Meaning and Origin of: Mira

Girl name origins & meanings

  • Gaelic : Merry, filled with mirth
  • Hebrew : Light
  • Latin : Wonder
  • Spanish : Behold
  • Hebrew : Bitter
  • Latin : Extraordinary; to be admired; beautiful

Family name origins & meanings

  • Galician and Portuguese : probably a habitational name from any of the places in Galicia and Portugal named Mira.
  • Catalan : of uncertain origin; possibly from the Arabic personal name Amira, or a derivative of Mir.
  • Italian : apparently from the personal name Mira, feminine form of Miro, from Late Latin Mirus and Mira, respectively, from Latin mirus ‘wonderful’, ‘marvellous’.
  • Czech and Polish : from a pet form of any of various personal names formed with the element mir ‘peace’, ‘quiet’, ‘esteem’ (see Mir).

Famous people with this first name