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75 Filipino Names for Your Little One

Whether you're from the Philippines, have Filipino ancestry or a special connection with the country, take inspiration from our list of 75 Filipino baby names.
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Updated: September 8, 2023
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If you have a Filipino heritage and want a way to honor family members and ancestors, why not choose a Filipino baby name for your new bundle of joy?

Whether you want a beautiful Filipino baby girl name or baby boy name, you will find 75 wonderful options below that would be perfect.

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You will notice that many of these are of Filipino or Tagalog origin. "Tagalog" is the official language of the Philippines. There are also several names that are of Italian or even Greek origin.

These are popular names that are found in the Philippines but aren't necessarily derived from the language. That's what makes this list of baby names even more special and cool. Read on to find the right Filipino name.

Filipino Girl Names and Meanings

  1. Alma - Filipino for "nourishing."
  2. Althea - Greek for "wholesome."
  3. Amihan - Tagalog for "northeast monsoon."
  4. Analyn - Filipino for "merciful."
  5. Aurora - Latin for "dawn."
  6. Benilda - Spanish for "blessed."
  7. Bettina - German for "God is my oath."
  8. Bituin - Filipino for "star."
  9. Blessica - A mixture of "bless" and "Jessica" and it means "to bring blessing upon."
  10. Catriona - An English name that means "chaste" or "pure."
  11. Chesa - Filipino for "shine."
  12. Dalisay - Filipino for "pure."
  13. Darna - A name of a popular fictional character and heroine in the Philippines created by Mars Ravelo.
  14. Delores - Spanish for "lady of sorrows."
  15. Diwata - Tagalog for "goddess."
  16. Eula - Greek for "well-spoken."
  17. Floribeth - This name combines "flora" and "beth" and was made popular by Floribeth Mora Diaz who was a wonder in the Roman Catholic Church.
  18. Imelda - Italian and Spanish name derived from Old German that means "universal battle."
  19. Ina - Filipino for "mother."
  20. Jaslene - This name is derived from the Persian name "Yasamin" which means "God's gift."
  21. Kristel - Filipino for "risk-taker" or "independent."
  22. Lani - Filipino for "heaven" or "chief."
  23. Ligaya - Tagalog for "happiness."
  24. Luzon - This name comes from the largest group of islands located in the Philippine Archipelago.
  25. Luzviminda - This is a combination of the names "Luzon," "Visayas," and "Mindanao." It is Filipino for the mythological Roman Goddess of Childbirth.
  26. Mahalia - The Filipino version of the Hebrew name "Mahala" which means "tenderness."
  27. Maja - Arabic for "splendid."
  28. Maricel - This is a combination of the Spanish name "Maria" and the Filipino name "Celia." It means "drop of the sea."
  29. Mindanao - This is the name of the second largest island group in the Philippines and is known as its "Land of Promise."
  30. Mutya - Tagalog for "amulet" or "pearl." 
  31. Perlah - Spanish for "pearl."
  32. Reyna - Filipino variation of "Reina" which means "queen" in Spanish.
  33. Rosamie - Filipino variation of "Rosamund" which means "garden of flowers" in German.
  34. Rosario - Spanish for "rosary."
  35. Sampaguita - This is the national flower of the Philippines.
  36. Tala - Tagalog for "bright star."
  37. Urduja - The name of a legendary heroine and warrior princess of the Philippines.
  38. Visayas - Another name of a group of islands located in the central part of the Philippine Archipelago.

Filipino Boy Names and Meanings 

  1. Agapito - Spanish for "sweetheart."
  2. Alab - Filipino name meaning "to burn with emotions."
  3. Alejandro - Spanish for "defender of mankind."
  4. Alon - Filipino for "sea wave."
  5. Antonio - Italian for "above and beyond praise."
  6. Bagwis - Tagalog word for "wing" and a warrior angel modeled after Archangel Michael.
  7. Bayani - Tagalog for "hero."
  8. Benjie - Tagalof variation of "Benjamin" which means "son of my right hand" in Hebrew.
  9. Cesar - Filipino for "long-haired."
  10. Crisanto - Greek for "golden flower."
  11. Dakila - Filipino for "great."
  12. Danilo - Filipino for "God is my judge."
  13. Efren - Hebrew for "doubly fruitful."
  14. Fernandez - Spanish for "Fernando's son" and is also sometimes referred to as simply the Filipino spelling of "Fernando."
  15. Hiram - Hebrew for "Exalted brother; high-born"
  16. Isaiah - Hebrew for "Yahweh is salvation."
  17. Isko - Filipino for "free."
  18. Jejomar - Filipino name that combines Jesus, Joseph, and Mary.
  19. Jose - Spanish form of "Joseph" that means "he shall add" in Hebrew and a derivative of Jose Rizal.
  20. Joselito - A variant of "Jose" that means "God increases" in Filipino.
  21. Joshua - Hebrew for "God is salvation."
  22. Keanu - Hawaiian for "cool breeze over the mountains."
  23. Lester - English for "safe place."
  24. Luis - Spanish for "battle champion."
  25. Luntian - Tagalog for "green."
  26. Makisig - Filipino for "good-looking."
  27. Mauricio - Latin for "Moorish."
  28. Melchor - Hebrew for "king of light."
  29. Nimuel - Filipino for "peace."
  30. Pancho - Spanish for "free."
  31. Rizalino - Derived from Jose Rizal that means "wreak havoc."
  32. Rodrigo - Spanish and Portuguese for "famous ruler."
  33. Sonny - Latin for "young boy" and commonly used as a nickname.
  34. Ulan - Filipino for "drops of rain."
  35. Vedasto - A Spanish name meaning "visitor from the woods." The name Vedasto is the Spanish version of "Vedastus" who is a French saint.
  36. Venancio - A popular Tagalog name seen used by Venancio Serrano, Filipino military officer and Venancio Concepcion, a Filipino army general.
  37. Zoren - Filipino for "happiness."

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