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102 Kawaii and Cute Anime Girl Names (With Meanings)

Find 100+ cute anime girl names inspired by popular female anime characters and Japanese meanings. These sweet and strong anime names are great for baby girls.
102 Kawaii and Cute Anime Girl Names (with Meanings)
Updated: March 21, 2024

Looking for a cute or magical anime girl name perfect for your character or your own baby girl?

Because of its rich and varied history, popular animes are filled with anime character names that make creative baby names for boys and girls. We’ve gathered our favorite anime girl names for fans of anime and manga looking for something with a special meaning.

Anime is a unique style of Japanese animation. It is a beloved genre of art both in and out of Japan, including video games, television shows, and films. Comic books, called manga, share a similar style of drawing and characters. The two are not interchangeable but many fans of one are also fans of the other, and there is some crossover. 

Having lived in Japan for a year, many of these girl names inspired by anime are familiar to me and bring back memories of the young students I taught who first introduced me to anime. Of course, many of these are Japanese names, but anime is also sprinkled with names from other cultures.

Anime Girl Names (with Meanings) 

Anime Girl Names that Start with A to L

Below we have compiled over 100 anime girl names based on some of the most famous and most beloved anime characters to provide you with some unique inspiration for your baby name search!

  1. Ai - Ai is a Japanese girl name meaning “love” or “affection.”
  2. Aiko - Japanese. "Little loved one."
  3. Aimi - Japanese. "Beautiful." "Loved." It is the first name of a popular voice actor in Japan.
  4. Aina - Scandinavian. "Forever." Aina Yoshiwara is the main character from Grand Blue.
  5. Akane - Japanese. "Deep red."
  6. Akeno - Japanese. "Bright shining field." A character from the series High School DXD.
  7. Akemi - Japanese name meaning “bright beauty.”
  8. Akira - Japanese. "Bright." "Clear." It is the name of a 1988 anime movie.
  9. Aletta - Spanish. "Winged-one." A character from the series Restaurant to Another World.
  10. Aoi - Japanese. "Hollyhock flower." Traditionally a gender-neutral name. Aoi is a character from Working!!
  11. Arata - A Japanese name for girls that means “new” or “fresh.”
  12. Ari - Hebrew/Scandanavian. "Lion" or "eagle." Ari is traditionally a boy’s name, but Ari Jin is a female character from Flowering Heart. Her flower, the pink azalea, means greetings of love.
  13. Asami - Japanese. "Future." "Morning beauty."
  14. Asuka - Japanese. "Tomorrow." "Smell or perfume." A Protagonist in Ninja Flash!
  15. Aya - Japanese. "Woven silk. Commonly used name in both anime and manga."
  16. Ayame - Japanese. "Iris. A character from Naruto
  17. Ayane - Japanese. "Color and design. Sound. The main character from the Ninja Gaiden game series."
  18. Ayu - Japanese girl name meaning “bound by love”
  19. Ayumu - Japanese. "Walk." "Dream." "Vision."
  20. Boa - Urdu. "Sister." A character from the anime One Piece.
  21. Chiaki - Japanese for “A thousand autumns.”
  22. Chiharu - Japanese. "A thousand." "Clear weather." A character from the series Cardcaptor Sakura.
  23. Chika - Japanese. "Scatter." "Flower." Character from the manga series Kaguya-sama-Love is War.
  24. Chinatsu - Japanese. "Thousand summers."
  25. Chiyo - Japanese. "A thousand sparkles."
  26. Chiyoko - Japanese. "A thousand generations."
  27. Chouko - Japanese. "Butterfly child."
  28. Daiki - Japanese. "Very noble and great." A character from Kuroko no Basket.
  29. Daisuke - A cute Japanese girl name that means “helpful.”
  30. Emi - Japanese. "Great blessing." From Violence Jack Evil Town.
  31. Emiko - Japanese. "Blessed child."
  32. Eri - Japanese. "Drawing." A character from My Hero Academia.
  33. Etsuko - Japanese. "Happy child." A character from the Doraemon series.
  34. Faye - French. "Loyalty." "Belief." Faye Valentine is a character from Cowboy Bepop.
  35. Fujiko - Japanese. "Child of wisteria." A character from Lupin III.
  36. Fuko - A sweet Japanese name meaning “maple child.” Fuko Ibuki is a lovely anime girl character in Clannad.
  37. Fumiko - Japanese. "Beautiful child." It is a name used widely throughout anime.
  38. Galaxia - English/Latin. A variation of the word galaxy. A character from Sailor Moon.
  39. Hana - Spanish. "Happiness, flower." Popular name throughout anime and manga.
  40. Hanyuu - Feminine Japanese name that means “feather.”
  41. Haruka - Japanese. "Distant, remote." "Spring." Used in anime in Sailor Moon.
  42. Hikari - Japanese. "Light." A character in Digimon Adventure.
  43. Himeko - Japanese for “princess child". In the anime Pani Poni Dash! Himeko Katagiri is a scatterbrained student and magical girl character.
  44. Hinata - Japanese. "Sunflower, facing the sun." A manga character.
  45. Hitomi - Japanese. "Pupil of the eye." The main character in Iroduko.
  46. Honoka - Japanese. "Harmony." "Faint." "Indistinct."
  47. Hoshi - Japanese. "Star." Traditionally a boy’s name. He is the main character in Dragon Ball Hoshi.
  48. Ika - Japanese word for "squid." A fitting name for the main character of The Squid Girl, Ika Musume.
  49. Kamiko - Japanese. "Little goddess."
  50. Kanon - Japanese. "Flower." The name of a manga series.
  51. Kaori- Japanese. "Name." "Fragrance."
  52. Kaoru - Japanese. "Fragrance." "Balmy."
  53. Kasumi - Japanese. "Mist." The main character from Asobi Asobase.
  54. Kiko - Japanese. "Be glad. Rejoicing."
  55. Kiku - This sweet Japanese girl's name means “chrysanthemums.”
  56. Kiyomi - Japanese. "Pure." "Beauty."
  57. Kokoro - Japanese. "Heart." A character from One Piece.
  58. Konan - Old English. "Warlike.""A character from Naruto.
  59. Lina - Arabic. "Small, young palm tree." A character from the Slayers manga series.
  60. Lum - Japanese word for "lamb." A super cute anime girl name choice!
  61. Madoka - Japanese. "Tranquil." A popular anime series.
  62. Maki - Japanese. "Truth child." Maki Zenin is a supporting character in Jujutsu Kaisen.
  63. Mami - Japanese. "Real. True. "Beautiful."
  64. Masami - Japanese. "Become beautiful." Masami Yoshida is a supporting character in the series The Amazing World of Gumball.
  65. Mayu - Japanese. Mayu Miyuki is a character from the popular anime/manga Ai Yori Aoshi.
  66. Megumi - A Japanese word for “love.”
  67. Mei - Chinese. "Beautiful." Mei Misaki is a popular anime character.
  68. Michiko - Japanese. "Passing child." "Child of beautiful wisdom." "Child of the beautiful knowledge."
  69. Mio - Spanish. "Beautiful." "Cherry Blossom." Mio Naruse is the main anime character."
  70. Misaki - Japanese name that translates to “beautiful blossom.”
  71. Miwa - A girl name of Japanese origin that means “beautiful music.”
  72. Miyako - Japanese. "Beautiful night."
  73. Miyuki - Japanese. "Wonderful blessing." Shiba Miyuki is the main character of the series The Irregular in Magic High School.
  74. Mizuki - Japanese. "Beautiful moon." A supporting character from the series Kamisama Kiss.
  75. Naomi - Hebrew. "Pleasant one." The first name of a character from the manga series Death Note.
  76. Noa - Hebrew. "Motion." Noa Himsake is the main character from the series Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita.
  77. Noriko - Japanese. "Law and order." A character from Kiznavier.
  78. Oiwa - The name of a vengeful female ghost in Japanese folklore.
  79. Popura - A cute Japanese girl's name inspired by the poplar tree.
  80. Rei - Japanese word for "beautiful." The female anime character Rei Ayanami is a pilot in the series Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  81. Reiko - Japanese. "Gratitude." A character from Parasyte.
  82. Rika - Japanese. "Eternal ruler." "Fragrance." The main character from Higurashi: When They Cry.
  83. Rin - Japanese. "Dignified."
  84. Riza - Riza is from the Spanish surname Ricial. It means “rice field.” Riza Hawkeye is a character in Fullmetal Alchemist.
  85. Saki - Japanese. "Blossom." "Hope." Name of a Japanese manga series.
  86. Sakura - Japanese. "Cherry blossom." Sakura Kinomoto is the title character of the anime Cardcaptor Sakura.
  87. Satsuki - Japanese. "Fifth month."
  88. Seiba - Japanese name that means truth."
  89. Shiki - Japanese name that means “poem of the seasons.” Shiki is the name of a supernatural girl detective in the anime The Garden of Sinners.
  90. Shizuka - Japanese. "Quiet child." Character from the series Naruto.
  91. Sora - Japanese. "Sky." The main character in the anime series and manga of the same name, Digimon.
  92. Sun - This name means "sunshine." Sun is the name of a young mermaid girl in the anime My Bride is a Mermaid.
  93. Suzume - This sweet bird's name means “sparrow” in Japanese.
  94. Tamami - Japanese female name meaning “beautiful gem.”
  95. Tomoko - Japanese name, meaning “wisdom child.” Tomoko is a high school girl in the WataMote.
  96. Tora -  Japanese. "Tigress."
  97. Usagi - A cute Japanese girl name that means “rabbit.”
  98. Yakumo - Japanese name meaning “eight clouds.” In School Rumble, the character Yakumo Tsukamoto is a quiet schoolgirl who can communicate with ghosts.
  99. Yasu - Japanese. "Calm."
  100. Yoko - Japanese. "Good." "Positive."
  101. Yumi - Japanese/Korean. "Reason." "Cause." "Friend." "Beautiful."
  102. Yuno - Japanese name meaning “dream.” Yuno is a character in Hidamari Sketch.

Who Is the Cutest Anime Girl Name?

One of the cutest anime girl names that often comes up in discussions is Hinata, which is associated with the character Hinata Hyuga from the anime Naruto. Her name, reflective of her warm and sunny personality, means "sunny place" or "in the sun", perfectly capturing her essence.

What's a Good Anime Name for a Girl?

A good anime name for a girl that is both memorable and resonates with the qualities of strength and beauty is Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura, whose name symbolizes cherry blossoms, renowned for their beauty and transience, and reflects the character's evolution and resilience. Other popular anime girl names include Asuna, from Sword Art Online, meaning "tomorrow" or "new day"; and Mikasa, from Attack on Titan, meaning "three bamboo hats."

For more baby girl name inspiration check out these popular baby name lists:


102 Kawaii and Cute Anime Girl Names (with Meanings)

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