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101 Powerful Names for Girls That Are Fierce and Strong

A power girl needs a powerful name. These power names for girls are strong and fierce.
101 Powerful Names for Girls That Are Fierce and Strong
Updated: May 13, 2023
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Everyone loves to dress up their little girls in spunky and cute outfits, paired with big bows, and pigtails. However, as your sweet baby grows into a strong woman, you want this adorable image to transform into a picture of strength, confidence, courage, and respect. 

Baby girl names that mean power can be a great start for building this solid impression of prowess.

Psychologists have found that a person’s self-identity is directly tied to their name. In fact, Gordon Allport, one of the original architects of personality psychology, stated that the name they’re given is the most important predictor of a person’s personality. 

No pressure, right? 

The good news is that there are plenty of power names for girls to choose from and they all exude an image of virtue, honor, integrity, and fearlessness.

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No matter which of the 100+ powerful options you choose from our name list, these epithets will be a fitting choice for your smart, beautiful, strong, and dynamic daughter! 

Powerful Girl Names and Meanings

  1. Adira - This Hebrew girl’s name means “strong”, “powerful”, or “noble”.
  2. Aesira - Of Scandinavian origins, this name means “strong” or “fighter”.
  3. Aila - A Greek name meaning “light” and a Scottish Gaelic name meaning “from the strong place”.
  4. Alice - Of German origins, this name means “noble”.
  5. Alcmene - In Greek mythology, this is the name of the mother of Hercules. This unique name means “moon strength”.
  6. Audra - Of Old English origins, this name means “noble strength”.
  7. Audrey - This is another Old English title that means “noble strength”.
  8. Audrina - Yet another moniker meaning “noble strength” with Old English origins.
  9. Aza - An Arabic gender-neutral name meaning “powerful” or “comfort”.
  10. Aziza - Of Arabic, Swahili, and Hebrew origins, this name means “mighty”.
  11. Bia - A Greek name that means “force” or “energy”.
  12. Branka - This is a Slavic name meaning “to defend or protect”.
  13. Breanna - An Irish name meaning “strong” or “resolute”.
  14. Bree - This is a beautiful Irish name that also means “resolute” or “strong”.
  15. Briana - Another Irish epithet that means “resolute” or “strong”.
  16. Bridget - Yet another Irish title meaning “resolute” or “strong”.
  17. Briella - A Hebrew name meaning “God is my strength”.
  18. Britta - Of Irish origins, this name also means “resolute” or “strong”.
  19. Brites - This unique Celtic baby name means “strong”.
  20. Chasina - An Aramaic name meaning “strong” or “mighty”.
  21. Cyrene - Or Persian origins, this name means “throne” or “sun”.
  22. Dree - This is an English and Greek name meaning “strong” or “manly” and a Scottish name meaning “suffering”.
  23. Ebba - A German and Anglo-Saxon title that means “strength” or “return of the tide”.
  24. Edrea - Of British origins, this name means “powerful” or “wealthy”.
  25. Everette - An Old English name that means “strong boar” or “powerful”.
  26. Gabriella - Another Hebrew name meaning “God is my strength”. This is also the female version of the Italian baby boy name, Gabriel.
  27. Imelda - Yet another title that has German origins and means “battle”.
  28. Isa - Of Hebrew origins, this name means “salvation of the Lord” or “strong-willed”.
  29. Jaya - A Hindi name meaning “victory”.
  30. Kaimana - This unisex Hawaiian name means “the power of the ocean”.
  31. Kana - A Hawaiian name meaning “God is my judge” and a Japanese name meaning “powerful”.
  32. Karla - Of Latin origins, this name means “strong one”.
  33. Kendra- This is a Celtic name meaning “ruler of the valley” and an Anglo-Saxon title meaning “understanding” or “knowledge”.
  34. Keren - A Greek name meaning “pure”.
  35. Kyda - This Muslim girl name means “strong” or “preserved”.
  36. Leona - Can you get more powerful than a name that means “lioness”? This German title is a strong girl name for your little one!
  37. Mel - A Scottish name meaning “armored chief”.
  38. Mildred - This English name means “gentle adviser” or “gentle strength”.
  39. Millicent - Another English name meaning “industrious” or “strength”.
  40. Minka - A Teutonic title that means “strong” or “resolute”.
  41. Philomena - Of Greek origins, this name means “beloved” or “friend of strength”.
  42. Qadira - This is an Arabic name meaning “wields power”.
  43. Ragnhild - A name of Norse origins that means “one who is wise in battle”.
  44. Rainey - Of English origins, this name means “wise ruler”.
  45. Rikka - Of Japanese origins, this name means “dominant ruler”.
  46. Scarlett - Of Middle English origins, this name means “deep red”.
  47. Shakti - This is a Hindu and Sanskrit name meaning “power”.
  48. Thyra - Of Greek and Scandinavian origins, this title means “shield-bearer”.
  49. Tyra - A Scandinavian moniker meaning “God of battle”. This is the female version of Thor, the God of thunder.
  50. Valentina – a Latin name meaning “good health” or “strong”.
  51. Valerie - Yet another Latin name meaning “strong”.
  52. Victoria - A Latin moniker that means “victory”.
  53. Zaila - An African name meaning “female” and an Arabic name meaning “might” and “power”.
  54. Zale - This Greek name means “sea strength”.

Badass Girl Names and Meanings

African American father and daughter playing in nature.

  1. Ajita - This is a Hindu name meaning “invincible”.
  2. Alessia - This beautiful name has Italian origins and means “defending warrior”.
  3. Aloisa - This German title means “renowned warrior”.
  4. Alvara - Of Italian origins, this baby name means “elf warrior”.
  5. Alexa - Of Greek origins, this name means “defender of mankind”.
  6. Alexandra - A Greek and English name meaning “defender of mankind”.
  7. Bellatrix -Of Latin origins, this moniker means “female warrior”.
  8. Ermenilda - Of Portuguese origins, this name means “a powerful warrior”.
  9. Hilda - This is a German name meaning “warrior”.
  10. Gerda - This is a German name that means “adored warrior”.
  11. Gertrude - Another German name meaning “adored warrior”.
  12. Lexi - Of Greek origins, this name means “defender of mankind”.
  13. Louisa - This is an Old German name that means “warrior maiden” and “fights with honor” as well as a Spanish name that means “warrior”.
  14. Luana - Of Old German origins, this name means “warrior maiden” or “graceful battle maiden”.
  15. Maude - Of English origins, this name means “strength in battle” or “mighty battle maiden”.
  16. Nyathera - An African name that means “she survived”.
  17. Sandra - This is a Greek name that means “defender of mankind”.
  18. Sasha - A Russian name that also means “defender of mankind”.
  19. Trudy - A German name meaning “adored warrior”.
  20. Valda - An Old Norse name meaning “spirited warrior”.
  21. Zelda - Of German origins, this title means “gray warrior” or “woman warrior”.

Fierce Girl Names and Meanings

  1. Marcella - This is a Latin name meaning “God of war”.
  2. Marcia - This is a Latin name meaning “martial”, “warlike”, or “brave”.
  3. Matilda - A German name meaning “battle maiden”, “strength”, and “strong in war”.
  4. Heddy - An Old English name meaning “hidden weapon”.
  5. Shamra - Of Arabic origins, this name means “lady for battle”.
  6. Tilda - This is a German and French name that means “battle maiden”, “strength”, “strong in war”, “mighty in war” and “maid of battles”.
  7. Wilma - Of Teutonic origins, this name means “fierce protector”.

Girl Names That Mean Fearless

  1. Abhita - Of Sanskrit origins, this epithet means “fearless”, “brave”, and “courageous”.
  2. Andrea - This title means “strong” and “brave” and also has Greek origins.
  3. Baldwin - A German name meaning “bold friend” or “brave”.
  4. Binsa - This Nepali name means “a woman who is fearless”.
  5. Casey - Of Irish origins, this name means “brave”, “watchful”, “vigilant”, and “alert”.
  6. Conradina - A German name meaning “fearless”, “bold”, or “valiant”.
  7. Emersyn - This is an American name meaning “brave” or “powerful”.
  8. Keena - This is a Celtic name meaning “brave”.
  9. Kelsie - Of Scottish origins, this name means “brave”.
  10. Ricarda - This name has Italian and German origins and means “powerful ruler”. It also has English roots, meaning “brave one”.
  11. Valencia - Of Latin origins, this name means “bravery”.

12 year old girl climbs up indoor rock wall

Baby Names Inspired by Powerful Women

  1. Athena - Another name of Greek origin, this is the name of the goddess of war.
  2. Catherine - Of Greek origins, this name means “pure”. This was the epithet of Russia’s longest-ruling female leader. She was also one of the more influential figures in the country’s history.
  3. Cleopatra - This is a Greek name meaning “praise”. It is also the title of the Queen of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt. She commanded an army and navy and is known for taking on the Roman Empire.
  4. Elizabeth - A Hebrew name meaning “God’s oath” and “dedicated”. It was also the epithet of the longest ruling Queen in history, holding this title for over 70 years.
  5. Harriet - Of French origins, this name means “ruler of the household”. Harriet Tubman was another amazing figure in history, helping to put an end to slavery in America.
  6. Margaret - This Gaelic and Scottish name means “little pearl”. Margaret Thatcher was anything but little though. She served as the first female Prime Minister and made quite an impact on Britain’s economy.
  7. Marie - A Hebrew and French name meaning “bitter”. Marie Curie was a pioneer for women in science, playing a role in the discovery of radium and the use of radiation in cancer treatments.
  8. Rosa - Of Irish origins, this name means “noted protector”. This is a fitting title for the woman who helped to spark a civil rights movement that changed the course of history!

Powerful Girl Name Inspiration

When looking for baby name inspiration, we recommend history books! Yes, you read that right. 

The amazing women who fought and sacrificed to challenge the norm for a better tomorrow are the epitome of strength! Rosa Parks, Marie Curie, and Margaret Thatcher are just a few of the extraordinary female names of our past who fought for the future and won! 

Parents can also look to the queens and leaders of ancient times to find badass warrior names for their little champions. 

Additionally, think about the amazing qualities that you hope your little girl will come to possess. Meanings like fighter, noble, mighty, and ruler can all be fierce choices. 

Still haven’t found your perfect power name? Consider checking out our samurai and gladiator name lists! You are bound to find more inspiration for your little warrior princess!

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101 Powerful Names for Girls That Are Fierce and Strong

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