaning 'crowned with laurel'
  19. Marcellus- Latin origin name meaning 'warrior'
  20. Marcus Attilius - Roman origin meaning "Mars". Marcus Attilius was one of the many who chose to become a gladiator on their own accord rather than slavery in ancient Rome.
  21. Marius- Latin origin, from a Roman family name related to Mars, the God of war.
  22. Maximus- It is Latin term for 'greatest' or 'largest'
  23. Potentinus- Latin origin name meaning 'one who has strength'
  24. Priscus- Latin origin name meaning 'ancient'. He was a famous Roman gladiator who was awarded freedom by the emperor Titus.
  25. Prudes- Latin origin name meaning 'proud'. One of the most famous Roman gladiators known for his epic battle against Tetraites.
  26. Octavius- Latin origin name used for the eighth child in the family.
  27. Romulus: Latin name meaning 'citizen of Rome'.
  28. Septimus- Latin for the 'seventh son'
  29. Spartacus- Latin origin name meaning 'from the city of Sparta'. He was the most famous gladiator of ancient Rome.
  30. Spiculus- Latin name meaning 'ear of grain'. He was one of the famous ancient Roman gladiators who fought to win many battles in the amphitheater. He had a close relationship with Roman emperor Nero. Later, he was asked by Emperor Nero after his downfall to kill him, to which he refused.
  31. Taurus- Latin name meaning 'bull'
  32. Tetraites- Roman origin name whose meaning is unknown. He is one of the many famous gladiators known for his battles with another gladiator named Prudes.
  33. Thelonius- Latinized variation of 'Tillo' meaning 'the Lord'
  34. Valentinus- Roman origin name meaning ' healthy and strong
  35. Verus- Latin origin name meaning "a true one"; one of the many famous gladiators of the who was famed for his battle with Priscus which had led to both parties winning a Rudis from Emperor Titus, which is a wooden sword that symbolized a gladiator's freedom.
  36. Vinicius- An ancient Roman clan name meaning 'wine/vine'

Gender-Neutral Gladiator Baby Names

  1. Cicero- Statesman, orator, and author of first century B.C.
  2. Junius- Born in June
  3. Pontius- Roman origin name for 'fifth born'
  4. Primus- Latin origin name for 'the first born'
  5. Sextus- Latin origin name for 'sixth born'
  6. Vegetinus- Latin origin name meaning 'powerful one'

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