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101 Groovy 1970s Girls’ Names Making a Comeback

Check out our list of popular 1970s girl names to find a unique 70s name for your groovy baby girl!
101 Groovy Girl Names
Updated: June 28, 2023

The culture of the 1970s is creeping its way back into the limelight. From boho skirts to bell bottoms, it’s a decade full of fashion and big stars rising to fame.

There are so many baby names that we are seeing make a comeback as well. So naturally, we have a list of 101 baby girl names that are totally far out!

Jennifer” was the most common name for girls in the 1970s, followed by “Amy” coming in at the second spot. For boys, “Michael” and “Christopher” respectively took the top spots for most popular boy names.

You likely saw a lot of French girl names like “Michelle” and “Julie” too! Perhaps inspired by the 1970s popularity of celebrities like Julie Andrews. Maybe you’ll find the perfect match for your baby girl among these names. That would be cool beans!

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Most Popular Girls’ Names of the 1970s with Meanings

  1. Amy - Latin and French for “beloved.”
  2. Andrea - Greek for “strong and brave.”
  3. Angela - Greek and Italian for “heavenly messenger.”
  4. Christina - Greek for “anointed.”
  5. Crystal - Greek for “anointed.”
  6. Erin - Irish for ‘western island.”
  7. Heather - English for “heath” or “shrub.”
  8. Jamie - French for “I love” and Hebrew for “he who supplants.”
  9. Jennifer - Irish and Welsh for “white wave.”
  10. Jessica - Hebrew for “wealthy one.”
  11. Kelly - Irish for “warrior” and Scandinavian for “clear mountain spring.”
  12. Kimberly - Old English for “meadow.”
  13. Laura - Latin for “laurel leaves” or “honor.”
  14. Lisa - Hebrew for “consecrated to God” and Greek for “honey bee.”
  15. Mary - This is a classic girl name meaning “bitter” in many languages including Hebrew, French, and Italian.
  16. Melissa - English and Greek for “honey bee.”
  17. Michelle - Hebrew for “like God.”
  18. Monica - Arabic for “peaceful” and Irish for noble.”
  19. Nicole - Greek for “victorious people.”
  20. Pamela - Greek for “honey.”
  21. Patricia - English for “noble.”
  22. Rebecca - Hebrew for “bound.”
  23. Sandra - Greek for “defender of mankind.”
  24. Sarah - Hebrew for “princess.”
  25. Shannon - Irish for “wise one.”
  26. Stacey/Stacy - Latin for “stable” and Greek for “one who shall rise again.”
  27. Stephanie - Greek for “crown.”
  28. Tammy - Hebrew for “perfect one” and Greek for “twin.”
  29. Tina - Latin for “warlike” and Spanish for “majestic.”
  30. Tonya - Several origins and meanings including English for “fairy queen.”

Trendy 70s Girl Names with Meanings

Trendy 70s Names

  1. Amanda - Latin for “love” or “worthy of love.”
  2. Amber - An Arabic name meaning “jewel.”
  3. Barbara - Latin for “foreign” or “strange.”
  4. Bonnie - This Scottish name means “good.”
  5. Carly - Latin for “strong-voiced.”
  6. Carrie - Several origins and meanings including Irish for “pure” and Turkish for “flows like water.”
  7. Cher - French for “beloved.”
  8. Cynthia - Sanskrit for “of the moon.”
  9. Dana - English for “bright as day.”
  10. Dawn - English for “daybreak.”
  11. Dolly - A Latin name meaning “lady of sorrows” and Greek for “gift of God.”
  12. Donna - Latin for “lady.”
  13. Farrah - Old English for “beautiful.”
  14. Holly - This name is Old English for “holly bush.”
  15. Jodie - American for “praised.”
  16. Julie - A Latin name meaning “youthful.”
  17. Lori - Latin for “crowned with laurel.”
  18. Meryl - French for “blackbird” and German for “famous.”
  19. Misty - Old English for “covered by mist.”
  20. Robin - English for “bright” or “famous.”
  21. Stevie - Greek for “crown.”
  22. Susan - Hebrew for “lily.”
  23. Tiffany - French name for “appearance of God.”
  24. Tracy - Greek for “reaper” and French for “path.”
  25. Wendy - German name for “wanderer” and English for “fair.”

Unique 1970s Girl Names with Meanings

  1. Astrid - Greek for “star” and Old Norse for “super strength.”
  2. Chiara - Irish for “ruddy.”
  3. Danielle - Hebrew for “judged by God.”
  4. Esme - Latin for “esteem.”
  5. Justina - Old English name for “just one” and Italian for “righteous.”
  6. Linette - Middle French for “linnet bird.”
  7. Lola - Spanish for “sorrows.”
  8. Mona - Many meanings and origins including Greek for “solitary.”
  9. Orla - Latin for “golden woman.”
  10. Pearl - Latin for “jewel.”
  11. Rhiannon - A Welsh name for a mythological nymph.
  12. Tess - Latin for “essence.”
  13. Winter - An English name for winter.

70s Hippie Girl Names with Meanings

70s Hippie Names

  1. Autumn - Latin for “of woods.”
  2. Blossom - Old English for “lovely.”
  3. Cherry - Latin for “loving and benevolent.”
  4. Flower - Latin for “flourishing.”
  5. Genesis - Latin for “birth.”
  6. Harmony - Greek for “concord.”
  7. Indigo - Greek for “dark blue.”
  8. Jewel - Old French name for “priceless gem.”
  9. Karma - Sanskrit for “action.”
  10. Lavender - English for “purple flowering plant.”
  11. Lily - Arabic for “of the night” and a Latin name for a flower.
  12. Lorelei - German for “from the Rhine River.”
  13. Magnolia - Latin for “flowering tree.”
  14. Melody - Greek for “song.”
  15. Petal - Greek for “leaf.”
  16. Poppy - Latin for “flower” and also an English nickname for someone with a ruddy complexion.
  17. Rainbow - The English name for an array of bright colors.
  18. Sage - French for “wise one.”
  19. Serenity - Latin for “peaceful.”
  20. Sunny - English for “bright disposition” or “cheerful.”

Retro Revival? 1970s Girl Names Making a Comeback

  1. Aubrey - French and English for “elf ruler.”
  2. Camila - The Italian and Spanish spelling of “Camilla” which is a Latin name that means “attendant at a religious ceremony.”
  3. Daisy - Latin for “day’s eye.”
  4. Elizabeth - Hebrew name for “God’s oath.”
  5. Emily - Latin for “eager.”
  6. Harper - English for “Harper player” or “musician.”
  7. Ivy - Old English for “vine.”
  8. Karen - Greek for “pure.”
  9. Nora - Latin for “dignified” and French for “nobleman.”
  10. Rachel - Hebrew for “little lamb.”
  11. Simone - Hebrew for “one who hears.”
  12. Violet - Latin for “purple.”
  13. Willow - English for “freedom” or “tree.”

We hope that this groovy list of baby names inspired you. Good luck with choosing a name for your little one and we will catch you on the flip side!

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101 Groovy Girl Names

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