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105 Baby Names That Mean Star & Constellations

These baby names that mean star shine bright like the constellations in the sky. Find a star name for your baby girl or boy.
105 Baby Names That Mean Star & Constellations
Updated: November 10, 2022
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Humans have long turned to the stars and heavens for inspiration. Long before people knew or understood what stars were or understood the vastness of space, they were wowed by their power and beauty. Therefore it makes sense that many names from different cultures relate to the heavens or sky.

Whether the name of one of the gods, a name referring to the mountains or hills close to the heavens, or one of the bright stars that shine down on us each night, parents have plenty of choices when choosing a baby name related to the stars. 

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Boy Names That Mean Star 

Many baby boy names referring to the stars and heavens have biblical origins or refer to ancient gods. For example, the name Zeus refers to the Greek god of thunder and the sky. Aaron is a Hebrew name meaning shining light. Scientists also often use references from religion or mythology when naming new stars and constellations. 

  1. Aaron - Hebrew. Shining light. 
  2. Adams - Hebrew. Adam means son of the earth, so he is a companion name to a star name.
  3. Akhtar - Muslim. Star. Good luck. 
  4. Antares - Greek. The name of a giant red star. Part of the constellation Scorpio.
  5. Altair - Greek/Arabic. Star.
  6. Apollo - Greek. Destroyer. Apollo was the name of several missions to the moon.
  7. Aries - Latin. Ram. One of the zodiac signs and the name of a constellation. 
  8. Arlo- Old English. The name was invented by the English poet Edmund Spenser and means “from the hill fort” and was the name of the high hill where the gods debate in his famous poem The Fairie Queen.
  9. Aster - Greek. Star.
  10. Atlas - Greek. Enduring. A mythical titan who carried the world on his back. The name of an inner satellite of Saturn. 
Boy Names That Mean Star
  1. Berg - German/Dutch. A high mountain. The name might not mean star but mountains are close to the stars!
  2. Brent - Old English. Fiery hill.
  3. Castor - Greek. Castor is the brightest star in the Gemini constellation. 
  4. Deependu - Indian origins. Moon or bright moon.
  5. Delano - French. Of the night.
  6. Draco - Latin. Dragon. 
  7. Ehan - Arabic. Full moon. 
  8. Elbert - German. Noble. Bright. Famous.
  9. Gibbes - German. Bright desire.
  10. Glen - Irish. A secluded wooded valley, the perfect spot to observe stars!
  11. Heaton - English. High ground. 
  12. Iah - Egyptian. Moon. Iah was the original name of the moon god, later referred to as Toth. 
  13. Kamari - Arabic. Moon. 
  14. Kaukab - Muslim. Star. 
  15. Leo - Greek. Lion. Leo is an astrological sign.
  16. Lucien - French. Bright light. 
  17. Mayar - Turkish. The glow of the moon. 
  18. Mitchell - English/Scottish. He who is like God.
  19. Montana - Spanish. Mountain.
  20. Montenegro - Spanish. Black mountain.
  21. Montgomery - French. Mountain hunter. 
  22. Najam - Muslim. Celestial body. 
  23. Oberon - German. Noble bear. The name of one of Uranus’s moons. 
  24. Orestes - Greek. Mountain dweller.
  25. Orion- Greek. Mighty hunter. In Greek mythology, Orion was the son of Poseidon and was turned into a constellation. 
  26. Proteus - Greek. Strong and powerful. The second largest of Neptune’s moons and one of the darkest objects in the solar system.
  27. Purnama - Sanskrit. Full moon. 
  28. Quacey - Scottish. Of the moonlight.
  29. Rainier - Latin. Ruler. Mt. Rainier is one of the tallest mountains in the Pacific Northwest.
  30. Rodor - Old English. The Sky.
  31. Scorpius - Latin. Scorpion. The name of a constellation. 
  32. Shihab - Islamic. Shooting star.
  33. Sirius - Latin. It is the brightest star seen from Earth. 
  34. Tarak - Sanskrit. Star. Protector. 
  35. Tariq - Arabic. Star. Path. 
  36. Trella - Spanish. Star. 
  37. Zeke - Arabic. Shooting star. 
  38. Zeus - Greek. God of thunder and the sky.
  39. Zunair - Islamic. Light of the moon. 

Girl Names That Mean Star 

Girl Names That Mean Star

Star and constellation baby girl names are often lovely and poetic. These names are often the names of ancient goddesses, constellations, or stars themselves. Parents will have no problem finding a beautiful and unique name when choosing our list of star and constellation baby girl names. 

  1. Adhara - Arabic. Maidens. It is the second brightest star after Sirius.
  2. Alhena - Muslim. Ring. One of the stars in the Gemini constellation. 
  3. Amaris - English. Child of the moon. 
  4. Andromeda  Greek. A character from Greek mythology. The name of a constellation in the sky.
  5. Antlia - Latin. Pump. The name of a constellation.
  6. Apus - Greek. Footless.The name of a constellation.
  7. Aquila - Latin. Strong as an eagle.
  8. Astra - Greek/Latin. Stars.
  9. Badriya - Muslim. Resembeling the full moon.
  10. Bellatrix - Latin. Female warrior. The name of a star. This name was made popular by the Harry Potter series.
  11. Cassiopeia - Greek. The mother of Andromeda. A constellation.
  12. Celeste - Latin. Heavenly.
  13. Celine - Latin. From the heavens.
  14. Chandrama - Sanskrit. Of the moon. 
  15. Columba - Latin. Dove. A sign of the holy spirit. 
  16. Cordelia - Irish. Daughter of the sea. One of the moons of Uranus. 
  17. Danica - Latin. Morning star.
  18. Dyan - Latin. Divine. 
  19. Electra- Greek. This name of Greek origin means bright and shining.
  20. Estella - Latin. Star. Another variation of the name is Estelle or the nickname Stella. 
  21. Esther - Persian. Star. 
  22. Etoile - Greek/French. Star-like. Love. 
  23. Hester - Persian. Star.
  24. Hina - Urdu. It is derived from Japanese and means star or light. 
  25. Hoshi - Japanese. Star.
  26. Hydra - Greek. Water snake. Hydra is a large constellation. 
  27. Indu - Hindi. Moon.
  28. Luna - Latin. Moon. A popular name from the Harry Potter books and a unique choice for your little girl. 
Constellation Girl Names
  1. Lyra - Greek. Lyre, music. Lyra is a small constellation. 
  2. Namid - Cheyenne. Star dancer. 
  3. Nokomis - Dakota. Moon daughter.
  4. Norma - German. From the north. 
  5. Nova - Latin. New. A bright star. 
  6. Rigel - Arabic. Foot. Rigel is a star that is part of the Orion constellation.
  7. Realtin - Irish. Little star. 
  8. Rishima - Hindi/ Moonbeam.
  9. Seren - Welsh. Star.
  10. Shaula - Arabic. Fire.
  11. Soleil - French. Sun. 
  12. Starr - Modern English. Star. 
  13. Stella - Latin. Star.
  14. Tainn - Native American. New moon.
  15. Vega - Arabic. Falling star. 
  16. Venus - Greek. This Greek name means goddess of love and is the second planet in our solar system.
  17. Virgo - Latin. The virgin. This Latin name is one of the signs of the zodiac.
  18. Zhura - Muslim. Star. Venus. 

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Star 

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Star
  1. Ara - Latin. This name has Arabic and Latin origins and is a constellation in the southern hemisphere.
  2. Everest - English. The name of Earth’s tallest mountain.
  3. Hoku - Hawaiian. Star. 
  4. Izar - Basque. Star. 
  5. Jupiter - Latin. Father Zeus. The Roman variation of the Greek sky god and the name of the largest planet in our solar system. 
  6. Moon - English. The moon. 
  7. Phoenix - Greek. Mystical bird. Bright red. 
  8. Polaris - Latin. North star. 
  9. Sol - Spanish. Sun. 
  10. Sterling - English. Little star. 


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105 Baby Names That Mean Star & Constellations


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