Meaning and Origin of: Mei

Girl name origins & meanings

  • Chinese : Plum
  • Hawaiian : May
  • Latin : Great one

Family name origins & meanings

  • Chinese : from the name of an area called Mein during the Shang dynasty. Under the reign of the corrupt and cruel last king of the Shang dynasty, Zhou Xin (1154–1123 bc), a high counselor’s position was occupied by the prince of the area of Mei. The prince of Mei was loyal but outspoken, and many times criticized his ruler’s extravagant and dissolute behavior. This enraged the king, who executed the prince. The deceased’s descendants subsequently adopted the place name Mei as their surname.
  • Dutch : variant of May.
  • Italian : from a patronymic or plural form of a short form of the personal names Bartolomeo, Romeo, or Tolomeo.
  • Italian : see Meo.