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100 Inuit Girl Names with Meanings

Looking for unique Inuit girl names? Discover a variety of traditional and modern Inuit names for girls, along with their meanings and origins.
Updated: April 18, 2023
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For the parents who are hunting for genuine Inuit girl names as well as their Inuit name meanings, we have fished for the best Inuk names around and reeled in quite the catch! 

Check out these 100 baby girl names to consider for your cold-weather baby!

The Inuit people are the ultimate symbol of strength and ingenuity. Surviving in the frigid Arctic regions of Canada, Alaska, Greenland, and Russia, their entire existence is rooted in nature’s ability to provide for its inhabitants.

This is one of the main reasons that these Indigenous Peoples choose names that relate to animals, the environment, the weather, and geography as well as the deities and spirits who control and protect these components of life. 

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However, what is most interesting about Inuit epithets is the unique way in which they choose baby names.

Inuit Naming Customs and Traditions

Naming traditions are an extremely important part of Inuit culture. When someone becomes a namesake, it is not just a simple gesture to honor a beloved relative. The Inuit people believe that when a person takes on the name of another, they are also taking on their spirit and traits.

It also creates a special bond between the two individuals. This is how they connect their past to their present. Interestingly, these titles are selected by Inuit elders and they are not gender specific.

 Inuit girls' names can be passed to boys and boys’ names can be passed on to girls. That is why you will find so many unisex titles on Inuit baby name lists.

Additionally, while present-day Inuits have a mix of Euro-Christian and Inuit surnames, this was not always the case. In fact, they didn’t begin using last names until 1970 and this practice was not by choice. It was a project implemented by the Canadian government.

Popular Inuit Names for Girls and Meanings

  1. Ahnah - Of Inuit origins, this name translates to “a wise woman”.
  2. Aguta - This unisex Inuit name means “gatherer of the dead”.
  3. AKumik - This is a gender-neutral word name that means “go with the wind”.
  4. Alasie - An Inuit title that means “she who is honest and noble”.
  5. Alornerk - Of Greenlandic and Inuit origins, this unisex title means “under feet”.
  6. Amka - This Inuit baby girl name means “one with a friendly spirit”.
  7. Angajuk - Of Inuit origins, this word name means “girl’s older sister”.
  8. Angakkuk - This title means “sorcerer”, “hex”, or “someone with spiritual powers” in Canadian Inuit. It is another gender-neutral word name.
  9. Anguak - Meaning “amulet”, this is an Inuit word name as well.
  10. Aninnik - An Inuit word name meaning “breath”.
  11. Anjij - This feminine baby name means “grace” and it is the Inuit version of Anne.
  12. Aqakuktuq - Of Inuit origins, this feminine title means “fish catcher”.
  13. Arnaaluk - This is an Inuit title that means “big woman” or “a spirit of the woman under the sea”.
  14. Arnaq - A Greenlandic and Inuktitut name meaning “woman” or “girl”.
  15. Aupaluttak - Meaning “red”, this is another unisex name of Inuit origins.
  16. Cupun - Yet another gender-neutral name that means “coal” in Inuit.
  17. Denali - Of Koyukon (Alaska Native Athabascan) origins, this gender-neutral name means “the great one” or “the high one”. It is also a Hindu girl's name that shares the same meaning.
  18. Elisapee - This is the Inuit version of the name Elizabeth, which means “my God is an Oath”.
  19. Higalik - Of Copper Inuit origins, this female title means “ice house”.
  20. Ila - This Alaskan Inuit name means “companion”, “friend”, or “partner”.
  21. Ilannak - Another Alaskan Inuit name that translates to “friend”.
  22. Inuk - A Greenlandic name that means “human being”. This is another gender-neutral title.
  23. Inuksuk - This is an Inuit word name that means "in the likeness of a human.” This title refers to stone markers that are used for “guiding travelers, warning of danger, assisting hunters and marking places of reverence.”
  24. Irdlirvirisissong - Meaning “demon cousin of the moon”, this gender-neutral Inuit name is a unique choice for a baby boy or baby girl.
  25. Isapoinhkyaki - An Inuit girl name meaning “singing crow woman”.
  26. Kanaaq - Meaning “lower part of the leg”, this is another gender-neutral Inuit name.
  27. Kirima - An Inuit name meaning “a hill”.
  28. Kissimi - This unisex Inuit baby name that means “alone”.
  29. Kuak - Meaning “anything frozen” in Inuit, this is another gender-neutral word name.
  30. Lusa - An Inuit girl’s name meaning “midnight”.
  31. Mikiruk - This is an Alaskan Inuit name meaning “small”.
  32. Najak - Of Inuit origins, this word name means “sister of a boy”.
  33. Niviatsiak - This is the Inuit word for “girl”.
  34. Pana - Of Alaskan Inuit origins, this name means “spear”. It is also a Native American name meaning “partridge”.
  35. Panik - An Inuit word name meaning “daughter”.
  36. Sakari - Another gender-neutral Inuit baby name that means “sweet”.
  37. Sinnatomak - This is an Inuit name meaning “dream” or “dreaming”.
  38. Taqtu - Another unisex name with Inuit origins that means “kidney”. It is also spelled Taktu.
  39. Ticasuk - An Iñupiat (Alaskan Inuit) title that means ""where the four winds gather their treasures from all parts of the world...the greatest which is knowledge."
  40. Tootega - Meaning an “old woman deity that was able to walk on water”, this is a gender-neutral Inuit title.
  41. Tukkuttok - While this name means “he who is generous”, it is another unisex Inuit name.
  42. Tulimaq - Also spelled Tulimak, this Inuit unisex word name means “rib”.
  43. Ulu - An Alaskan Inuit name meaning “woman’s knife”.

Inuit Word Names Inspired by Nature

  1. Adlartok - A unisex Inuit name that translates to “clear sky”.
  2. Amaruq - This gender-neutral Inuit name means “grey wolf”.
  3. Aput - Of Inuit origins, this epithet means “snow”.
  4. Atiqtalaaq - A gender-neutral title meaning “polar bear cub” in Inuit.
  5. Atiqtalik - Meaning “polar bear mother”, this is an Inuit girl’s name.
  6. Ijaujak - An Inuit word name meaning “diamond”.
  7. Ikiaq - This Inuit name is a unisex title that translates to “red spruce”.
  8. Imiq - Meaning “water”, this Inuit title can also be spelled “Imak” or “Imik”.
  9. Iqaluk - An Inuit name meaning “fish”.
  10. Kajuk - This gender-neutral Inuit name means “red fox”.
  11. Kanguk - An Inuit word name meaning “snow goose”.
  12. Karmik - This is the Alaska Inuit name for “snowflake”.
  13. Kaummalak - Of Inuit origins, this is another gender-neutral epithet meaning “lightning”.
  14. Kuvianak - A gender-neutral Inuit word name meaning “joy”.
  15. Magguliak - This unisex Inuit word name means “twin”.
  16. NâmmaKik - Of Inuit origins, this title means “come at the right time”.
  17. Nanuk - Also spelled Nanuq and Nanook, this is the Inuit word for “polar bear”.
  18. Nanurjuk - This is a unisex Inuit title that means “the star”.
  19. Napâttuk - Meaning “tree”, this is another Inuit word name that can work for a boy or a girl.
  20. Natchik - An Eskimo-Inuit word name that means “seal”.
  21. Natsik - Also spelled Natsiq, this title means “ringed seal”.
  22. Naujak - This Inuit title means “seagull”.
  23. Nungusuittuk - A unisex Inuit word name that translates to “everlasting”.
  24. Nuniq - Of Inuit origins, this name also means “polar bear”.
  25. Piguttuk - An Inuit word name meaning “flower”.
  26. Pitsiulâk - Another gender-neutral Inuit word name that translates to “sea pigeon”.
  27. Pittusigak - Of Inuit origins, this word name means “lynx”.
  28. Qimmiq - This unisex Canadian Inuit name means “dog”.
  29. Sagalikitak - An Inuit word name meaning “butterfly”.
  30. Sesi - Of Inuit origins, this adorable epithet means “snow”.
  31. Siku - This is an Inuit word name meaning “harbor ice”.
  32. Siqiniq - A gender-neutral baby name that means “the sun” and has Inuit origins.
  33. Siuppuk - Another Inuit word name that translates to “singing bird”.
  34. Suluk - Meaning “wing feather”, this is another Inuit word name.
  35. Taupek - Yet another bird-themed Inuit word name, this epithet means “dove”.
  36. Tigiganniak - An Inuit word name that can mean “fox” or “Arctic fox”.
  37. Tonngaviak - This is another Inuit word name for “butterfly” or “moth”.
  38. Tuntu - In Russian Inuit (Yup’ik), this word name means “caribou”.
  39. Ujarak - This is a Greenlandic Inuit title that translates to “rock”.
  40. Uppik - Another Inuit word name, this title means “snowy owl”.
  41. Yuka - Meaning “bright star”, this is another unisex baby name. It is also a girl's name that means “snow” or “lucky” in Japanese.
  42. Yura - Of Inuit, Greek, and Russian origins, this title means “one who is beautiful” and “farmer”, respectively.

Inuit Goddess and Spirit Names

Inuit Goddess and Spirit Names

  1. 1 A’akuluujjusi - Seen as one of the earliest creators in Inuit religion, this is the name of the goddess who brought animals to earth.
  2. Akna - This is the name of the Inuit goddess of fertility and childbirth.
  3. Akycha - A solar goddess worshiped in Alaska.
  4. Arnakuagsak - Known as the “old woman of the sea”, this is the title of a Greenlandic Inuit goddess who brought good fortune to hunters and ensured that their people were cared for.
  5. Arnapkapfaaluk - Of Canadian Inuit origins, this is the title of a sea goddess. This title means “big bad woman” and this deity is known for prioritizing the animals over the hunters.
  6. Asiaq - This is the name of a weather goddess.
  7. Ataksak - A title for the goddess of the sky in Inuit mythology.
  8. Kadlu - This is the name of one of three sister deities that preside over thunder and lightning. This specific sister made thunder by jumping on hollow ice.
  9. Kweetoo - Another one of the three sister deities of thunder and lightning, this goddess was said to make lightning by rubbing stones together.
  10. Nerrivik - This is the name of the mother of the sea and the provider of food to the Inuit people.
  11. Nuliajuk - Another name of the Inuit sea spirit. This is the title predominantly used in Netsilik Inuit.
  12. Pinga - Another Inuit goddess, this was the deity of the hunt, fertility, and medicine.
  13. Pukkeenegak - The title of the goddess of childbirth and the giving of domestic materials, like clothing, materials, and food.
  14. Qailertetang - This is the name of the Inuit goddess of animals and the spirit who controls the weather.
  15. Sedna - In Native American Inuit mythology, this is the name of the goddess of the sea and marine life. According to myths, she “is said to hold sea animals entangled in her hair, only to release them when she is appeased by offerings, songs or a visit from an angakok (shaman).

If you are hoping for a little tomboy, then also consider perusing our list of Inuit baby boy names as well! 

As mentioned, the Inuit people are not gender specific with their naming practices so you have a sea full of choices that you can fish through!

100 Inuit Girl Names with Meanings

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