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106 Tropical Island Baby Names (With Meanings)

If you love the island lifestyle, consider one of these tropical island-inspired names for your baby. We've got island baby names for boys, girls, and gender-neutral options that exude sunshine, warmth, and relaxation.
Tropical Island Names
Updated: April 17, 2024
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Soft, white sand. Warm, crystal blue clear waters. Upbeat reggae with inviting aromas of coconut and sunscreen. The tropics invoke a sense of warmth, relaxation, and beach vibes. From Florida to the Caribbean, the Atlantic to the Pacific, beach adventures take on a whole new meaning with kids.

Honor your coveted tropical nostalgia of a favorite trip, or inspire an easygoing outlook in your little one by giving your little beach baby an exotic island baby name that brings to mind palm trees, tropical storms, sandy beaches, and sunshine.

Tropical Girl Names

Tropical Island Girl Names

What is a beachy name? They can be inspired by water, music, or characters that are associated with tropical island life, so we have gathered plenty of fun female island names inspired by the tropics.

  1. Ariel - Hebrew name meaning “lion of God,” inspired by The Little Mermaid.
  2. Alani - Hawaiian meaning “orange tree.”
  3. Ayanna - Barbados/African for “beautiful flower.”
  4. Bimini - The name of a Bahamian island.
  5. Calypso - Greek name meaning "hidden” and a style of Caribbean rhythmic music.
  6. Coraline (or Coral) - Latin derivative for “semi-precious sea growth often deep pink or red.”
  7. Cordelia - Irish meaning “daughter of the sea.”
  8. Derya - Turkish name meaning “sea.”
  9. Dominica - Italian/Dominican Republic for "belonging to the Lord"; a Caribbean island.
  10. Galia - Hebrew meaning “wave.”
  11. Guava - After the tropical fruit native to South America, Central America, and Mexico.
  12. Ginger - English for "reddish-orange" or "liveliness"; popular from the ’70s TV show Gilligan’s Island.
  13. Haiti - Indigenous Taíno name meaning “land of high mountains.”
  14. Isla - Spanish for “island.”
  15. Kaia - Greek meaning “earth.”
  16. Kailani - Hawaiian meaning “sea and sky.”
  17. Kalama - Polynesian for “torch.”
  18. Kalena - Hawaiian meaning “chaste.”
  19. Katrina - Scottish meaning “pure.”
  20. Lana - Polynesian meaning “to float.”
  21. Lei - Hawaiian for “wreath of flowers.”
  22. Leila - Arabic name meaning “night beauty.”
  23. Leilani - Hawaiian name meaning “heavenly garland of flowers.”
  24. Lili - Hebrew meaning “oath of God.”
  25. Lilo - Hawaiian meaning “generous one.”
  26. Lucia - Italian meaning “light.” After the Caribbean Island Saint Lucia.
  27. Maia - Greek meaning “mother,” “nurse,” or “sea.”
  28. Marina - Spanish/Roman for “of the sea.”
  29. Marisol - Spanish meaning “I am the sun.”
  30. Maurea - Latin after the sea snail genus.
  31. Mazu - Chinese goddess of the sea.
  32. Meilani - Tahitian/Hawaiian for “dark skin beauty.”
  33. Moana (or Moa) - Tahitian for “ocean.”
  34. Nani - Hawaiian for ”beautiful.”
  35. Nerina - Greek meaning “sea nymph.”
  36. Nori - Japanese meaning “seaweed.”
  37. Oceana - Greek form of Oceanus, the Titan father of water nymphs.
  38. Oliana - Polynesian for “oleander.”
  39. Oriana (or Oria) - Dominican for “golden-haired.”
  40. Palila - Tahitian for “with a spirit as free as a bird.”
  41. Pearl - Latin for "pearl" or “innocence, modesty.”
  42. Raeni - Caribbean for “queen.”
  43. Sedna - Inuit meaning “goddess of the sea.”
  44. Shelly - Anglo-Saxon for “the ledge meadow.”
  45. Soleil - French name meaning “sun.”
  46. Teuila - Samoan for “flower of the Samoan ginger plant.”
  47. Ula - Irish for “sea jewel.”

Tropical Boy Names

Tropical Island Boy Names

When it comes to choosing a name for your baby boy that conjures the serene and spirited essence of the sea, tropical names are the perfect wave to ride. Check out these cool tropical names for your little beachy boy.

  1. Aalto - Scandinavian name meaning “wave.”
  2. Aegir - Old Norse sea god.
  3. Aenon - Hebrew name meaning “water spring.”
  4. Agwe - Caribbean/Haitian for “spirit of the sea.”
  5. Alon - Filipino for “wave.”
  6. Aruba - Carib Indian for “shell island," a Caribbean island.
  7. Azul - Spanish for “blue.”
  8. Bardo - German/Tibetan meaning “water.”
  9. Bellus - English variant of “bellows.”
  10. Boreal - English meaning “northern.”
  11. Cayman - British English for “tropical American crocodile,” also a Caribbean island.
  12. Cove - English for a “small bay” or “place of rest.”
  13. Cruise - Dutch for “a voyage on a ship or boat taken for pleasure.”
  14. Danton - Latin meaning “enduring one.”
  15. Davy - Hebrew meaning “beloved.”
  16. Deniz - Turkish meaning “waves, sea.”
  17. Dominic - Italian, or found in the Dominican Republic, meaning “belonging to the Lord.”
  18. Earwyn - English meaning “friend of the sea.”
  19. Elio - Italian meaning “the sun.”
  20. Fraser - Scottish for “strawberry" but is also the world’s largest sand island located in Australia
  21. Hanalei - Hawaiian for “lei making” or “crescent bay.”
  22. Hani - Hawaiian meaning “to move lightly” or Arabic meaning “carefree.”
  23. Harvey - Old German meaning “battle.”
  24. Hawea - Tahitian/Maori for “peacemaker.”
  25. Holokai - Hawaiian for “a seafaring person.”
  26. Hurley - Irish meaning “sea tide.”
  27. Kai - Hawaiian for “from the sea.”
  28. Kauai - Hawaiian for “garden island.”
  29. Keanu - Hawaiian meaning “mountain breeze.”
  30. Kyle - Scottish meaning “channel or strait.”
  31. Malik - Caribbean/Arabic for “king” or “chief.”
  32. Manu - Polynesian for “bird of the night.”
  33. Maui - Polynesian for “legendary hero.”
  34. Maury - Latin meaning “dark-skinned” or “like a moor.”
  35. Murdoch - Scottish meaning “victorious at sea.”
  36. Nikolai - Greek meaning “victorious people.”
  37. Samoa - Polynesian name for “people of the sea.”
  38. Storm - English meaning “stormy weather.”
  39. Thomas - Greek meaning “twin” after the Caribbean island of Saint Thomas.

Gender-Neutral Tropical Names

Gender Neutral Island Names

If you don’t have a National Hurricane Center-style forecast of your baby’s gender or simply want to choose a unisex baby name, there are plenty of gender-neutral tropical names to choose from, including the following island and ocean names.

  1. Adrian - Latin name meaning “sea” or “water.”
  2. Aloha - Hawaiian for “loving person.”
  3. Bali - Indian for “powerful and brave; and the Indonesian island.
  4. Bay - English for a large inlet of the sea curving the land inwards.
  5. Cerulean - Latin for a deep sky-blue and cyan color.
  6. Corentin - French meaning “tempest, hurricane.”
  7. Hehu - Maori/Cook Islander for "rescued by God."
  8. Kaiko - Hawaiian meaning “current of the ocean.”
  9. Kailani - Hawaiian for “sea and sky.”
  10. Kiawah - Native American tribe. After the Charleston, SC island.
  11. Kona - Hawaiian name meaning “lady” or “popularity.”
  12. Mahana - Samoan boy’s name meaning “warm,” Tahitian for girls meaning “sun.”
  13. Maris - Latin meaning “of the sea.”
  14. Oshun - Nigerian name meaning “water” or “the river orisha.”
  15. Reef - German meaning “seller of rope.”
  16. Sandy - Greek for “defender of mankind.”
  17. Skipper - Captain of a ship or boat.
  18. Sunny - English meaning “bright disposition.”
  19. Sydney - French meaning “from Sidon” after the Australian waterfront city.
  20. Zephyr - Greek/Latin for “soft, gentle breeze” or “westerly wind.”

Island Names for Babies

Island-inspired names for babies often evoke images of serene beaches, tropical landscapes, and a sense of adventure. These names not only pay homage to beautiful locales but also carry a unique and melodious quality. And there are many places to draw inspiration, such as islands like Bali, Fiji, Maui, Ibiza, the Maldives, Java, and many more—all full of sand, surf, and good vibes.

For more baby name inspiration check out these popular baby name lists:

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