105 Astrological and Celestial Names to Inspire Your Baby Name Search

Updated: February 8, 2022
Why not take some inspiration from the stars and sky when choosing a name for baby?
Astrological Names
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When you’re searching for the perfect baby name, why not look to the heavens and consider a celestial baby name? If you’re obsessed with astrology and learning all about your Zodiac sign, names inspired by astrology and the stars are a unique choice for a baby name.

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The stars and planets have long inspired the human race, and many astrological and celestial names date back to ancient Rome, Greece, Asia, and the early Americas. Many of the names in astrology are inspired by goddesses and gods from Greek and Roman mythology heroes. These names, which generally have Latin roots, are also the names of many famous stars and constellations.

Whether your baby is an energetic fire sign, a grounded earth sign, an emotional and artistic water sign, or an intellectual air sign, we’ve got the right name for you. Heavenly names from all across the globe have made our list.

To help you on the ultimate search, we have compiled a list of over 100 names that are out of this world and inspired by astrology and celestial origins. The lists are broken down into celestial, astrological, and gender-neutral names.

Celestial Baby Girl Names

Here are some names for baby girls you'll be over the moon for!

Celestial Girl Names

  1. Aega - Greek. According to Greek mythology, her mother was an earth goddess who hid her from the Titans when they attacked Mount Olympia. She is a moon deity.
  2. Aine - Celtic. She is the goddess of love and light. She brings light to the dark.
  3. Anahita - Persian. A river goddess of Venus and the moon.
  4. Astrid - Dutch/Norse. Star.
  5. Badru - Egyptian. It means born during a full moon.
  6. Bendis - Thracian. The ancient goddess of the moon and hunting.
  7. Bianca - Italian. White. Bianca is the name of one of Uranus’s moons.
  8. Bulan - Filipino. The moon deity who is in charge of nighttime.
  9. Calypso - Greek. She who hides. Name of one of the ships from Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  10. Celeste - Latin. Heavenly. The name also refers to the night sky.
  11. Chang Xi - Chinese. Mother of twelve moons.
  12. Cordelia - Latin. Daughter of the sea. It is the name of one of Uranus’s moons.
  13. Cressida - Greek. Gold. It is the name of a star.
  14. Cynthia - Greek. From Mount Kynthos. Another name for Artemis, the moon goddess.
  15. Danica - Slavic. Venus or morning star
  16. Dae-Soon - Korean. Lunar goddess.
  17. Dawn - Old English. The first appearance of daybreak or light.
  18. Deva - Hindu. A moon goddess. Brightness and radiance.
  19. Diana - Italian. Diana was a goddess of the moon, hunting, and childbirth in Roman mythology.
  20. Estella - French. This beautiful name means star. Alternatively, you could use Estelle.
  21. Hanwi - Native American. She was a goddess of the Ogala Sioux who lived with the sun and then was forced to become a goddess of the night.
  22. Heaven - English. Home of the gods and the angels.
  23. Helene - French. Bright shining one.
  24. Juno - Latin. It means queen of the heavens.
  25. Kamaria - Persian. Moon or moonlight.
  26. Leia - Hawaiian. Child of Heaven. In Hebrew the name means weary. Either way it is the name of the famous heroine of the original Star Wars Trilogy.
  27. Luna - Italian. Luna is the Italian word for moon. It is also the name of the Roman goddess of the moon.
  28. Meridian - American. Middle. Center. The meridian is the invisible line the moon passes over to create night.
  29. Moira - Gaelic. Star of the sea. A unique name, plus who doesn’t love Schitt’s Creek?
  30. Ophelia - Greek. Helper. Ophelia is the name of one of Uranus’s moons.
  31. Pandora - Greek. All gifted. Pandora is the name of one of Saturn’s moons.
  32. Phoebe - Greek. Bright and shining. Phoebe was a Titan associated with the moon.
  33. Portia - French. Pig. Portia is one of Uranus’s moons.
  34. Rhiannon - Celtic. Goddess of the moon. Divine Queen of the Fairies.
  35. Roxanne - Persian. This name means dawn.
  36. Soma - Hindu. Goddess of the moon.
  37. Sunna - Norse Mythology. Goddess of the sun.
  38. Stella - Latin. Star.
  39. Yemanja - Native South American. The crescent moon represented a Brazilian goddess of the oceans

Astrological Baby Girl Names

Astrological Girl Names

  1. Andromeda - Greek. Ruler of men. It is also the name of a constellation.
  2. Aurora - Latin. This name means “dawn,” but it also has roots in Roman mythology as the goddess of the sunrise. The Northern Lights are also referred to as the “aurora borealis.”
  3. Ara - Greek. The altar. The name of a constellation.
  4. Cassiopeia - Greek. She was a mythological queen who was turned into a constellation.
  5. Juliet - English. Youthful. Shakespeare was fond of using celestial and astrological names, and Juliet was no exception. Juliet is also one of Uranus’ moons.
  6. Libra - Latin. It means scales or balance.
  7. Lyra - Greek for the instrument lyre. Lyra is the name of a constellation.
  8. Miranda - Latin. Marvelous. One of Uranus’s moons.
  9. Rhea - Greek. A flowing stream. Rhea is the second-largest of Saturn’s moons.
  10. Venus - Latin. Venus is the Roman goddess of love, and it is also the second planet of the sun. In astrology, your Venus sign reveals what you desire and love.
  11. Ursa - Latin. Little female bear. We have two constellations in the northern hemisphere known as Ursa Major and Ursa Minor.
  12. Virginia - Latin. Pure and virginal. The perfect name for a baby girl born under the sign of Virgo.
  13. Zaniah - Arabic. Corner. The name of a star in the Virgo constellation.

Celestial Baby Boy Names

  1. Amruta - Sanskrit. Immortal. Ray of light.
  2. Apollo - Greek. Sun. NASA’s Apollo mission was responsible for putting the first men on the moon, but Apollo was also the god of the sun in Greek mythology.
  3. Aten - Egyptian. Disc of the day or sun.
  4. Atlas - Greek. Support or prop. Atlas was a mythological Titan who carried the world on his shoulders.
  5. Charon - Greek. This name means keen gaze. While Pluto may not be considered a planet any longer, it is still part of our solar system, and Charon is the name of Pluto’s moon.
  6. Comet - Latin. Long-haired star.
  7. Cyrus - Persian. Sun.
  8. Elio - Spanish/Italian. The Greek god of the sun.
  9. Ewan - Scottish. From the yew tree. Ewan McGregor took on the iconic Star Wars character Obi-wan Kenobi.
  10. Helios - Greek. The Greek god of the sun.
  11. Hoku - Hawaiian. Star.
  12. Luke - Latin. Light. The hero of the original Star Wars trilogy and the Jedi Knight.
  13. Mars - Latin. The Roman god of war. It is the 4th planet from the sun in our solar system.
  14. Pegasus - Greek. Winged horse. A mythical flying horse.
  15. Ravi - Sanskrit. Sun.
  16. Samson - Hebrew. Like the sun.
  17. Saturn - Latin. The Roman god of agriculture. It is the 6th planet from the sun in our solar system.
  18. Stellan - Swedish. Calm or peaceful one. It can also be the male version of Stella, which is Latin for star.
  19. Titan - Titan is not only the largest of Saturn’s moons, but it was also the name of an ancient race of giants in Greek mythology.

Astrological Baby Boy Names

Is your baby boy a star? Here are unique boy names you'll love! 

Astrological Boy Names

  1. Archer - English. Archer. This is a fun twist if you’re expecting a Sagittarius baby (November 23-December 21).
  2. Castor - Greek. Beaver. One of the twins in the constellation Gemini.
  3. Cygnus - Latin. The swan. The name of a constellation.
  4. Dorado - Dutch. Dolphin fish. The name of a constellation.
  5. Draco - Latin. Dragon. Not only is this the name of a Harry Potter character, but it’s also the name of a constellation.
  6. Eldorado - Spanish. This name means the golden man.
  7. Galileo - Italian. It means one from Galilee. Galileo is known as the father of observational astronomy.
  8. Issac - Hebrew. Laughing. Sir Isaac Newton is the scientist and astronomer that discovered gravity.
  9. Leo - Latin. Lion. This is perfect if you’re having a baby from July 22-August 22, which is the zodiac sign of Leo; it is also a constellation.
  10. Oberon - German. Royal bear. Oberon is the outermost major moon of Uranus and is the second-largest.
  11. Orpheus - Greek. A character from Greek mythology. It is the name of a space telescope and an asteroid.
  12. Orion - Greek. Rising star. It is also the name of one of the most famous constellations.
  13. Perseus - Greek. Destroyer and avenger. It is a constellation.
  14. Phobos - Greek. Fear or panic. One of the moons of Mars.
  15. Sirius - Greek. Burning. It is also the name of one of the brightest stars: The Dog Star.
  16. Taurus - Latin. Bull. A strong name for a boy born under the astrological sign of the same name.

Gender-Neutral Names

  1. Angel - Greek. God’s messenger.
  2. Astra - Latin. This name translates to “star” and means “divine strength.”
  3. Ariel - Hebrew. An angel of intuition and dreams. Ariel is often thought of as a girl’s name in western culture, but it was originally a boy’s name and is now considered unisex.
  4. Aries - Latin. Ram. The astrological sign for babies born between March 21st and April 19th.
  5. Artemis - Greek. Butcher. Although the Greek goddess of hunting was female, this name remains neutral.
  6. Asia - Greek. Sunrise.
  7. Callisto - Greek. This is a Greek name meaning most beautiful. It is one of Jupiter’s moons.
  8. Eden - Greek. Paradise or heaven.
  9. Halley - Named for Halley’s Comet that orbits the earth every 76 years. It is the only naked-eye comet that can appear twice in a person’s lifespan.
  10. Jupiter - Latin. Father Zeus. Traditionally a male name works for both boys and girls.
  11. Nova - Of Latin origin, meaning “new,” is also the term for a star that massively increases brightness.
  12. Phoenix - Greek. Dark red. The phoenix is a bird in mythology about rising again and overcoming challenges.
  13. Rory - Latin. Dawn. A variation of the name Aurora.
  14. Savitri - Sanskrit. Relating to the sun.
  15. Skye - Scottish. It refers to the Scottish Isle of Skye and has a celestial meaning of the sky above. It can be spelled Skye or Sky.
  16. Sol - Spanish. Sun.
  17. Vega - Arabic. Meaning “falling star” or “swooping eagle.”
  18. Zodiac - Greek. A circle of little animals. The zodiac signs are important to those who study and believe in astrology.

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