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110 Girl Names That Mean Water (With Meanings)

Choose a baby girl name that means water for a name that is as beautiful as the sea. These water-inspired girl names have meanings as deep as the ocean.
110 Girl Names That Mean Water (with Meanings)
Updated: March 13, 2024
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For parents looking to make a splash when they debut their little bundle of joy to family and friends, water names can be a refreshing choice! Water is essential for sustaining life—it provides food, hydration, and relaxation to people around the world. Water is associated with the topics of growth, forgiveness, purification, and rebirth. It is also worshiped in many cultures and used in various rituals like baptisms.

Since water has religious ties, parents can also soak up epithets from ancient mythologies when choosing a girl name that means water. These can include the names of gods and goddesses, water nymphs, and other mythical creatures of the deep. 

However, if you find this list to be too broad, you also have water-themed options like surfer names and mermaid names as well as epithets themed around ice and snow! Needless to say, no matter which option you choose for your water baby, you will be swimming in compliments and she will be the star(fish) of the show! 

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Thus, if you and your spouse have been treading water when it comes to choosing the perfect name for your sweet little water priestess, Family Education has come to the rescue! We have compiled an expansive list of water-inspired baby girl names for you to wade through. Bouy, you are going to love them!

Water Names for Girls

Girl Names That Mean Water from A to D

Water is magical, powerful, melodic, and peaceful. So names inspired by water make for meaningful and serene baby girl names. Best of all, the pool of water names is quite deep. You can go big with ocean and seaside themes or you can look for name inspiration in smaller bodies of water like brooks, rivers, streams, ponds, bays, and waterfalls. 

  1. Aalto - A Finnish name meaning “wave.”
  2. Adva - This is a Hebrew name that means “little wave” or “ripple.”
  3. Ama - A Native American and African name meaning “water.”
  4. Amaya - A Japanese name meaning “night rain.”
  5. Aqua - This is a Latin name that means “water” or “sea blue.”
  6. Baia - A Portuguese name meaning “bay.”
  7. Beckett - An Old English and German name meaning “small brook” or “water”. “Beck” or “Becky” would be adorable nickname options for this boyish title.
  8. Bourne - While stereotypically a boy name, this English epithet meaning “one who lives by a stream” would be a great middle name for your little tomboy.
  9. Brooke - A gender-neutral name of English origin meaning “small stream.”
  10. Brooklyn - A Modern English name meaning “beautiful brook.”
  11. Cari - A Turkish name that means “flows like water.”
  12. Cascade - This French name means “waterfall” or “to fall.”
  13. Caspian - A gender-neutral name that references the Caspian Sea and means “white.”
  14. Cherith - A Hebrew name that means “winter stream.”
  15. Cordelia - An Irish name meaning “daughter of the sea.”
  16. Coventina - This Celtic name means “water goddess.”
  17. Doris - Meaning “gift of the ocean”, this name has a Greek origin.
  18. Evian - This French town is the source of Evian spring water.
  19. Gali - A Hebrew name meaning “wave.”
  20. Guinevere - An Irish name meaning “white wave.”
  21. Indra - This is the name of the Hindi God of heaven and thunderstorms.
  22. Itsaso - A Basque name that means “sea.”
  23. Jenna - An Old Welsh name meaning “white wave.”
  24. Jennifer - An Irish and Old Welsh name meaning “white wave.”
  25. Jora - A Hebrew name meaning “autumn rain.”
  26. Jordan - A gender-neutral name choice with Hebrew origins meaning ”flow down.”
  27. Kelby - This German name means “place by the flowing water” and a Gaelic name meaning “place by the fountain.”
  28. Kendall - A gender-neutral name choice with English origins that means “village with a church in the valley of the river Kent.”
  29. Laguna - This girl’s name is the Spanish word for “pool” or “pond.”
  30. Lake - An English name meaning “body of water.”
  31. Lana - A Polynesian name meaning “to float.”
  32. Larunda - This Greek name means “to talk” or “to chatter”. In Roman mythology, it is the epithet of an overly chatty water nymph.
  33. Lincoln - This unisex name has Old English origins and means “home by the pond.”
  34. Lynn - An Anglo-Saxon name meaning “to cascade.”
  35. Marin - This name is of Latin origin and means “of the sea.”
  36. Marina - A Slavic, Russian, and Latin name that also means “of the sea.”
  37. Marissa - A Spanish and Latin name meaning “of the sea.”
  38. Maya - This baby girl's name has Hebrew, Spanish, and Greek origins and means "water."
  39. Mayim - A Hebrew name meaning “water.”
  40. Mira - A Sanskrit name meaning “ocean” or “sea.”
  41. Misty - This Old English name means “covered by mist.”
  42. Misu - A Native American name meaning “rippling brook.”
  43. Monroe - An Irish name meaning “mouth of the Roe River.”
  44. Morgan - A Welsh name that means “white sea” or “dweller by the sea.”
  45. Morwenna - A Welsh girl’s name meaning “waves of the sea.”
  46. Moselle - A Hebrew name meaning “drawn from the water.”
  47. Moana - This gender-neutral name of Hawaiian origin means “ocean” or “sea.”
  48. Nahla - Of Arabic origin, this female name means “a drink of water.”
  49. Naida - A Greek name that means “water nymph.”
  50. Nebula - A Latin name meaning “mist.”
  51. Nerina - A Greek name that means “sea nymph.”
  52. Nixie - This German name means “water sprite.”
  53. Ocean - A gender-neutral name that has Greek origins and means “sea.”
  54. Onda - An Italian word for “wave.”
  55. Ondine - A Latin name meaning “water sprite” or “of the wave.”
  56. Pavati - A Native American name meaning “clear water.”
  57. Rain - This gender-neutral name choice refers to a direct source of water.
  58. Ren - This Japanese name means “water lily.”
  59. Rhea - A Greek name meaning “stream.”
  60. Rilian - A German name meaning “small stream.”
  61. River - This gender-neutral name choice is based on the body of water.
  62. Salila - A Hindu name meaning “water.”
  63. Samudra - This gender-neutral Hindi name means “lord of the ocean.”
  64. Sereia - A Portuguese name meaning “mermaid.”
  65. Shui - This Chinese name that means “water” is another gender-neutral choice.
  66. Talia - A Hebrew name meaning “dew from heaven.”
  67. Tallulah - This Choctaw Indian name means “leaping water.”
  68. Tarni - This is a Kaurna (Southern Australian) name meaning “wave” or “surf.”
  69. Vanora - A Scottish name meaning “white wave.”
  70. Yareli - A Native American name meaning “water lily.”

Girl Names that Mean Ocean 

Girl Names That Mean Ocean

Discover the beauty and fluidity of nature with these enchanting girl names that embody the spirit of rivers, flowing gracefully through cultures and traditions.

  1. Aerwyna - This English name means “friend of the sea.”
  2. Amphitrite - In Greek mythology, this is the name of the wife of Poseidon, the god of the sea. Thus, she is the goddess of the sea.
  3. Avisa - A Sanskrit name meaning “ocean.”
  4. Bimasha - A Scandinavian name that means “a mighty woman of the sea.”
  5. Darya - A Russian name that means “the sea.”
  6. Derya - This Turkish and Persian name is a unisex option that means “sea.”
  7. Dylan - This gender-neutral name is of Welsh origins and means “son of the sea” or “born of the sea.”
  8. Firth - Of Scottish origins, this unisex name means “arm of the sea.”
  9. Hali - A Greek name that means “the sea.”
  10. Hurley - This Irish name is a gender-neutral option that means “sea tide.”
  11. Irvine - This Old English name means “sea friend” and is the female version of the name Irving.
  12. Kai - This gender-neutral name choice is of Hawaiian origin and means “sea.”
  13. Kailani - This Hawaiian name is translated to “sea and sky.”
  14. Kaimana - This is another Hawaiian name that means “powerful sea.”
  15. Manami - A Japanese name that means “sea” or “ocean.”
  16. Maris - A Latin name meaning “of the sea.”
  17. Muriel - A Celtic name that means “sea-bright.”
  18. Nerissa - This Latin name means “daughter of the sea.”
  19. Severn - This unisex name has Old English origins and means “from the sea”. The River Severn is the longest river in England, which stretches for 220 miles.
  20. Tarni - A South Australian name meaning “wave” or “surf.”
  21. Thalassa - This Greek name means “from the sea.”
  22. Ula - An Irish name meaning “sea jewel.”
  23. Zale - This Greek title means “sea strength.”

Girl Names that Mean River

Girl Names That Mean River

Dive into a world of serenity and depth as we unveil captivating girl names that evoke the vast and mysterious expanse of the ocean, reflecting its allure and majesty.

  1. Avonlea - An English name that means “river by a field.”
  2. Calder - An Old English name meaning “river of stones.”
  3. Chandania - An Indian name meaning “river.”
  4. Eyre - This English and Norse name means “gravel bank river”. In river morphology, this is called a bar. It is the space where sediment is deposited by the flow of the water.
  5. Ford - This is an Old English name that means “river crossing. While this is a common baby boy name, it can also serve as a unique title for your little tomboy.
  6. Guadalupe - A Spanish name meaning “river of black stones.”
  7. Hudson - While this Old English unisex name doesn’t have a meaning that relates to water (son of Hud), it is the name of a famous river in New York.
  8. Leith - A Scottish name meaning “wide river.”
  9. Loire - This French name refers to a river in France, noted as the longest river in the country.
  10. Narelle - An Australian name meaning “little river.”
  11. Nile - A gender-neutral name of Egyptian origin meaning “from the River Nile.”
  12. Reva - A French name meaning “river.”
  13. Ria - A Spanish name meaning “mouth of a river” and a Greek name meaning “stream”. For the parents expecting twins, Rio, which also means river in Spanish, and Ria are an adorable pairing.
  14. River - This English name means “river.”
  15. Romney - This unisex name has Old Welsh origins and means “winding river.”
  16. Sarita - A Hindi name meaning “stream” or “river.”
  17. Shannon - This Irish epithet means “wise one” and it is the name of the longest river in the British Isles.

What Is a Good Water Name for a Girl?

A good water-inspired name for a girl is Marina, which is of Latin origin and means "of the sea." This name beautifully captures the essence of water and evokes images of the majestic ocean.

What Goddess Names Mean Water?

One goddess name that means water is Anahita. Anahita is a Persian name that signifies "water or river goddess," reflecting the power and grace associated with water in ancient mythologies.

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110 Girl Names That Mean Water (with Meanings)


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