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105 Baby Names Inspired by Months and Days of the Week

These baby names inspired by days of the month and times of year are great for picking a baby name inspired by your little one's birthday!
105 Calendar Baby Names Inspired by Months and Days
Updated: December 15, 2022
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Wednesday is perhaps the most iconic baby name that oats homage to a day of the week. Of course, most of us are familiar with the infamous fictional Adams Family, but Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint named his daughter Wednesday. But there are many other baby names that have been inspired by days, months, and times. 

In some cultures, like those in Western Africa, it was and still is common to name your child after the day they were born or for the time they were born. Other day names are inspired by the month, the season, or the holiday closest to a child’s birth. 

India has a unique tradition of using the stars and constellations in the sky at the time of a baby’s birth to help determine its name. If you’re looking to carry on the tradition of using a calendar baby name, we have a complete list of popular baby names and unique names perfect for babies born at any time of the year!

Boy Names Inspired By Different Months and Days

Boy Names Inspired by Different Months and Days
  1. Abeeku - African. Born on Wednesday
  2. Ahaan - Sanskrit. Dawn
  3. Aki - Japanese. Autumn or born in the autumn. 
  4. Aroon - Thai. Dawn. 
  5. Asa - Japanese. Born in the morning. 
  6. Aubade- French. A morning love song. 
  7. August/Augustus - Latin. Exalted or great. 
  8. Cassiel - Latin. The angel who watches over Capricorns.  
  9. Dag - Scandinavian. Daylight. 
  10. Delbert - English. Bright day. 
  11. Diaz - Spanish. Days. 
  12. Domingo - Spanish. Born on a Sunday.
  13. Equinox - Latin. Equal. 
  14. Gennaro - Italian. January. 
  15. Haruki - Japanese. Spring child. 
  16. Hoku - Hawaiian. Night of the full moon. 
  17. Jarek - Slavic. Spring.
  18. Jove - Latin. Another name for the Roman god Jupiter.
  19. Julian - Latin. Youthful. 
  20. Julias - Latin. Youthful. The month of July gets its name from the Roman emperor Julias Ceasar.
  21. Kwame - Ghanaian. Born on a Saturday.
  22. Kwasi - African. Born on a Sunday
  23. Kofi - Ghanaian. Born on a Friday.
  24. Lundy - Scottish.Monday’s child. 
  25. Madhava - Sanskrit. Of the springtime. 
  26. Maggio - Italian. May. 
  27. Midnight - American. Middle of the night. 
  28. Otieno - African. Born at night. A popular name in Kenya. 
  29. Pascal - French/English. Easter or Passover. 
  30. Sarad - Hindi. Born in autumn. 
  31. Sorely - Irish/Norse. Sailor or summer traveler. Viking. 
  32. Valentine - Latin. Strength or health. 
  33. Vasant - Sanskrit. Springlike.
  34. Yule - English. Winter solstice.
  35. Weldon - English. Hill near a spring. 

Girl Names Inspired By Different Months and Days

Girl Names Inspired by Different Months and Days 
  1. Aamu - Finnish. Morning. 
  2. Akosua - Twi. Born on a Sunday. 
  3. Amma - Ghanaian. Born on a Saturday. 
  4. April - Latin. To open.
  5. Aviva - Hebrew. Springlike. 
  6. Avril - French. April. 
  7. Autumn - Latin. Of the woods. 
  8. Bahaar - Hindi. Springtime. 
  9. Blossom - English. Flower. 
  10. Caroun - Armenian. Springtime.
  11. Cerelia - This Latin name refers to springtime. She was the Greek goddess of the harvest. 
  12. Chiaki - Japanese. One thousand autumns. 
  13. Dagmar - Norse. Day maiden. 
  14. Dagny - Scandinavia. New Day
  15. Dawn - English. Daybreak.  
  16. December - Latin. It comes from the Latin word for ten and was the tenth month on the ancient Roman calendar. 
  17. Dia - African/Arabic. Daylight or glow.
  18. Dimanche - French. Sunday. 
  19. Duska - Czech
  20. Easter - This name comes from the Germanic goddess of Springtime, Eostre. 
  21. Efia - Akan. Born on a Friday. 
  22. Gry - Norwegian. Dawn.
  23. Haf - Welsh. Summer. 
  24. Harumi - Japanese. Beautiful springtime. 
  25. Hemera - Greek. Day. 
  26. Holiday - This English name literally translates to holy day. 
  27. Itla - Finnish. Evening. 
  28. Janvier - This French name means January. 
  29. Januaria - Portuguese. January. 
  30. January - Latin. From the Roman god Janus. The name of the first month of the new year.
  31. Jora - Hebrew. Autumn rain. 
  32. Julia - Latin. Youthful. A feminine version of Julian or Julius.
  33. Juliet - French. July.
  34. June - Latin. June was named for the Roman goddess Juno. 
  35. Juni - Scandinavian. Juni is the Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and Finnish word for the month of June.
Days of the Week Baby Names
  1. Mae/May - English. Flower. The month of May.
  2. Maia - Greek. Brave or confident. 
  3. Mardi - French.Tuesday. 
  4. Meridian - Latin. Midday.
  5. Metheven - Scottish. June.
  6. Natalia - Latin/Italian. Birthday of the Lord. Born on Christmas.
  7. Natalie - French. A variation of Natalia. It means born on Christmas. 
  8. Natasha - Russian. Birthday of the Lord. 
  9. Natsu - Japanese. Born in summer. 
  10. Nedda - Slavic. Born on a Sunday. 
  11. Niamh - Irish. Snow. 
  12. Nikini - This is a lovely name from Sri Lanka, which means full moon in August. 
  13. Noelle - French. Christmas. 
  14. Nuru - Swahili. Born during th day. 
  15. Parasha - Russian. Born on Good Friday. 
  16. Primavera - Italian. This little girl's name means spring. 
  17. Rabia - Arabic. Spring. 
  18. Rajani - Sanskrit. Dark or of the night. 
  19. Sahar - Arabic/Persian. Dawn or morning. 
  20. Solstice - Latin. When the sun stands still. 
  21. Summer - English. A name for the summer season. 
  22. Sunday - Latin/English. Day of the week. 
  23. Suvi - Finnish. Summer. 
  24. Tuesday - English. A day of the week.
  25. Verna - Latin. Springtime. 
  26. Wednesday - Norse. It means Odin’s Day. Today it is becoming a popular American baby girl name. 
  27. Zerah - Arabic. The coming of dawn. 

Gender-Neutral Names Inspired By Time of the Year

Gender-Neutral Names Inspired by Time of Year
  1. Eos - The Greek titan of dawn.
  2. March - Old French. Youth, springtime. It’s one of the month names that are unisex, and it makes an adorable middle name for a spring baby!
  3. Jupiter - Latin. Jupiter was the Roman god of the sky. 
  4. October - Latin. The eighth month of the year from the ancient Roman calendar.
  5. Ozzane - Latin. Palm Sunday. 
  6. November - Latin for the ninth month. 
  7. Tash - A nickname for Natasha, which means born on Christmas day. But can be used as a given name for boys or girls. 
  8. Winter - English. The winter season. Winter is a cute, trendy name that could be used for boys and girls. 

Names inspired by the days of the week and the time of year come from all cultures and languages. However, girl names seem to take the cake on our name list. 

From weather to seasons to month to names inspired by ancient gods and goddesses, parents have plenty of options when looking for a day or month-inspired baby name.

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105  Baby Names Inspired by Months and Days of the Week


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