100 Names That Mean Peace for Your Baby

Updated: February 2, 2022
If you're keen to give your baby a name that's associated with peace and tranquility, you'll love this list of 100 boy, girl and gender-neutral names.
Names that Mean Peace
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When looking for baby name inspiration, peace is a lovely word to start with. It conjures up a sense of calm, serenity, love, togetherness, and tranquility. Your baby can bring peace to your life, your family, and one day, the world (maybe!).

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There are many ways to represent peace in different languages, cultures, and religions. Here are some of our favorites to start you off on your journey to find the ideal peace-inspired name. Check out our list of girl names and boy names below. 

Baby Girl Names That Mean Peace

  1. Aarvi - This Indian name is popular in the Hindu religion and simply means peace.
  2. Akudo - Of Nigerian origin, Akudo means peaceful wealth.
  3. Alafia - Another Nigerian name, this one means exactly peace.
  4. Alanna - This Gaelic name means serenity.
  5. Amandeep - This Hindu name means lamp of peace.
  6. An - Of Chinese origin, this super short name means peace.
  7. Aquene - This Native American name means peace and would be unique for a little girl.
  8. Dove - This American name is the bird of peace and would make a beautiful name for a little one.
  9. Erin - This Irish name means peace, Ireland.
  10. Evania - With both Spanish and Greek origins, this name means peace.
  11. Frederica - This is the feminine version of the Greek name Frederick, which means peaceful ruler.
  12. Freida - This Old German name means peace and joy.
  13. Frida - This Scandinavian name means peaceful.
  14. Galene - This Greek name means calm, another representation of peace.
  15. Inga - This Scandinavian name means guarded by Ing, the Norse god of peace.
  16. Irena - This is the Russian version of Irene. Irena is also the Greek goddess of peace.
  17. Irene - A take on Eirene, the Greek goddess of peace.
  18. Jemima - This Hebrew name means dove, the bird of peace.
  19. Kazu - This Japanese name means harmony and peace.
  20. Lana - This Hawaiian name means calm as still waters, a nice symbol of peace.
  21. Mira - Derived from eastern Europe, and meaning peaceful ocean.
  22. Mirembe - Of Ugandan origins, Mirembe means woman of peace.
  23. Olive - The olive branch and olive tree are classic symbols that mean peace, making Olive a nice choice for a name meaning peace.
  24. Olivia - A more feminine take on Olive and still representing peace.
  25. Paccia - This Latin name means peace.
  26. Paloma - This Latin name means Dove or peaceful.
  27. Quibilah - This Egyptian name means peaceful.
  28. Salma - This Egyptian name means she who brings peace.
  29. Salome - This is a feminine version of the Hebrew word Shalom, which means peace.
  30. Serena - This Latin name is derived from the word serēnus, which means clear, tranquil, and serene, the picture of peace.
  31. Shanti - This name is derived from the Sanskrit word Shanit, which means peace.
  32. Tullia - This Irish name means peaceful.
  33. Wilfreda - Of English origins, this name means purposeful peace.
  34. Winifred - This Welsh name means blessed peacemaker, and would be adorable when used as Winnie for short.
  35. Zuelia - This Persian name means brilliant and peace.
  36. Zulema - This Hebrew name means peace.
  37. Zuma - This Arabic name means peace.

Baby Boy Names That Mean Peace

  1. Aang - Of Chinese origin, this name means peaceful soaring.
  2. Aarav - This Hindi name means peaceful.
  3. Aaru - This Egyptian name means peaceful.
  4. Absalom - This biblical name means father of peace.
  5. Axel - This Scandinavian name means my Father is peace.
  6. Baris - This Turkish name means peace.
  7. Bohumir - This Czech name means peaceful world.
  8. Callum - This Scottish Gaelic name means Dove, the classic bird of peace.
  9. Casimir - This Polish name means bringer of peace.
  10. Colm - This Irish name means Dove, the classic bird of peace.
  11. Colvyr - This English name means Dove, the classic bird of peace.
  12. Frederick - This German name means peaceful ruler.
  13. Frieden - This German name means peace.
  14. Fritz - A great nickname for Frederick, German for a peaceful ruler.
  15. Galen - This Greek name means calm, a nice representation of a peaceful demeanor.
  16. Giotto - This Italian name means pledge of peace.
  17. Heddwyn - This Welsh name means fair peace.
  18. Humphrey - This English name means peaceful warrior.
  19. Imhotep - This Egyptian name means he comes in peace, a unique choice when looking for baby names.
  20. Ireneaus - This Spanish name means peace.
  21. Jeff - Of English origin, Jeff means God of Peace.
  22. Jonah - This Hebrew name means dove, the classic bird of peace.
  23. Kazuki - Of Japanese origin, this name means hope of peace.
  24. Kynaston - This English name means royal peace settlement, a stately name for a little boy.
  25. Luam - This African name means peaceful and calm.
  26. Manfred - This German name means man of peace.
  27. Mirko - This Slavic name means the peaceful one.
  28. Miro - This Slavic name means peace.
  29. Miroslav - This Slavic name means glory and peace.
  30. Noah - This Hebrew name means peaceful rest.
  31. Oliver - Derived from the Latin and French words for olive or olive tree, classic symbols of peace.
  32. Paciano - This Spanish name means peace.
  33. Paxton - This Latin name means peaceful settlement or peace town.
  34. Paz - This Spanish name means peace, it would make a nice middle name.
  35. Placido - This Italian name means peaceful and serene, it would make a unique middle name.
  36. Rongo - This is the Maori god of food and peace.
  37. Saladin - This Arabic name means peace through faith.
  38. Sheehan - This Irish name has origins in peace.
  39. Siegfried - This German name means peace, it would make a unique name that can also be shortened to Ziggy.
  40. Solomon - This biblical name has Hebrew origins and means peace.
  41. Stellan - This Scandinavian name means calm, peace, or at rest.
  42. Udoka - This Nigerian name means peace is great.
  43. Wilfred - This Old English name means desiring peace.
  44. Zalam - The Hebrew version of Solomon, which means peace.

Gender-Neutral Names that Mean Peace

  1. Aman - This Hindu name means peace.
  2. Amani - This name is of Indian and Arabic origins and means peace, faith, and wishes.
  3. Bem - This African name means peace.
  4. Cheydan - This Afghan name is popular in the Muslim religion and means peaceful and patient.
  5. Columba - This is a Latin word for Dove, the bird of peace.
  6. Eir - Of Norse origins, Eir means peaceful and mercy.
  7. Fen - This English name means peace.
  8. Irie - This Jamaican name means peace and harmony.
  9. Kazumi - This Japanese name means harmony, peace, and beauty.
  10. Kazuya - This Japanese name means peace, harmony, and calm.
  11. Maluhia - This Hawaiian name means peace and serenity.
  12. Noe - This Spanish name indicates rest and peace and is pronounced like Zoe.
  13. Peace - Of English origin, using Peace directly, would make a nice middle name.
  14. Pax - This Latin name means peace, also based on the Roman goddess of peace.
  15. Sheehan - This Celtic name means peacemaker.
  16. Shiloh - This Hebrew name refers to a place in the Bible, and means peace, and is a quite popular name for both genders.
  17. Tully - This Irish name means peaceable or quiet.
  18. Xola - This African name means to stay in peace.
  19. Xolani - Another African name meaning peace.


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