75 Cottagecore Names to Inspire Your Search

Updated: May 3, 2022
Cottagecore names are one of the biggest trends in baby names this year. Here are our favorite cottagecore names for girls, boys, and gender-neutral options.
Cottagecore Names
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Cottagecore names are a new trend in baby names that’s rising in popularity. These names, defined by an appreciation for romanticized rural life, evoke a sense of nostalgia by drawing from the natural world and from times of old.

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Cottagecore names like Daisy, Cyprus, Fawn, Finch, and Lupin are inspired by plants and animals, while River, Storm, and Autumn refer to the nonliving parts of the natural world. We see names inspired by rural occupations like Archer, Shepherd, and Sawyer, as well as literary references or names from ancient mythology, like Atticus and Daphne, that make us think of curling up by the fire with a good book.

Today’s new parents find themselves trapped in quarantine, staring out apartment windows onto empty urban sidewalks. Perhaps a desire to escape this bleak reality and the hope for a better future draws today’s parents to the cottagecore aesthetic.

Check out our list of 75 cottagecore girl, boy, and gender-neutral names for your new baby!

Cottagecore Names for Girls

  1. Amber - English, Dutch, a gemstone formed from fossil resin
  2. Autumn - English, Latin, the season
  3. Azalea - English, Greek the flower
  4. Beatrice - Italian, English, Swedish, means “voyager, traveler”
  5. Branwen - Welsh, means beautiful raven; Welsh mythology, sister of the British king Bran and the wife of the Irish king Matholwch
  6. Cerise - French, means “cherry”
  7. Clementine - English, French, means “merciful, gentle”
  8. Clover - English, the wildflower
  9. Daisy - English, the flower
  10. Daphne - Greek, means “laurel”; Greek Mythology, a nymph turned into a laurel tree by her father in order that she might escape the pursuit of Apollo
  11. Eliza - English, Polish, means “in the oath of God”
  12. Faye - English, means “fairy”
  13. Fawn - English, means “fawn”
  14. Flora - English, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, means “flower”; Roman Mythology, goddess of flowers and spring
  15. Harriet - English, means “home ruler”
  16. Hattie - English, means “home ruler”
  17. Hazel - English, the tree
  18. Holly - English, the bush
  19. Iris - English, the flower
  20. Ivy - English, the vine
  21. Jane - English, means “Yahweh is gracious”
  22. Juniper - English, the tree
  23. Lavender - English, the herb
  24. Maisie - Scottish, English, means “pearl”
  25. Matilda - English, Swedish, Finnish, Slovak, means “strength in battle”
  26. Meadow - English, means “meadow”
  27. Merriweather - English, means “happy weather”
  28. Nellie - English, Swedish, meaning unknown
  29. Olive - English, means “olive”
  30. Opal - English, the gemstone
  31. Pearl - English, means “pearl”
  32. Pippa - English, means “friend of horses”
  33. Poppy - English, the flower
  34. Posie - English, means “bunch of flowers”
  35. Rose - English, the flower
  36. Rosemary - English, the herb
  37. Summer - English, the season
  38. Winifred - Welsh, English, means “fair, blessed”
  39. Winter - English, the season
  40. Wisteria - English, the flower

Cottagecore Names for Boys

  1. Ambrose - English, means “immortal”
  2. Amias - Latin, means “friend”
  3. Arbor - Latin, means “tree”
  4. Archer - English, means “archer”
  5. Asher - English, the tree
  6. Aspen - English, the tree
  7. Atticus - Literature, from To Kill a Mockingbird, an Alabama lawyer who defends a black man accused of raping a white woman
  8. Bear - English, the animal
  9. Coriander - English, the spice
  10. Cyrus - English, the tree
  11. Edmund - English, German, Polish, means “protection of fortune”
  12. Finch - English, the bird
  13. Fletcher - English, means “maker of arrows”
  14. Harvey - English, means “battle-worthy”
  15. Hunter - English, means “hunter”
  16. Jack - English, means “Yaweh is gracious”
  17. Jasper - English, the gemstone
  18. Linus - Greek, means “flax”; Greek mythology, son of the god Apollo, who accidentally killed him in a contest
  19. Lupin - Latin, means “wolf”
  20. Lyle - English, means “island”
  21. Lysander - Greek, means “a release”
  22. Miles - English, meaning unknown
  23. Rowan - Irish, means “descendent of Ruadhán”
  24. Sawyer - English, means “sawer of wood”
  25. Silas - Greek, means “wood, forest”
  26. Shepherd - English, means “shepherd”
  27. Theodore - Greek, means “gift of God”
  28. Wilder - English, means “wild”

Gender-Neutral Cottagecore Names

  1. Briar - English, the plant
  2. Cedar - English, the tree
  3. Cinder - English, means “cinder”
  4. Robin - English, the bird
  5. River - English, means “river”
  6. Storm - English, means “storm”
  7. Willow - English, the tree

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